Shining star…

We’ve been here…

Joystar Garden

…before, not once but twice, at least and we were back there again that day to check out their Chinese chap fan (mixed rice).

My missus had that (RM3.80)…

Joystar Garden chap fan

– one meat and two vegetables and that came with a complimentary tofu and Chinese cabbage soup…

Complimentary soup

We would always ask for half the usual amount of rice and it is quite obvious in the above photograph that she did that but no, you do not get a discount…unfortunately. I can’t remember exactly now but the other option would be two meat and one vegetable for RM4.00 something and then there were things in Mandarin, one with 50 sen at the end and the other, RM1.00. Perhaps, if you want more, those would be what you would have to pay – 50 sen for an extra veg and RM1.00 for the meat.

My missus liked what she picked and I did try the chicken but I would not say I was all that thrilled by it.

I saw this…

Pumpkin cake 1

…and I asked the guy what it was and he replied, “Keladi!” (yam) but I was quite sure it was kim kua/pu koi (pumpkin cake)…

Pumpkin cake 2

No worries! No disgusting teeth bites there! I tore a piece apart to take that photograph of what it looked like inside. For RM2.00 you get 3 pieces but those were very big, double the size of the or koi (yam cake) here and that would make it a little cheaper than the latter, 5 for RM2.00). As for the taste, I thought they were very good – I could detect the taste of the udang kering (dried prawns) in it but of course, the ones my missus makes at home would be a whole lot nicer. Hehehehehe!!!!

No, I did not have the chap fan because I saw that they had this (RM4.80)…

Joystar Garden stewed pork rice 1

– stewed pork rice and of course, I wanted that instead. I did say in this post that I would prefer this with rice, not noodles and yes, I enjoyed that very much…plus it is 20 sen cheaper than what I had to fork out for the noodles…and they gave one whole egg…

Joystar Garden stewed pork rice 2

…here and only half at that other place alongside the noodles.

I would say that was a nice brunch and yes, we sure would not mind dropping by again should we happen to be passing that way. If you have no idea where this is, you can click the link here for that – I did give the location and directions at the end of that post on this place.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Shining star…”

  1. These chap fan are value for money. The quality and quantity are a cut above the others. It’s not cheap as chips.

    Never buy chips, dunno the going prices. Not really that cheap here, I think. Will only eat when they come as sides in a western dish.

  2. Ooo it’s good that you ask for half-rice portions to avoid wastage – you’re in the minority, I bet!

    Yes, I did read in the news about the gross food wastage in KL. Terrible. Here, they collect it all in big containers…or some places at least – I hear the pig farmers will come and get to feed their livestock, dunno if that is true.

  3. I prefer pumpkin cake to yam or carrot cake…

    All nice, if home made, extra ingredients not all flour.

  4. The stewed meat and egg rice caught my attention.

    Happy weekend.

    It was good, I enjoyed it.

    You too! Looking forward to next weekend, a very long one.

  5. Stewed pork rice looks really good. I like it especially when the 3 layer pork is so lean. On your missus choice, I like the brinjal cooked this way. Have an enjoyable weekend.

    You too, have a great weekend.

    I like brinjal steamed and eaten as ulam. My girl loves them cooked like this or with salted fish and minced pork or with sambal. She loves brinjal, I’m just so so with it.

  6. Still reasonable prices… but dare not say in another month or so when oil has increased… hahaha… it seems the shelves in the malls now are emptied of those oil bottles… Buy, BUY… BUY!!! I for one will not buy… my bottle of oil can last me many months… hahaha

    Yes, no need to use a lot, just a little will do…like when I fry my rice or bihun, same with the other ingredients, shallots, garlic…just a bit will do. Those do not come cheap, not anymore…no need to follow the old ways, times have changed. Life is what we make it – we live it the best we can.

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