Slow and easy…

When my cousins were in town, they had a whole day to kill as their reunion bash would only be in the evening. I did stop by the shop round the corner from my house to get them the Nestum-coated mochi with peanut butter filling

Sarikei mochi
*Archive photo*

…from Sarikei for them to try and we managed to stop by this coffee shop for the gula apong ais krim (RM3.00)…

Gula apong ais krim
*Archive photo*

…and they loved it. My Kuching cousin agreed that this was so much nicer than the one I went to try in Kuching – she did not like that one either.

Come lunch time, we dropped by here for lunch but our main intention was to go and enjoy the coffee…

Rubu Restaurant kopi-o-peng

– the old-school local coffee that we have enjoyed since young and the lady boss did tell me that they got their coffee powder from the same place where we get ours.

Now that my girl has to observe a strict regime and keep to a gluten-free diet, there are many things that we could not order. Usually, at such Chinese eateries, they would coat the meat and seafood with flour and deep fry first before cooking the gravy for whatever dish they are for and pouring over them. I understand this seals in all the juices and makes the dish taste nicer…and unfortunately, (wheat) flour is in the list of stuff to be avoided.

The pandan chicken…

Ruby Restaurant pandan chicken

…was fine so we had that and also the claypot pork with dried chilies and salted fish…

Ru by Restaurant claypot pork with dried chilies and salted fish
*Oops!!! Sorry for the blurry pic – this place isn’t the brightest of places, I’m afraid.*

For our vegetable dishes, we had midin

Ruby Restaurant midin
*Archive photo*

…but I did not manage to take a photograph of that and we also had another one of their signature dishes – bitter gourd with salted egg…

Ruby Restaurant - bitter gourd with salted egg

They do cook the same elsewhere but somehow or other, they do not do it so well – in the opinion of many, this one here is the best.

The bill for the food came up to RM46.00 for 5 persons – I forgot to tell them to cook for say, 3 persons so I guess they charged accordingly for the total number of persons. I did not think the servings were all that big though and we did not have prawns or fish so I thought the total was a little on the high side. I must make it a point to remember the next time around.