Wanna be a king…

This place (2.291491, 111.826133) at the corner, located right beside the hotel

Corner coffee shop

…across the road from the HSBC building…

HSBC Building

…has been around for as long as I can remember. Yes, that’s right! It is in the block of shops opposite Guna’s new place.

It was closed down for renovations for quite sometime and when it was good and ready, it reopened for business. I do not know if it is the same people running the coffee shop now and I can’t even remember the name before but this…

King Cafe

…is what it is presently known as.

There used to be a chap fan (mixed rice) place at the back and a long long time ago, I used to drop by to see what I could buy home for lunch or dinner. If I am not mistaken, the people there at the time have moved here or at least, the familiar-looking guy was there the last time I saw him. I also remember people telling me that the kampua noodles there were quite good but I never did stop by to try. I don’t know if these were the same people…

King Cafe kampua stall

…running the stall at the time but I was around that part of town very early in the morning on a Saturday so there were no parking woes, not yet and I thought I would go there and check things out.

The guy was cooking the chicken soup for the mee sua and yes, it did look very nice and the fragrance filled the whole shop. A lot of people were having that, I noticed, but I was not in the mood for it so I just had the kampua noodles (RM3.00)…

King Cafe kampua mee


Yes, it was RM3.00 a bowl. It used to be RM2.80 only at most places before, cheaper at some here and there, but recently, I dropped by here to tapao two packets of the noodles home and I was shocked when I was asked to fork out RM6.00 for the two. I just paid and left thinking that it was only there that they had jacked up the prices. Perhaps there has been a common agreement among some the the kampua mee sellers in town, a conspiracy of some kind, to increase the prices, I wouldn’t know.

The saving grace was that the mee was all right, more or less as good as many around town, and they certainly were very generous with the noodles…

A lot of noodles

…and there was quite a lot of meat in the pian sip

Nice pian sip

…and I thought they tasted very good.

The kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) was all right, RM1.70 a glass – RM1.80 at a number of places elsewhere even though there are places that are cheaper, going for RM1.50 or RM1.60 a glass.

There is a chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back so if you are more into fried noodles and the like, you can order from there. I wouldn’t know if they are any good or not though as I did not order anything from them to try and with the parking problem in that part of the town centre, I don’t think I will be back there again all that soon.