Try again…

My girl had not tried the food here yet…

Ayam Penyet Ria

…as that time when her mum and I went, it was a weekday and not a holiday so she was in her school, and was not around. Now that the school holidays are finally here, I wasted no time in taking her to sample some of the stuff on their menu…

Khas Ibu Ruth

Hmmmm…this franchise is the brainchild, the baby of some Indonesian lady named “Ibu Ruth”, it seems.

They did not have this…

Self service sambal

…the last time around but the guy did say they were waiting for the tray or something. I was expecting something very special but it looked like one of those plastic ones with a cover that you can open and close to help yourself to what is inside, something like the ones they use here. True to what the guy said that last time when we said that they could be more generous with the sambal, now they have it ready by the side and one can just go and help oneself to as much as one wants. That day when we were there, there were two bowls and one was extra spicy – needless to say, my missus had a field day enjoying herself and going back for more. She sure likes it hot!

No, I did not order the chicken as on that previous occasion, I thought it was rather overly-soft and not nice and firm so I did not quite enjoy the texture of the meat and I did not think I would want to have that again. Instead, I ordered the fish (RM13.50, with rice)…

Ayam Penyet Ria bawal penyet plus rice

…which I certainly liked better than the chicken but being used to buying it fresh from the market and cooking our own at home, it certainly did not get me jumping with delight. Besides, I do think that I liked the one here a lot more but theirs was a little bit more expensive and what we had here sometime ago was very good too…but we have not had the latter for sometime now so I would not know how much it is now at this point in time.

Of course, I ordered the gado-gado (RM6.50) that I thought was very good but instead of the sup tulang (RM7.50), I decided to give their sayur asam (RM7.00)…

Ayam Penyet Ria sayur asam

…a try. It was not exactly sour – I thought there was a hint of sweetness in it and comparing the two, I would rather stick to what I had before.

My girl wanted the tempeh (RM3.80)…

Ayam Penyat Ria tempe

– something that she does seem to enjoy so we had that as well.

For one thing, although they did not have a really very extensive menu, there were stickers all over that stated in no uncertain terms that a few of the items were currently not available, like the lumpia, for instance but at least, they had stickers so one would know and not get quite pissed off when ordering only to be told that this and that are all not available.

All in all, it was an o.k. brunch and at least, now, my girl has been here and tried some of what they have in store.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Try again…”

  1. Still not in full operation since some food not available yet. Glad you guys had a nice meal. If me, I would go for the fish.

    Not that great, must be one of those frozen ones. Nicer elsewhere.

    1. Now hard to get fresher fishes as monsoon season. Even in wet market are those frozen.

      I am sure you have those “unforgettable” ones waiting for you in Kapit. Hehehehehehe!!!! Yum yummmmm!!!!

  2. The fish looks huge…

    Big? That was small. Something a bit bigger at the wet market, we would buy two for one dish, or maybe three. This one’s ok for one serving, one person.

  3. Tried it once, I still prefer ayam penyet in Rumah Hijau, Kuching.

    Never been, heard a lot about it…but I did hear something about the need for better quality control there, sometimes, not that great. There are some other places, Indon cuisine in Kuching – Padungan/Sekama side, but I’ve never tried any of them.

  4. So your missus like hot and spicy… Unlike me, I cannot take too pedas… Burn my tongue and cannot taste the food after that… Most of the time, I dip dip only…. I like the tempeh though… Long time I didnt take them already…

  5. Love tempeh. Available here in health food shops only! Not quite the same what I’m used to.

    Oh? We can get them easily at some Malay stalls here, those pre-fried fresh ones. My girl loves it – I’m not really a fan. Missus bought two blocks, sitting in the fridge. The spirit is willing… 😀

  6. wah ur missus and I can shake hands.. we like things spicy. Not so my hubby LOL 😛 I don’t like soft chicken either , so if I come here, Im definitely ordering the fried fish! Looks amazinggggg

    No, if you ever make your way here, I would take you some place else a lot nicer, can give this one a miss. This franchise has their outlets all over, dunno if the rest are any better or not.

  7. Hot & spicy, definitely not for me. I like the fish provided it is not deep fried till very hard like those sold at the Malay fast food stall. The tempeh looks good too.

    The frying was ok, the problem was with the fish. We went to one Chinese restaurant here that night and I asked the guy if he had or chio, thinking that it would make a nice sweet and sour fish dish but he was reluctant to cook that for us, saying that he had but it was the frozen variety, not all that nice. I guess that’s the kind they use here – I have had much nicer ones elsewhere.

    I’m not a fan of tempeh, would pass it to my girl everytime, just ok with it. Oh??? I’m surprised. I thought Kuching people are very much into stuff extra spicy. You’re sure you’re not from Sibu? Foochow? When I was small, I used to rinse my curry chicken drumstick in water before eating – did not know how to eat anything even a little bit spicy. 😀

  8. i guess tempeh can be an acquired taste. i like it – it has a nice texture and it tastes wholesome, like something that does good for the body 🙂

    It’s ok, must not overfry – some can be rather hard, gotta get it just right.

  9. Fish is sure a better choice than chicken, less fattening I guess? :p

    Chicken is fine, but breast is better, white meat – here, they give you the thigh.

  10. Oh.. I also had Ayam Penyet Ria yesterday. They seems open a new outlet in SIbu huh ? I love their chicken , not very oily.

    Maybe the one in Singapore is nicer? The one here did not get me jumping with delight – we have nicer ones around.

  11. I know some great place to have ayam penyet near my office and it’s cheap too! I’m not a fan of tempeh but if I’m served with it, I won’t say no! 😀

    Same here. I would eat but no, I would not order that. My girl wanted it.

  12. I’ve quite liked tempeh the times I’ve tried it. Do you know how it’s made? I wonder if it’s easy to make yourself?

    I haven’t the slightest idea. I only know they come in blocks and one can just slice and deep fry, dunno how they make those.

  13. The first picture is so nice, but took me a few seconds to figure out what is it, I mean the decorations, hehe.. Tempeh, errr, not a fan, tasteless and sometimes bit sour.. But if got nice sambal, I think I can eat some la, hehe..

    Sour? Never had any that was sour. Fermented already…or was it the sambal? I find tempeh kind of bland, very mild taste of the soya bean used in the making – not a fan – not even those fried ones cooked with sambal and all, but will eat when there’s any.

  14. Last Friday, I had Ayam Penyet for the first time. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. The chicken was so dry! Maybe the outlet I visited did not do it well. Their gado gado was good though. And the food was served in plates just like the ones in your photo. But they did not have sambal like that, it was some pounded chillies smeared onto the plates where the chicken is then placed on top. I won’t go back there again but will try other places that serve ayam penyet.

    Yes, the chicken may vary from place to place, the sambal and everything else too – some places are nicer than others, must know where to go. The one at this franchise place is not dry…but bland, not much taste and the texture of the meat puts me off. No second time.

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