Better this way…

I blogged about their chicken rendang

Adabi beef rendang
*Archive photo*

…not too long ago and I said it was very good but we also tried their sup kambing (mutton soup) and did not like it as it was very salty and we had to dilute it quite a bit, after which it was very much better. If I remember correctly, I also added water to the rendang as it was somewhat dry and I wanted the gravy to eat my girl’s own-made naan with and we loved it! Perhaps that was why it was not that salty that day, just nice.

My girl said that she had tried the lamb curry…

Adabi lamb curry 1

…and she said she liked it. That was why I went out and bought a couple of cans. I did not really like the first one I tried as it was, like the rest, very salty as well.

For one thing, it was very oily…

Adabi lamb curry 2

…so what I did was to pour out all the oil first.

In the meantime, I went and peeled a potato and cut it into big chunks…and I boiled that in water…


…till cooked/soft before I added what was in the can of lamb curry. I love potatoes in my curry and the ones in the can are usually kind of overcooked and way too soft and the taste of the curry or whatever in them tends to be rather over-powering till there is hardly any taste of the potato left.

Once the potatoes were done, I poured everything in the can into the pot and mixed it all together well and after bringing it back to boil, it was ready to be served…

Adabi lamb curry 3

…and yes, I enjoyed that very much.

I am never a fan of all those curry and stuff that come in cans but I quite like this one…

Adabi lamb curry 4

Of course, I would not go as far as to say that it comes anywhere near what one would be able to dish out from scratch but this is good enough and it sure is very convenient especially when one feels rather lazy to cook anything that would require a lot more work.

We’ve tried the chicken kurma and it was good too though I cannot remember now whether it was too salty and we had to add water or not. I would never buy all those canned stuff with the exception of a few like luncheon meat, corned beef, sardines…and sweet corn for soups and peas and once in a long while, the button or straw mushrooms. Oh yes! I would buy the canned satay peanut sauce as well to cook our own version of satay beef or chicken and the AMOY clams in soy sauce, as and when necessary, or the stewed pork chops for my fried bihun and the oysters for my Foochow-style tofu soup.

Well, considering that these aren’t too bad, I sure would not mind stocking up my pantry with a few cans on standby for one of those days when there is nothing to eat in the house.