Fine by me…

Last Saturday, I asked my girl what she wanted for lunch and she said she would love to go for the beef noodles again. Again? Oh dear!!! At this rate, pretty soon, I would not have anything new to blog about. LOL!!! Obviously, she enjoys it a lot and if that was what she wanted, it was absolutely fine by me.

During my previous visit, I got the impression that they also served the dry version so I went to confirm that. If they did not have it, then I would order something else…but they did and that was what I had – the beef noodles, dry (RM6.00)…

Chopsticks beef noodles, dry 1

…and the soup was served separately in a little bowl…

Chopsticks beef noodles, soup

I would say that I liked it…

Chopsticks beef noodles, dry 2

…unlike what I had at that other place that we would go quite often every time we felt like having beef noodles this style but between the two, I do think that I prefer the soup version more. Both my girl and the mum had that and like that previous time, it was good and they enjoyed it very much.

I saw a sign at the stall the first time I had the noodles – 1 for RM1.00 and 6 for RM5.00 and when I asked about it, I was told that they also sold those jiaozi (meat dumplings)

Chopsticks dumplings

…so we ordered some to see if they were any good. When they were served, we were rather disappointed that they were not the pan-fried ones, those potstickers (guōtiē) that my girl would prefer a lot more. These were either steamed (zhēngjiǎo) or boiled (shuǐjiǎo) and served with black vinegar…

Black vinegar dip

…in which they had fried strips of ginger and bits of chili. The filling was nice and they would have been fine by me but I thought the skin was rather thick and a little hard for my liking. The ones at that other place

YummyKafe Dumplings
*Archive photo*

…would win hands down, that’s for sure.

I don’t know if my girl will ask for this again the next time she comes home but I sure would scout around for something else to try if she does…so you will not see this again and again like it is never going to end.