Tell me a story…

…a potato story!

Potato Story Star Megamall Sibu


Actually, I dropped by this megamall here as I was expecting to see some really elaborate Christmas decorations like what they had last year or the year before and they did have something very nice for the Gawai Dayak Festival earlier this year too and also for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything much other than this…

Star Megamall Christmas decor

…and a little bit here and there – nothing grand, nothing impressive…and nothing worth making one’s way there to see. Perhaps times are really hard with our rather depressing economy the way it is at this point in time and they have decided not to put up anything much this year or maybe it is not December yet so they have not got round to it yet.

Ah well!!! Since we were there, I thought we would just check out this place…

Potato Story
*Wish they would put away the mop and broom and whatever stuff some place else*

…as a few days earlier, an ex-colleague of mine shared a photo of what he had on Facebook and was praising it to the skies. Now the problem was I did not take note of what flavour he had that he enjoyed so much so we just settled for the seaweed cheese (RM4.90, inclusive of GST)…

Potato Story seaweed cheese

…which was quite nice.

We saw that they had these cone pizzas as well…

Potato Story cone pizzas

…but we did not order any to try as it looked like something wrapped in a slice of bread but it turned out that there was a little bit more than that…

Torching the cone pizza

I saw them torching the thing before they served it to a customer who wanted one of those.

Then I spotted the mash potato [SIC]…

Potato Story mash potato

…and I asked for the cheesy mayo (RM5.90, inclusive of GST)…

Potato Story mash potato, cheesy mayo 1

…which we thought was pretty o.k. as well but I do not like mashed potatoes this fine…

Potato Story mash potato, cheesy mayo 2

…and I would very much prefer what I would make myself at home.

All in all, I would say what we had were quite o.k. To me, this place looks like a franchise – all the flavourings and everything seems to come in sealed packs and containers and I guess this would appeal more to the younger and trendier set. Old fogies like me would much sooner go for things very much cheaper…and to people like us, a whole lot nicer like a simple plate of kampua noodles and a glass of kopi-o-peng at some NCAA (no class at all) coffee shop and still have enough money left for another round some other day.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Tell me a story…”

  1. Oh interesting! You will see me around hunting for these kiosks/ cafes selling fun stuff 😀

    I am not surprised. Something for the young & trendy. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Makes me think of the sweet potato fries which i had at McDonald sometimes back…

    They have sweet potato fries? I would buy the fritters if I see any at the stalls. I do prefer sweet potatoes to potatoes.

  3. The cheesy mayo potato looked too wet for me. Never try this out when I were in Sibu.

    There is one selling cone pizza in Kuching in my favourite hypermarket near my place but I never try it out. Maybe one day. Saw a friend posted his cone pizza in fb.

    I think it wasn’t there when you were here, newly opened. Go, go and try the cone pizza and then you can let me know if it is bread or mashed potatoes by the side – see 182much’s comment below. I did not take a good look that day.

  4. From the photo of the menu, the cone does not look like bread to me. I wonder if, being a potato specialising restaurant, the cone is made of potato, somehow mashed and formed into the shape. Just a thought.

    That’s possible! Never thought of it that way…and I did not take a good look at the other customer’s order. May go back to give a try, but then again, maybe not. 😀

  5. Christmas is coming to town, can’t wait for it come. Looks like they serious didn’t put much efforts on the decorations. Hope they will at on more later on.

    I found out that they have something up already…in another new building there, Star Wonderland…but have to pay RM5.00 to enter. They say nothing much, just look-see and take photographs. For RM5.00? No, thank you very much, I’d rather go for my kampua and kopi-o-peng! Plus it’s the well worn-out theme, Frozen!!! About time they “let it go” and move on. Bored to death with it already…and I wonder if they pay royalty to use that theme or not, not just simply do what they want… 😦

  6. Cone pizzas, something new & interesting. Mashed potatoes suits me as I like it fine & smooth.

    Not me, not when it is so very fine, machine-blended fine like some kind of cream – not to my liking. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, I guess.

  7. I do love my potatoes especially deep fried yum! yum! I don’t know if we have this Potato Story over here, never seen it. I like my mashed potatoes chunky with some bite.

    Yup, me too. Not into the machine blended ones. I’d mash mine manually to get the texture the way I like it.

    The fries were nice, kind of thin crusty layer on the outside, soft on the inside…but the seaweed powder was just so so, and no hint of any cheese at all, nothing great. Maybe some other flavour would be nicer.

  8. Amani’s favourite! We loved the french cheezy (dunno whether this is correct menu or not. hehe) and cheezy mayo topings.

    Never tried the cone pizza.

    You have it there too? So confirmed, this is a franchise then.

  9. The last two pictures, correct me if I am wrong, the mashed potatoes wrapped in tissue paper? How to eat like that? I might end up eating the mashed tissue too! hahahaha… Hope I am wrong… Yes, oldies like us prefer a plate of authentic noodles with a glass of hot barley for me… 😛

    Of course it wasn’t tissue paper. That was waxed paper…or whatever paper that people use to line the cake tin one. They would not be so foolish as to use tissue paper, I’m sure. Ya…we old fogies…older but wiser. 😉 😉 😀

  10. I like that cone pizza, i want to try that on my coming trip back. I tried once in Korea, it was very very nice. Where is this mall, Megamall??

    Yup, Star/Daesco. I’ve yet to go back again and give it a try, dunno any good or not.

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