That day, my girl said she would like some nasi kerabu for lunch so we made our way to the sole place in town that would have it once a week only on Saturdays, but it was closed. It being the school holidays right now, they probably have gone off some place for a well-earned break.

In the end, we went back to this place…


…to try the ayam madu (honey chicken) – RM12.50…

cabeijo ayam madu

…that I had heard people saying was very nice, not hard and dry like the ayam bakar. Yes, you can now request for the sambals to be extra spicy so they will give you some added pounded chili…

cabeijo sambal, extra spicy

…like this so if you are into such stuff a lot spicier, you would definitely prefer it this way.

As for the chicken, we did not really enjoy it all that much as the meat was a little too tender for our liking, not as bad as the chicken here but we would prefer a lot more bite to the meat. I asked the young guy doing the grilling…

cabeijo ayam bakar

…at the back and he told me the ayam madu was not grilled like the bakar but direbus (stewed or something like that). Hey! I noticed that the slab on the far left was smaller than the rest. Hmmm…if I were to get a small one like that, I most certainly would ask them to take it back and give me one of the bigger ones.

This time around, it seemed that there were some stray cats loitering around like this one…

cabeijo stray cat

…for instance and if you are having fish (RM16.50)…

cabeijo ikan duai

…like my girl that day, they would gather all around and make a whole lot of noise and no amount of shooing would get them to go away. That got kind of irritating and there was always the worry that at anytime, they might jump up onto one’s lap…or worse, onto the table. I wish the people there would take it upon themselves to make sure that those stray cats keep their distance and do not spoil the customers’ enjoyment of their meals.

My girl loved the fish and said it was good. I did not try it that day but I had that before and yes, I thought it was really nice albeit the fact that it was rather expensive. It was bigger than the one we had here…and very much nicer.

The kerabu midin (RM10.00)…

cabeijo kerabu midin

…was all right, even with the heads and insides of the ikan bilis not removed. At the prices they charge and considering that they do not open till noon, they should be able to do that.

I had their fried kway teow (RM5.00)…

cabeijo fried kway teow

…which was quite nice but I do know of a few places that do it a lot better. I must say that the price was o.k. though as there was that fried egg on top and yes, they did it very well…

cabeijo fried egg

– just the way I would like it!

Together with the two glasses of kopi-o-peng (RM2.00 each) and sirap Bandung (RM3.00), the total came up to RM51.00 which would be around those same prices that I would pay at places such as this one here…or here. Which one, do you think, gives more value for money?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Strays…”

  1. I like Melissa’s order, reminds me of Sugar Bun tiliapa fish. I won’t eat the ikan bilis without removing the heads & insides. Definitely Ruby Restaurant gives more value for money compare to here.

    You would love the ones at Payung then – they use the slightly bigger ones and clean theirs really well, not like the ones here. Melissa’s fish was good but it is the most expensive choice in their list.

  2. What a pretty kitty! 🙂 I love roast, fried, barbecue and grilled chicken. 🙂

    Not fond of strays. The owner’s pet cat was so cute, so fat, so white and fluffy – I would not mind one like that…and the wife came out and took it away some place, would not let it mingle with those strays. Unfortunately, they did not do anything to get the strays to go away.

    I’m ok with chicken…or fish…or anything. 😀

  3. Oh, and I made a delicious herb rubbed chicken in my crock pot (slow cooker) a few days ago, it was delicious! Moist, tender and scrumptious. 🙂

    My slow cooker had called it a day. So handy for cooking meat except chicken – it was too strong, the meat would fall part, separated from the bones, came all out shredded. They say it’s the chicken these days, fed on chicken feed – not as nice as those corn-fed ones. I have not bought a new one yet – will do so soon, real handy to have that in the house/kitchen, great for meat stews and soups.

  4. I hate when those cats or dogs gathering around your table begging for food. Cats the most as they tend to paw on your lap for your attention. Experienced it once and I was so annoyed. Shooing would made it goes away.

    Lovely dish. I like fish but fish dish can be so expensive. I think I go for the fried kway tiaw.

    That is why I am not so fond of my favourite kampua place anymore, so many stray dogs now. It did not matter that they loitered around, did not disturb anybody but of late, I came across a few – when they walked past, the stench was killing, instant loss of appetite, after that. I would much sooner settle for second best. My missus did shoo the cats…but they did not go away. 😦

    The kway teow was ok, other better ones elsewhere like the one that I frequent quite regularly, opposite the Mormon church. Much nicer, I would say.

  5. The honey chicken sure looks like a filling plate.

    That’s the standard platter – you’d get it all regardless whether you choose fish or chicken, whichever way you’d like it done.

  6. the cat’s kinda cute, but yeah, it definitely would be a pest when you’re trying to concentrate on a nice meal. but i almost can’t blame the cat, cos the fish looks GOOD! hopefully the cat doesn’t mind spicy food, heh (or maybe it’s used to it already) 😀

    There’s actually an air-conditioned section – no cats in there but I prefer non-airconditioned if it is nice and airy. Not so keen on these strays – once, not here, one jumped onto my body suddenly and made me jump out of my skin and once is enough. Lucky thing, I did not knock the table and chairs over.

  7. I think I will packet back and eat when it comes to these dishes above… I like to sit in the comfort of my own house, with one book in my hand, the food somehow becomes more tasty… hahahaa… I have experienced cat jumping up the table while I was eating…aikksss…scared the wit out of me… it must be super starved then… so whenever I see one now, I shoo it before it comes any nearer… very geli while eating…

    I guess we are not the only ones with an aversion to cats, strays especially…dunno how clean or how dirty…at public eating places. Same thing with dogs too.

  8. Usually and mostly nowadays, i see birds roaming around for foods…

    I think they would be very very strict with stray cats and dogs in Singapore – they will not tolerate this kind of nonsense.

  9. I normally share mine with stray dogs and cats.

    I would do that at coffee shops – somehow I don’t feel nice doing it in a classier (expensive) cafe, throwing food on the floor. Usually I would throw the food in a distance to get them to go away but the problem sometimes is – the whole neighbourhood will show up, expecting you to feed them! 😦

    But honestly, I do feel that people who would like to keep dogs and cats should look after them well and feed them, and not let them stray like that. Very irresponsible.

  10. We don’t have stray dogs or cats here, but once in a park, whilst we were enjoying a BBQ, a kookaburra swooped down and snatched a chop from my wife’s hands and flew up to a branch to enjoy it. They’re considered a pest in WA, as they’re not native here and are a threat to our smaller animals which have no other natural enemies.

    Oh? I thought it is the national bird – we grew up singing the song about it in the old gum tree and all, British colonial days. Didn’t know it is such a pest – like the crows in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Was in an old English Language book in school here, the Crows of Klang…and I remember one part about one stealing somebody’s diamond ring!

    1. They’re native in the Eastern States, not here. Because they’re brought over, they’ve become a predator on our own small animals. WA also has no koalas in the natural habitat, only in zoos and wildlife parks.

      Interesting. We have our hornbill here…but I’ve seen them in the west too, like at Pangkor Island, for instance.

  11. It is very annoying having stray cats stalking you when you are having a meal. I have had that experience before at a coffee shop.

    And this is a classier place as you can see from the prices of what they serve so they should take it upon themselves to keep those stray cats away. So annoying!

  12. i super dislike catssssss.. especially when I am eating and they were just next to me… T_T .. like you said, we don’t know when they are going to jump over to our lap or even to the table… experienced it few times especially when I’m at Muslims food stalls T_T

    and hahahaha.. seriously? you are really going to ask them for bigger one if they served you smaller ones? i think i would be grumpy if i knew the one that i get is the smaller ones.. hahaha..

    Of course I would, if I know there are big and small ones, not all small. I had nasi bryani at another place once and the slab of chicken was a lot smaller than usual but I just went on and finished it off. When I got up, I looked around…and I saw everyone else had huge slabs…and I kind of felt cheated or shortchanged. Tsk! Tsk!

    I hate stray cats too – the things they do to my cars in the car porch at night. Used to have a lot in my neighbourhood, no more…dunno why. And they kill the rats and leave the headless bodies, inside out, in my garden. Disgusting!

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