Nice people…

All too soon, another Friday came around so we decided to drop by here…

Payung Cafe

…and order some of the fish and meatless dishes on their menu.

As you can see in the above photograph, they now have their cafe’s name up but this is actually at the back. You will only see it if you have gone past the front of Kingwood Hotel here and are coming round the corner of the building where the multi-storey carpark is located. I did not notice any new sign up in front though – some people have complained that because of the thatched roof, the shop sign is blocked so it is not easily visible from the main road.

Their Christmas tree is up…

Payung Cafe Christmas tree

…and if you look closely, they have tied some grass that they picked from somewhere to add a tropical touch to their decor…

Payung Cafe red and green

These guys are really ingenious, so creative! Who would have thought of taking some grass growing by the roadside to make one’s Christmas tree?

We had the pomelo salad (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe pomelo salad

…that we had the other day and enjoyed so much that we wanted to have it again and for our main dishes, I went for their otak-otak (RM13.00, with rice)…

Payung Cafe otak fish

…which as I have been saying over and over again, is very different from those elsewhere. You can see all the chunks of fish inside with all the ingredients that went into it…

Payung Cafe otak otak, inside

…including kunyit (turmeric), I’m sure, that gives it the yellow tint, chili and everything else.

We also had their mushroom roll (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll

…the favourite of many, and even though it looks easy to make one’s own, just mushroom and lots of cheese and maybe some Bombay onion as well…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll, inside

…wrapped in popiah (spring roll) skin, it really isn’t as easy as it seems. Many have tried and have failed.

We also had their ikan bilis (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe ikan bilis

…and not only did they remove the heads and insides, unlike here, but they even went to the trouble of splitting each of the dried anchovies into two to fry. We specially requested for it to be extra spicy and they complied with our request accordingly so of course, it was so good!

With an additional two plates of rice (RM2.00 each) and my girl’s mango milk shake (RM8.00), the bill came up to only RM49.00 – iced water was on the house, cheaper than what we had here, and no prize for guessing which one we enjoyed more…and as soon as we had finished eating, we were served this bowl of durian ice cream…

PayungCafe durian ice cream

…with the fresh durian cream inside, wrapped in vanilla ice cream. The boss was not around that afternoon but the member of the staff said that it was a special treat for me since I did not drop by that night on my birthday. Aren’t they such very nice people, the folks here?

Well, right now, our local fruits are out in abundance and I heard that durians are going for RM1.00 each. I texted the boss to ask him if he had made any fried tempoyak (fermented durian) – his is simply out of this world. He said no but he would make some. That night, I got an sms asking me to drop by to collect but it was late already so I said I would go the following day.

Actually, we wanted to go some place else for lunch but we could not find a parking space so we just decided to drop by here again – two days in a row! We could not get to try this new dish, the Bangladeshi curry chicken (RM16.00, inclusive of rice)…

Payung Cafe Bangladeshi curry chicken

…the previous day as we were abstaining from meat so this was the chance for us to do so. It was nice, like the Bangladeshi white chicken that we had the other day but our favourites are still their Bangladeshi lamb curry and their green curry. I asked for an extra plate of rice (RM2.00) and my missus and I shared that and the fried tempoyak

Payung Cafe fried tempoyak

…that the boss said he would make for me. I could taste the hint of ikan bilis in it and with the green cili padi used, it was very spicy and so very much to our liking – we did not need to order anything else! He even gave me a tub to take home, such a very nice guy.

My girl wanted their chicken chop (RM24.00)…

Payung Cafe chicken chop

…with their special creamy sauce with green peppers in it and she enjoyed that very much, along with their mashed potatoes (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe masked potatoes

…that I also ordered for her. Their mashed potatoes is one of a kind – it is cooked and has the strong fragrance of garlic that obviously is used in the cooking.

The total came up to RM56.00 this second time around and just when we had finished, it started to rain so very heavily so we decided to just wait a while. In the meantime, my girl asked if we could have their very nice dessert – their dreamy nite (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe dreamy nite

…and the boss made his exclusive liqueur brandy cocktail specially for us…

Cofee brandy cocktail

He said that his staff members saw on Facebook that it was my birthday that day and I did mention there that I might drop by but I didn’t. He had wanted to make that for me then. I had not had liquor for a long long time now but there wasn’t all that much brandy in the glass – just enough to taste the hint of it and feel a teeny-weeny bit of the warmth inside and the coffee was nice and strong, served cold with shaved ice (and I heard there was a bit of lime and also salt and dunno what else that went into it), shaken well in a cocktail shaker before being poured into the glass…and we all loved it!

With all the nice people there and these special treats and freebies all the time, you can bet that I would most definitely be going back there again and again.

Gee!!! It’s Friday again today!!! At this rate, the school holidays will be over before we know it. Sobssss!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Nice people…”

  1. it’s been a long and packed week for me, so i’m glad that friday is here, and we can finally welcome the weekend. and gosh, it’s now exactly one week till christmas! 😀

    Oh no!!! So fast!!! Christmas can only mean one thing! One week to the new year and it’s time for my girl to go back to school. Sighhhh!!!!!

  2. All dishes looks delicious, but I’d have to order the popiah and pomelo salad for sure. Nice touch with the grassy Christmas decorations.

    Great picks! Two of our favourites here!

  3. I am loving all the yummy dishes. Really spoilt for choice. Oh, I want!!!…I want!!!….I really want the pamelo salad & durian ice cream. For a change this beautiful Christmas tree stands out from the usual ones. So creative.

    Yes, blends in so well with the ethnic decor of the place. The usual Christmas trees would stick out like a sore thumb!

    Definitely a must-visit for anyone coming to town!

  4. I wouldnt want to think that schools are reopen in 2 weeks time!!

    Oh. Indeed very creative and original to use grass to make a tree.

    I missed its otak-otak (although very spicy) and mushroom rolls.

    2 weeks!!! Yucks!!! So fast!!! 😀
    Very original and so creative indeed. Too bad you did not stopover on your way to Kapit and back.

  5. aaww.. very nice of the people there.. happy belated birthday to you since i haven’t been bloghopping fr sometimes.. hehehe..

    Thanks. Yes, very nice indeed, feels like home – that is why I love dropping by here.

  6. I’ll say that the Payung people are artistic and creative in their decor and food. And they most certainly know how to take good care of their loyal customers!

    That’s the way to go about it when you’re in this kind of business. Some think they’re God’s gifts to the culinary world, acting high and mighty and are so snooty…forgetting that we are the ones bringing them our money and that we are not crawling on all fours begging them to cook for us. I certainly would never go back again to those places.

  7. Arthur, next time ask Payung boss whether he is going to open any branches in Ipoh, Penang or Kuala Lumpur? 🙂 His menu all are super nice…. especially the desserts!

    Can always fly over to enjoy, our little town’s star attraction. If he goes and opens shop over there, we will not have much that is special around here anymore.

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