Not the first time…

This was not the first time we dropped by here

Pelicana Sibu

In fact, we’ve been here a number of times already and my girl has been here a few times more on her own as she loves the chicken very much and would feel like going for it once in a while, either eating there or buying it to take away and enjoying it at home.

These lines in their Christmas decor from the song, “Silver Bells”…

Pelicana Christmas

…reminded me of Remuera in Auckland, New Zealand where each shop had a line of a Christmas song and we would get the complete lyrics eventually if we walked around the vicinity…but it sure looked like the people here got the lines the wrong way round or maybe, we’re supposed to sing it bottoms up? LOL!!!

Now, this was the cute Good Fortune cat…

Good Fortune Cat

…they had there. I always thought that’s Japanese and I am not very sure but it seems that the Koreans have their Maneki-Neko as well.

They used to have their menu on those television screens above the counter…


…but now, you get to see video clips of your favourite K-pop stars singing and dancing away. Well, I would not mind that one bit if only they would turn down the music a little. My girl frowned and said, “You’re not going to complain that the music is too loud, are you?” Gee!!! That girl knows me so well and could read my mind like the back of her hand and of course, I most certainly would want to do that. Are those workers deaf or what? Or maybe they are imagining themselves partying away with those Korean hunks at some Korean disco or club? I told the girl who took our orders to turn down the volume…and she said yes but obviously once she had left our table, she just conveniently forgot about it. Tsk! Tsk!

They had some new items on their menu including their nasi lemak (RM9.90, with a drumstick)…

Pelicana nasi lemak

Perhaps that is for people coming in a group and there is that odd one out that is not really into Korean cuisine and would prefer something local instead? Ok…ok…I know what you’re all thinking and I must say that you are all absolutely right! LOL!!!

This is their regular Peli-crunchy original…


…which is anytime better than the Colonel’s but we loved it a lot with the yellow sauce that came with it. Too bad there wasn’t any for the nasi lemak…and we did not bother to ask. If we had done that, perhaps they would give it to us, I wouldn’t know.

The egg was nicely done…


…but fried using the ring, not really my favourite when it comes to fried eggs…and eekkkkk!!!! They did not remove the heads and insides of the ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

Ikan bilis

…as well, just like the ones here and those no-class-at-all stalls in the coffee shops, unlike the ones here. The sambal was good, not spicy but I thought it tasted pretty good.

On the whole, I quite enjoyed it and I liked it a lot more than their kimchi fried rice (RM11.90)…

Pelicana kimchi fried rice

…that, for reasons unknown, took a long time coming and while we were waiting for it, we were served this complementary pickled seaweed…

Pelicana pickled seaweed

…that I thought was pretty nice and this…

Pelicana kimchi

…which I did not touch. Hehehehehe!!!! The ladies thought the fried rice was all right and I did try a bit but it was way too strong on the kimchi taste so let’s just say that it wasn’t really my favourite.

I liked the spicy Yangnyeom original that we had before but my girl prefers their charcoal barbecued version so that was what we had (RM16.90 for 8 pieces)…

Pelicana charcol BBQ chicken

…and yes, I would agree with her that this version was very nice too.

The total came up to RM50.30 and I would say that all in all, it was a delightful lunch…and as long as my girl loved it very much and it made her happy, I would be happy too! Papa sayang bah!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Not the first time…”

  1. Korean Nasi Lemak? Those beers are expensive… i bought some for my dad as christmas present, for a 500ml can, i think it was selling at Rm 15 each

    I hope you bought him more than just ONE!

    1. Yup, i bought one only LOL! Plus a few big bottles of Sapporo beer, he likes that brand more.

      So Japanese beer is better than the Korean ones, I presume? Their scotch whiskey is the world’s number one, toppling the Scottish ones…the first time ever.

  2. I love seeing Christmas decorations! The drumstick looks delicious! 🙂

    Thank goodness we have the freedom to celebrate it here, unlike our neighbouring country – five years’ imprisonment anyone caught celebrating Christmas, I read somewhere. The fried chicken here is good – it is, after all, a million-ringgit Korean fried chicken franchise, nicer than the Colonel’s.

  3. Korean food???…No, thank you. Nasi lemak for me, can leave out the anchovies if the heads & inside is not removed. Guess I am the odd one out, hahaha..

    We’re one of a kind! 😀 The anchovies were not well-fried too, not quite golden brown like what we had at Payung.

  4. All looked delicious. I have been there once, tapau-ed for my kids. Not to their liking. Haha.

    They were not into the spicy gravy? Ori is good too, nice batter and I loved their Korean yellow sauce, something like honey mustard…and the texture of the chicken used, very firm and succulent. Have not had the Colonel’s for a long long time ever since my missus bought some home and inside the crispy outside, it was like jelly inside. Not nice at all, wanted to throw up.

  5. love the snowmen with the ‘shocked’ look pasted on the store-front windows … they’re so cute with their ‘oooo’ expression! 😀 i think i’d like the dishes you posted … the fried chicken has the crispy battered skin i crave, and the egg has a soft centre … yay! 😀

    Yes, loved how they did the egg, the yolk was just perfect and ever though they used a ring, it did have a bit of that nice golden fringe. Chicken was good, decor was minimal though…not much, actually. Don’t recall seeing a tree three, just those things on the glass.

  6. The nasi lemak sambal looks good – nice and dark. I think I too would prefer nasi lemak to Korean food, though the Yangnyeom you had looks very nice.

    Probably just about the only thing I like there, their fried chicken. Not into their rice, reeks so strong of sesame oil, not to my liking. That was why we did not order any of their rice sets. Kimchi fried rice is new, so we gave it a try.

  7. That good fortune cat is so fat and cute! It’s really smart of the restaurant to also serve nasi lemak and pair it with their fried chicken. Sometimes, it’s difficult to go somewhere when one member of the party does not like the food served. For example, my dad dislikes Japanese food and we can’t go Japanese with him hah..hah…

    Sure is a great idea, as long as there is not so much of the local stuff till it begins to take over and the place starts to lose its identity. Seen this happening in some places…and then, they call it (CON)fusion. What a lame excuse.

  8. I love “Silver Bells” a lot! The Fortune Cat looks really cute too! ^^

    You do? Ya, the cat’s nicer than others I’ve seen elsewhere, the ones with the waving hand.

  9. Me got eat Korean foods, but not into it…

    I don’t mind the fried chicken here, and now the nasi lemak but that’s not Korean. Not really into much else.

  10. I love Silver Bells! 🙂

    It’s slow and mellow, unlike most other faster paced Christmas songs. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is even faster than that. A very chill and relaxing Christmas song.

    The egg looks really tempting – love the crispy bottom and yet the yolk is not fully hard.

    Haha! I’m not a huge fan of kimchi either but I recently started eating more of it, it’s not so bad…not my first choice by any standards but I wouldn’t mind eating it once in a while.

    Yes, I liked that they had it crispy at the edges, despite frying the egg using the ring – have not seen any like this elsewhere plus the yolk is always overdone, like hardboiled. They sure do it well here.

    I’ve yet to acquire the taste for kimchi. My missus loves it so much she makes her own, jars and jars in the fridge. 😦

    Ahhhh!!!! Another one who likes Silver Bells.

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