Still time…

There are only a few days left to the New Year and right after that, school will reopen which means that my girl will have to go back to her work station once more. Of course she is not looking forward to that but what to do? Duty calls.

There is still some time left so we have been going around town, eating the things that she loves. The other day, we wanted to go for the nasi kerabu here but it was closed. Perhaps the people there had taken sometime off and gone on a holiday or something but thankfully, when we tried again a week or so later, it was business as usual and of course, we had what we wanted…

Sri Tanjung nasi kerabu 1

…and yes, it was as good as ever and we really enjoyed it to the max.

It did cross my mind once to try and cook my own but when I saw the recipe and all the things I would need to prepare, I changed my mind right away. We only get it here once a week, Saturdays only, and if I remember correctly, it is only RM5.50 for chicken…

Sri Tanjung nasi kerabu 2

…and RM5.00 for fish unless the prices have gone up lately but still, considering the work that would go into it, I would much sooner fork out the money. After all, I must say it is really very inexpensive…and the one here is very much to our liking.

To eat it, one would have to mix everything together…

All mixed up

…and if it had been with fish by the side, I would also shred the meat and mix with the rice. This prompted my missus to remark that this is the Malaysian/Kelantanese version of the bibimbap and of course, this is best eaten the traditional way, using one’s hand!

We had already finished and were about to leave when I saw some people at the next table having their bubur (porridge) durian, obviously a dessert, served with slices of baguette but we were already too full so we did not order that to try. Perhaps we would do so the next time around if they still have that or maybe we would have to wait till the next durian season – the current one is more or less over by now.

I did get to buy this home for dinner though – their chicken rendang (RM2.00 per piece)…

Sri Tanjung chicken rendang

…which was very nice but no, it did not quite taste like rendang. My girl said it came across something like satay chicken to her but it was all right – at least, it was pretty good and went very well with rice.

Moving on from the above, we also managed to drop by here for her favourite sweet and sour fish fillet…

Y2K sweet and sour fish fillet

…in town and the sweet potato leaves…

Y2K sweet potato leaves

…that she has grown to love ever since the first time she tried those here.

The tofu dish…

Y2K ang sio tauhu

…that we also ordered was very nice as well and the kiam sor (salty & crusty) pork…

Y2k kiam sor pai kut

…too even though it did not look quite the same as how they would serve it elsewhere, tossed with a lot of chopped Bombay onion, garlic and chili, other than the spring onion.

The total for the four dishes plus rice and drinks for the three of us came up to RM51.00 which was quite reasonable, I guess…and at least, we enjoyed all that we had and my girl got to eat what she loved before making her way back to her school for another gruelling year. Sigh!!!

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19 thoughts on “Still time…”

  1. How time flies…one more week back to reality. For kerabu, I thought fish is always more expensive than chix. All the dishes looks so homey. Love the sweet & sour fish, tofu & the greens, just plain stir fry with garlic, sure brings out the sweetness of it. Yumm!!!

    They use kembong and the ones here are usually not very big. Maybe that is why it is cheaper.

    I would choose vegetables, plain fried now because I find that they do not use the very nice Bintulu belacan so at times, the vegetable dishes do not taste as good. Too expensive, I guess – so they would go for the cheaper ones.

  2. Time flies when we were having good time. Haha.

    Yup. Need to go to school tomorrow to register my kids. Next week, it would be another “early rush” time.

    Love your nasi kerabu. So big portion for such price. I wont mind paying too.

    Bubur durian? No, thank you. Lol.

    I don’t know if I will like that, did not get to try. Looked like some kind of western soup, thick – probably just very sweet with durian smell.

    Many schools here are doing it today. Thank goodness my girl’s school will only do it on Sunday.

    Yes, the nasi kerabu is consistently good enough, sure would not mind going back again and again for that!

  3. the color of the nasi kerabu so blue. Guess not made of bunga telang kot

    a lot of work ka? Not just go to the garden and pick the herbs chop and makan ke? RM5 sound okay la. Not that pricey.

    Your garden, maybe lah! My garden, nothing!!! All, I will have to go and buy and you cannot buy a bit of everything, everything a lot…and ends up stuffed in the fridge, everyday open the door see the same old things staring back at me.

    Then there is the santan gravy, the sambal…to prepare and there must be air budu too…the rice to cook, the chicken or fish to fry and like Sarawak laksa, I dread cooking my own – never mind that it may be nicer – I would end up with so much, have to eat setengah mati…and buying all the ingredients is not all that cheap either. Sure makes a lot more sense to just go out and eat, doesn’t it? Especially when it is nice and so reasonably priced.

    As for the blue colour – maybe it is my photo editing, for better contrast and brighter colours so the photos will look a lot nicer. Like the sweet and sour fish, actually it is not that red either nor the sweet potato leaves, yours so green also meh? Especially after cooking.

    Actually, it would be so silly of them to go and buy colouring when the flowers are available everywhere here. At Annie Kiu’s mum’s house, you see them all over her fence. My MIL’s house also, growing wild among the belukar at the back – my missus would go and pluck the tapioca leaves, free of charge. Once she plucked the flowers home, just two, add water so very blue already! This one is not as blue as the nyonya chang I bought from the snooty unfriendly lady in Melaka, and I have had serimuka – the pulut all blue and so very blue some more. I thought they are supposed to just stain the rice a little – not colour it all blue like that!

  4. Nasi Kerabu is impossible to get here. Haven’t seen it in Singapore too, not since I was little, when my mother made it once or twice. I remember also, back when I was a teacher, school always starts on 2nd January, no matter what day of the week it was.

    This is the only place here, Saturdays only. I think there is another one but they open so very late. We had the ayam penyet from the stall next to it once…and after we had finished around 7.30, she had not started serving yet, still not ready. That is how some of those people do business here, slow and steady. There may be a few others, come the fasting month – that’s all. I think it is easier to find this in the peninsula.

    Here, school starts the first Monday in January, provided it is not New Year’s Day.

  5. Sweet potato leaves – I love the variety of greens that you can find here in Malaysia.

    Yes, so many nice green vegetables here but I guess those have no snob appeal, no class at all – better to spend a fortune on those imported ones, take selfies eating them and flaunt on the social media. Seems that is what people do a lot these days.

  6. Yeah, my kids also going back to the school and we , parents, can’t go anywhere also including to other states. The chicken in the first pix looks good!

    You can’t? At least you went to China. We did not go anywhere as we chose to stay back here, spend time with my old parents.

    Yes, the Malays’ fried chicken or fish is always very nice, they always marinate it so well before frying. Tastes a whole lot nicer than the rather plain/simple Chinese ones.

  7. The nasi kerabu looks glorious! Oh, I know that “going back to school/work” feeling all too well 😦

    At least I do not have to go through that anymore but my girl sure is not looking forward to it, poor thing.

    Yes, the nasi kerabu at this particular place is worth going for, very nice and cheap!

  8. I agree, price is reasonable, all the food looks very presentable.

    Generally, food here is nice and reasonably-priced but one would need to know where to go. Some “have very sharp knives”! 😦

  9. I’m not looking forward to sending Ethan back to school too as starting next year, he’ll be in morning session class which means all of us have to wake up early.. Zzz…

    Count your blessings! School in Sibu start at 7.00 a.m. I think you all start a little later there but your jams are a lot worse.

  10. i was gonna say i love all the food you posted in this entry except for one dish … and ask you to guess which one … but no need to guess, it’s the sweet-sour fish fillet, heh 🙂

    You don’t like it? My brother-in-law’s favourite, must order whenever we go out for dinner. We are all ok with it, just this one here is my girl’s favourite. Personally, I would prefer deep fried black pomfret with sweet and sour sauce – not all that fond of the frozen fish fillet they usually use around here.

  11. the only time i see nasi kerabu is when I’m at ramadhan buffet but I have never tried it so far…

    the kiam sor pork also look very nice weii !!!!

    Not the same as other places here – this one is kind of plain without the chili, garlic, onions that others usually toss the meat with but it tasted all right, nice.

    I don’t know of any place serving nice nasi kerabu in Kuching – I sure would love to go and try. Love it!

    1. its at Kelate at waterfront or its branch in Piasau.

      Ok, with a name like that, it must be really authentic. Must KIV that should I happen to go over again.

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