Can’t remember the last time…

Well, actually I can – I was here in August when my friend, the neurosurgeon from Kuching, was in town. We dropped by here on his second night here but I forgot to bring along my camera so I was not able to take any photographs I could use. That was why eventually, I decided not to blog about it and before that, I think it was in May when I dropped by with my family and friends from Kuching upon my cousins’ request as they do like some of the stuff they serve here. We dropped by again last Friday – as far as possible, we usually do not eat meat on that day every week so we thought this would be a good place to go to.

My missus and I had their special blended kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) kao (strong)…

Ruby Restaurant blended kopi-o-peng

…while my girl asked for their buah kedondong juice…

Ruby Restaurant kedondong juice

…a fruit that is believed to have some health benefits so I expected that to cost quite a bit but when I checked my bill, the drinks only came up to RM7.00, RM2.00 for the coffee and RM3.00 for the juice? That is really unbelievably cheap, more or less the regular coffee shop prices, I think!

We had the Four Heavenly Kings – the name given to this four-bean combo…

Ruby Restaurant Four Heavenly Kings

…dish. There were long beans, four-angle beans, ladies’ fingers and brinjal in it and no prize for guessing who had most of the brinjal. She really loves it a lot!

My girl also wanted their bitter gourd with salted egg…

Ruby Restaurant salted egg bitter gourd

…which was a little mushy that day but it tasted all right, just that even though the taste was there, I could not seem to find any trace of the salted egg yolk in it – quite unlike when we had it here on one of our visits before.

The Thai-style mango chicken that we had a few times before had always been to our liking but it being a Friday, we asked them to do it with fish fillet…

Ruby Restaurant Thai-style mango fish fillet

…instead of chicken and yes, it was very nice indeed!

My girl also requested for the cereal prawns…

Ruby Restaurant cereal prawns

…which were perfectly done, very nice indeed and we enjoyed that a lot!

I had forgotten to tell them to cook for two only when I placed the orders so the servings were really big and even though we did manage to finish everything, that certainly was a rather heavy lunch for the three of us. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to settle the bill and was told that the total only came up to RM53.00 and the nice boss, as always, waived the extra RM3.00 and collected RM50.00 only from me. Rice for three was RM3.00 only, just RM1.00 a bowl (it has gone up to RM1.50 at some places here) and I did mention earlier that the drinks were only RM7.00 altogether so the food was RM43.00 altogether, not taking into account the special RM3.00 discount. I thought that was very cheap, more or less like what we had here or here, especially considering that we had prawns.

Service was good and prompt as usual and the boss and his wife, with whom, after all these years, we have become very familiar with, are very nice people. All things considered, we certainly would love to drop by here again, that’s for sure.

Moving away from the post proper, these finally reached me on Monday, 7th December…

Card & gift from Nick

…from my friend, Nick, all the way in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Actually, he sent them on the 1st of December via our national courier, the infamous poslaju and of course, their Dijamin sampai hari esok tagline is more fiction than fact and the lovely gift, complete with my name engraved on it…

Gift from Nick

…arrived almost a week later. Well, as they say, better late than never and it sure is so very sweet and thoughtful of my young friend to go through all that trouble…

For Christmas & the New Year too

– thank you so very very much, Nick!

I probably will be blogging about the whole episode regarding the sending and the delivering and everything but that will come at a later date. I still have a lot of other things in the line-up at this point in time, so do stick around!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Can’t remember the last time…”

  1. Ooh, that iced coffee is what I need to start my day. You have a meatless day once a week? They say that if every meat eater in the world went meatless just one day a week we’d reduce our carbon footprint by … I can’t remember the exact figure… but a LOT. 😉

    Oh? Yes, we do that every Friday…and some other days too but those would be purely by coincidence, just happen to go without meat on those days. So that has some benefit to the environment, eh?

  2. Very long never drink kopi-o-peng, usually i had the hot version…

    Hot version is the best, not diluted by the melting ice…but I am not into hot drinks. 😦

  3. RM43 for the food is so very cheap consider you have the fish fillet & prawn. I love the refreshing ambra drink. Wow, the boss is so generous to give a whooping discount of RM3, a plate of kampua noodles.

    Yeah, come to think of it, that would be enough for a plate of kampua mee, so nice of him to waive it. I do think it is not expensive especially when comparing with some other places in town these days.

  4. Drooling!! It has been a while since I had cereal prawns. With or without shells, is fine with me. Hehe. Sometimes I ate the whole thing except the tails.

    As long as your stuff arrive safely, it is fine with me. cannot rely too much on the courier service. Probably “dijamin sampai hari esok” only apply within the state. Not inter-state. Haha.

    Yes, I do like the prawns fried till crispy and I would eat everything, even the tails. Chitosan, slimming 😀 – they use seafood shells to make those.

    Long story, will blog about it one of these days. So pissed off. From now on, want to send anything, better send by ordinary mail – a lot cheaper, and takes more or less the same length of time.

  5. kedondong for RM3 sounds like a good buy indeed! if it was in a hipster cafe in KL, i think RM8 would be the starting price for that drink! i need a cool glass of kedondong now cos it’s super-hot and humid in KL 😀

    Hot there too? It’s hot here as well but it poured through the night, not that I was all that aware of it. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, I expected it to cost that much…or 6, perhaps. 3 is a steal!

  6. The dishes looks rather simple and portion looks small. But at least, tasted amazing! missing the delicious kopi-o-peng!

    Wow!!! You’re such a big eater, are you? Again, I forgot to tell them to cook only for two so what was served in the end was a little too much for the three of us. We did manage to finish it all but we were a little too full after that. Usually, I would feel a bit of discomfort from eating too much. Old age, I guess. 😦

    As for it being simple, simplicity has its beauty. All my cooking at home is always simple…and Foochow cooking has always been notorious for being bland, too simple (In the past, they said that where Foochow cuisine was concerned, as long as it was filling, never mind the taste!) but lately people are beginning to see how nice it is and are going all out for it. Ingredients must be really fresh for the taste and flavours to come across – no need to drown it with a whole lot of ingredients.

    Like cauliflower – you may have noticed that I have never ordered that here anywhere. That is because we get the not-nice ones, probably from China, and dunno how many layers of the black coating the sellers have shaved off day after day to keep it looking white and nice. When I was in the UK, I would just boil and eat like that – so nice, so sweet, so tasty. No need for any seasoning or any other ingredient at all.

  7. That’s a lovely gift, with name engraved some more 🙂 So, when you go meat free you can eat fish and prawns. Now, I can certainly live with that. I need proteins with my meals or else I will be hankering for another one an hour or so later.

    Same here, even with fish and seafood, will go hungry so quickly…but it’s just once a week, so it’s ok. Yes, we just abstain from meat only – pork, chicken, beef, lamb.

    Indeed, a very nice gift – so nice and thoughtful of my friend, Nick, to go and get me that.

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