We’re here now…

This restaurant here is the favourite of many in town but it has since moved round the corner to its present location (2.29201,111.82739)…

Nice House, new location

…in the block of shops opposite Rejang Bookstore, right next to the florist there, if I am not mistaken. This used to be there but I guess it never caught on and eventually closed down.

They also occupy the first floor…

Nice House, first floor

…and I was told that they also had that at their previous place and all these years, I did not know that.

Inside, it was rather plain and simple, nothing elaborate but at least, the ceiling here is a little higher. The old one was rather low and the place would tend to get very noisy – that was why I would go real early when it would not be very crowded and that was a good idea at the time as well to avoid the swarm of birds that would appear to rest in the trees in the vicinity come nightfall every day. Woe betide you should your car be parked underneath one of them at that point in time.

Of course, I ordered my girl’s favourites, the sizzling beef (RM12.00)…

Nice House sizzling beef

…and the plum sauce chicken (RM10.00)…

Nice House plum sauce chicken

…plus the fried cangkuk manis or mani cai with egg (RM8.00)…

Nice House cangkuk manis with egg

The beef was as good as always but I would say I had nicer cangkuk manis elsewhere though this one was all right too. We also thought the plum sauce chicken was nicer the previous times that we had that – the one this time around seemed to lack the very nice plum sauce taste unless we had the chicken with a lot of the sauce.

I also ordered their own-made tofu with salted fish and minced meat (RM8.00)…

Nice House salted fish minced meat tofu

…and yes, we enjoyed that a lot! It did not look like the others we had had elsewhere – in fact, it did not even taste the same but yes, it was very good and we sure would not mind having that again the next time we drop by here.

When I shared the information on Facebook regarding the relocation of this restaurant, somebody commented that his friend told him that they “simply charged people” here. I don’t know about others but all the many times I have been there, I always feel that the prices are very reasonable. In fact, I would say it is very cheap compared to some of the other places in town. The dishes that night came up to RM38.00 only for three persons and with our rice and drinks, the total was RM46.30. These days, if we go anywhere else, the bill will definitely be not less than RM50.00 and it is indeed getting more and more expensive at some of the places that I used to frequent, so much so that I would think twice about going there and come here instead.

Be forewarned, however, that if you want to drop by this place, it would be best to call first and make a reservation or go early…like me! While we were there, there were many who came in only to be told that they would need to wait a long time as they did not have a prior reservation so all of them had to leave disappointed and go some place else.

Author: suituapui

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35 thoughts on “We’re here now…”

  1. Great name for a restaurant – I’d feel at home before even entering. 🙂

    Beauty in the simplicity… 😉 It is simple. I saw only two wall displays – one a Chinese painting and the other something with Chinese characters, nothing fancy, minimal decor. I did notice that the washrooms were more elaborately done than elsewhere though, very nice…but of course, it is new. I do hope they will make an effort to maintain them well.

  2. The sizzling beef looks so so nice, a lot of “wok hei” from the sizzling plate.. And the cangkuk manis with egg looks so rich and creamy, first glance, I thought it was creamed spinach (mashed spinach with cream).. Amboi, sedap-nyer !!!

    It sure does look like palak panner – maybe we can use this instead of spinach, will probably be nicer as the veg is very much sweeter. We’re supposed to tear the leaves before cooking – it looks like they do it too well here, real fine so that is why it looks like that. No problem, still tastes as good. The beef is one of their signature dishes, my girl’s favourite beef dish anywhere, in town or elsewhere!

  3. Oh i like all the dishes that you have ordered! But no! I shall not bow to rice!

    Oh? You’re off rice too? So how do you eat these dishes? Just like that? We would still ask for rice, maybe a bowl for three to share, at least. I remember how my mum used to scold us for doing that and leaving all the rice behind. Times have changed, I guess.

    You can always opt for basmati rice – it’s less starchy…and they say don’t eat those fragrant rice from Thailand, it’s all perfume…not like our Bario rice (the unadulterated ones, that is – the business people mix with cheap rice to make more profit) which is very fragrant and nice but extra starchy. You would not want that, I’m sure. Of course, the carbohydrates = hidden sugar but a bit is all right – cut down on all the other sweet things, cakes and desserts, and in your drinks:

  4. I loves all the dishes u ordered, especially the plum sauce chicken…

    Usually nicer, maybe it was one of those days. Used to be drier, all the plum sauce taste in the fried chicken. This one was more like fried chicken and they poured the plum sauce over it.

  5. heheh, the name “Nice House” is quite unexpected for a restaurant 😀 i guess the testament to this place is that it still manages to attract full houses, so that’s a sign that most people are OK with the prices here… hmm, maybe Full House might be a more accurate name for this place than Nice House! 😀

    Yes, always full so Full House would be more appropriate except that it would make me think of John Stamos, the tv series a long long time ago. 😀

  6. Food must be nice as the name suggested. Nice dishes. I love them all.

    You did not drop by to try when you were in Sibu? One of the more popular places around, more popular than Ruby.

  7. Nice house nice food. hehehe….so willl be going there again ya?

    Of course! You all did not get to try this place when you were here – it was around already then. Can go when you come again.

  8. Lovely dishes. Makes me want to go out for lunch, now.

    So what will you be having? Not much you can get there for around AUD15, inclusive of rice and drinks, if you go Chinese, I guess. 😉

  9. We have never been to this restaurant, we would either go to Y2K or the one behind RMC. The sizzling beef & plum sauce chicken looks good. Would appreciate if you could share us their contact no. Thanks, Arthur!

    They are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nice-House-Restaurant/138583109544458?fref=ts
    …and I did give their telephone contact before. Anyway, it is 084-336 050. Check out the old posts to see what other nice things they serve here – the honey prawn balls, the lamb…just to name two.

    Y2K is nice but not known for being cheap. Mom’s next door (Lau Tee Fang) is cheap but it is always very crowded, food is not bad too. The one behind RMC is getting more and more expensive…and they are moving to their new place soon – I think I will give it a miss from now on, reserve for special occasions perhaps.

  10. I would love the chicken, but I wouldn’t use any sauce, it looks tasty enough without it…to me at least. 🙂

    That would be just plain deep fried chicken then, no batter used…or none that is obvious.

  11. “to avoid the swarm of birds that would appear to rest in the trees in the vicinity come nightfall every day.”

    Maybe these birds are what the youngsters call the Angry Birds. 😛

    Dunno if they are angry or not but they sure are very noisy…and they shit a lot. Your car underneath the tree will end up looking like a dalmatian! People say walking around town here at night, have to bring along an umbrella! 😀

  12. Sizzling beef is also a favorite of mine. And not to mention plum sauce chicken. I cooked that once but made a silly mistake of adding a bit of tomato sauce. It turned out to become sweet and sour chicken 😀

    LOL!!! That’s tomato for you, like in bolognese. Overpowering, can’t taste much else in the sauce.

  13. Haha! I know, a bird actually defecated on me one time.

    The same thing happened when I last went to Penang at Gurney Drive Hawker Stall – too many birds too. The food looks good, I used to come here too but as you said, it’s usually very packed with their regulars and it’s noisy plus it’s so hard to get a table during peak dinner time so we usually just eat elsewhere.

    Yes, we went here together once. Loved the duck! Indeed, so many people that day had to leave disappointed as they did not make prior reservations. The problem is they cook the dishes table by table…not the same orders in bulk at one go. That is very good for quality control…but people may have to wait longer. 😦

  14. i would say the price is rather reasonable for the dishes you ordered. Will recommend to Papa when he goes to Sibu again.. hehehe…

    He comes often? Yes, this is one good place to check out. You all went to Ruby, that was good, right? This one is good too. Cheap…and NICE!

  15. Thanks for the tel no. Arthur. Yes, the prices at Y2K has really gone up. Have not been to Lau Tee Fang as we saw an unfortunate incident few years ago of their waitress digging her nose just when we were parking our car intending to patronize their restaurant. After that Mom’s was never in our list of makan places 😆

    Oh dear!!! I never go there anymore too, just dunno why. Been there once or twice a long long time ago, somehow never feel like going back. Would always end up in Y2K, no need to squeeze in with the crowd and the food is good. there

  16. Thanks for the tel. no., Arthur. 😊

    Welcome. Your comment got through all right but had to wait for moderation, dunno why.

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