Huai Bin was here

Ruby Restaurant, Sibu

…when he was home for a while around a week ago and he blogged about what he had and liked very much in his blog.

I noticed that they had taken down the sign at the top in front of the place – the boss said that it was in pretty bad shape and I wasn’t in the least surprised as this place has been around for some 10 years or so already. This, of course, means that if you’re looking for the place, you will need to look out for those neon-lit Chinese characters or the name on the door.

The Christmas decorations were up…

Christmas decor 1Christmas decor 2

…and they were playing those familiar Christmas carols and songs already.

It was evening but I just Β had to throw caution to the wind and risk the possiblilty of not being to sleep all night long and ordered their kopi-o-peng kao kao (iced coffee, black & extra strong), blended…

Ruby kopi-o-peng kao2

…so that is why you can see a lot of froth on top making it look like Guiness Stout. This is my favourite in town and I had not had it for quite a while now, you see.

I let my girl choose whatever she wanted to eat and she picked these specialties of the house, their butter scotch prawn balls…

Ruby butter scotch prawns

…and their sea cucumber soup…

Ruby sea cucumber soup

We also had their Thai-style chicken with strips of fresh mango…

Rubu Thai-style chciken with mango

…which was very very good but unfortunately, due to the dimness of the place in the evening, the photograph did not turn out too well with the horrendous shades of purple and red – even the colour of the chicken was not in any way like what it looked like actually.

Well, there is a perfect explanation for it. This was the first time I was using my new camera, you see, so I had yet to get familiar with it and learn how to work around its limitations…like how I was able to take photos that were not too bad using the digicam I was using before…and that did not happen overnight either.

Even the photograph of the cangkuk manis fried with egg that we had…

Rubu cangkuk manis with egg

…turned out a bit blur.Β I should have brought along both cameras and taken snapshots of the same things with both so when one did not turn out too well, I could always use the other instead. I certainly would do that next time…till I can adapt much better to the new one.

The food we had came up to RM41.00 but the nice boss, like what he would always do, just rounded it up to RM40.00. I know it’s just RM1.00, nothing much (but at times, it was more), but little gestures such as this sure would help keep the customers coming back – those young ones in the business have yet to learn about what they call “goodwill” in basic economics, it seems…and would not even waive a miserable 10 sen in the bill. Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Here…”

  1. the waving snowman is very cute … it made me smile, so thanks for posting that πŸ™‚

    The lady boss said we look alike in one aspect. Hmmmmm….. πŸ˜€

  2. I had the mango chicken the second time I came around too, and I must agree, it’s very, very nice too!

    Haha! Yeah, I remember your fondness for their kopi o peng kao – we even called it STP’s kopi o peng. πŸ™‚

    Oh, that’s what the boss always does! I paid the first time and he gave me RM 1 off, which I thought was very nice of him and then my dad insisted on paying the next time we went (day before I came back to KL) and it turns out that he got RM 1 off too!

    I think he does that to all the customers, but I agree, the RM 1 off does generate a lot of goodwill.

    You went twice? Wow!!! Sometimes the boss will give more – I think it depends on the total. If he feels he can’t just round it up, then he would just give a RM1 discount. I’ve had more, RM2 or 3 – like say, RM48 and he’ll just say RM45. Nice guy!

    1. Yup, I went twice! πŸ™‚

      The second time was just before I flew back (after we had dinner at the Italian place). That’s great! For some reason, all the bills I remember is something with a 1 at the back e.g. RM 41, 61 so he’ll just take RM 1 off. Maybe he rounds it up coz I’ve gotten different prices for the same order for two. *shrugs*

      Yeah, he and his wife (?) are really nice people.

      He did not use to do that, only more recently. But it’s good that he does that for everybody. Sure will keep them, coming back…especially when the food is good and worth coming back for.

    1. It sure was! πŸ™‚ Oh, and in response to your question about Peggy March. It is indeed the same singer. Cool, eh? πŸ™‚

      Indeed. After all these years…

  3. Err, I could not see any blur picture.. All looks ok to me.. I love that banjir gravy prawns and sea cucumber soup.. Very nice of the boss to charge RM40 instead of RM41, a little kind gesture goes a long way..

    Indeed. What goes around comes around. You are very kind – I am not too happy with the snapshots – lots turned out blur, had to be deleted.

  4. That’s really cheap with prawns and sea cucumber

    It’s ok here, not too expensive and the most important thing is that the food is great.

  5. I feel like an extra large serving of that strong ice coffee could do me wonders this morning. πŸ™‚

    Sleepy? Too bad it’s only Tuesday, not even mid-week yet. πŸ˜›

  6. First time using your new camera, nervous, hands shaking and pictures turn out a bit blur compared to your usual sharp & beautiful shots. Nevermind, practise makes perfect. All the dishes looks great and best part is the bill…so so cheap!!!!…and somemore got RM1 off.

    Nope, not used to it…or maybe the old one was a better camera. We’ll see how it goes – it things don’t get better, I may go back to that one till it conks out completely. It’s cheap? Ok…considering that there’s prawns.

  7. I don’t understand how those foam can form on the surface for kopi O. Did they tarik the kopi? I remember having this type of coffee once, kopi O served with foam on the surface and I actually thought they served me some weird shit :/

    I know here, they use a blender to get that special froth. Some coffee shops, they may get a bit of froth by pouring from high up but not as much as teh tarek.

  8. I love all the dishes you had.

    Haha. Very cute snowman.

    That kopi kaw kaw was sure thick!!! So did you stay awake the whole night??

    Slept later than usual but I think I woke up early too. Miss Sibu food or not? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  9. must be that butter scotch prawn balls! so tempting!

    Very nice, can’t get the same elsewhere. Come on over, I’ll take you for this and more! You will not regret making the trip, I assure you.

  10. The place with your favorite coffee in town. Let me guess — named after a precious stone and serving the best tapa in town. Just sent you an email.

    Muahahahahahaha!!! I get the hint. Ok, will check my mail.

  11. The photos look alright to me. In fact I didn’t really notice any difference until I suddenly remembered that you mentioned yesterday that you will be posting something on the new camera. You’ll get used to it somehow. I took a while to figure out my camera too when I first used it.

    I guess so. Some snaps turned out really good, others were disastrous. Still trying to figure out what I did right and what I did wrong. 😦

  12. Don’t worry, the photos look okay to me. You’ll be accustomed to the new camera and phone eventually; it just takes frequent usage and some exploration around the functions. I had the same problem when I bought my digital camera; had to ask a classmate who uses a similar model and the sales assistant to give me a crash course in it.

    Regarding the goodwill part, it’s something that my colleague has been drilling into my head recently too.

    It’s only money, not much either – just a ringgit or two but it sure goes a long way in creating good vibes between both giver and receiver. This applies in all aspects of one’s life too…not only in business. Ya, hopefully, I’ll be able to take better photos in time… 😦

  13. Butter scotch prawn balls!!!! The thai style chicken with mango looks delicious too. Tonight I’m going to visit a Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin who specializes in burgers with strips in mango in it as well. So excited! x

    Tee | Rotten One

    Bon appetit! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. I super-duper love Thai!

  14. my numero uno dish there is manicai πŸ™‚ i like the tauhu as well. and that pandan chicken and also the crispy salted pork ribs. now i realise that there are so many favourite dishes of mine here!

    Yes, very nice place to go for dinner but no change in the menu for years now. Regulars like me would not go as often as before but I would surely bring friends who drop by – they never fail to love everything here and would prefer it to the rest in town!

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