Good stuff…

There is a little shop, just the front portion of half a shoplot here (2.310907,111.831451), a few doors away from this bakery with the lovely chicken pies in that same block…but I can’t for the life of me remember the name. There are two young enterprising guys there selling all kinds of things, some their own and if I am not wrong, they do get some items from other people to sell there too.

I know their kompia and chu nu miang

Chu nu miang

…are their best sellers though I would not say theirs are my favourites in town. My father likes their lung ngor (egg cake or the Chinese version of the kueh bahulu)…

Lung ngor
*Archive photo*

…most of all among all that we have here and I would think their lay peang

Lay peang
*Archive photo*

– the sweet traditional Foochow engagement cake, is the one that I like the most.

My missus was in the vicinity that day to buy some of the chicken pies for my girl who did not come home last weekend and she bought the steamed paos…

Steamed pao 1

…from the guys. It seems that they are selling these there now, both meat and vegetable ones.

Yes, they were very nice. The skin was chewy and fluffy, more old school than the ones here, and there was egg in it…

Egg inside

For one thing, they are only RM2.00 each compared to the RM2.50 (at the time) babi telur (pork & egg) ones at that other place where the char siew ones that were going for RM1.80 are now RM2.00 each…but I guess we can’t really compare as the filling in the latter seemed different…

Pahlawan cafe pork & egg steamed pao
*Archive photo*

…with a lot more meat and it is not as dark in colour.

All thing considered, I would not mind buying these…

Steamed pao 2

…should I happen to be in the vicinity and if I were to be at the other place, I would stick to the char siew ones as we would usually buy more than one, that’s for sure, and with the difference of 50 sen (or more) each, I would be able to save quite a bit.