It might be you…

Well, it did not take long for me to find out who it was, my friend home from Australia, that the guys here mentioned the other day. I guessed it might be him, home from Perth, and I was right! It’s been over a year – the last time he came back was sometime in August last year and this year, he made another trip home as there was a wedding in his brother’s family here so he was kind of busy over the weekend. When it was all over and done, he got in touch and asked me and the ladies in the house out to dinner with a few of our ex-classmates.

He asked me to suggest a nice place so I opted to come here…

Tung Seng Restaurant, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…that I have been to a number of times and I did enjoy what they served each time.

Of course, I had to order their signature dish…

Tung Seng prawns in coconut

…the prawns with young coconut flesh in the very nice and rich gravy, slightly spicy but not really noticeable, served in a coconut and another signature dish of theirs, the pork served with cincaluk (fermented shrimps) dip…

Tung Seng pork with cincaluk

The meat was much nicer this time around…

Tung Seng pork

…but I thought the dip could do with a bit more cincaluk. It was extra spicy though, obviously the result of the use of cili padi and of course, some of us loved that very much.

We had the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Tung Seng cangkuk manis with egg

…and also the midin (wild jungle fern) but I was too lazy to snap a photo of that as the place was not all that bright plus the yellow lighting would not do much justice to the dishes served.

I did not take a photograph of the very nice steamed fish that we had either. It was an ikan lajung, a freshwater fish that I felt was a lot nicer than the more popular but cheaper ikan tapah. I did ask if they had the ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) which would be nice too, deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce…but the guy said that they only had the frozen ones, probably something like the one we had hereย but perhaps, a lot bigger, implying that it would not be all that nice and for those of us that would not settle for anything less than the fresh ones that we would buy from the wet market, we probably would not enjoy it very much.

When my friend ordered the fish, I knew it was going to be a somewhat expensive dinner…and true enough, together with the Foochow-style tofu soup…

Tung Seng Foochow-style tofu soup
*Archive photo*

.,..which was good but I thought it was better the last time we had it here…plus the rice and the drinks and theย ngor bee th’ng, my favourite in town, that some of us had…

Tung Seng ngor bee th'ng
*Archive photo*

…the bill came up to around RM200.00 for the eight of us altogether. I guess that came as no surprise but according to my friend, it was quite all right as it would work out to around AUD70 altogether only and there were so many of us whereas, where he came from, one would be hard-pressed to get a nice full-course western meal for one person for that kind of money.

Of course, what mattered most was the chance to get together once again and catch up with one another’s lives and talk about the good ol’ days. Thank you so much for the dinner, Michael – and till we meet again, God bless!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “It might be you…”

  1. AUD70 for 8 pax is really reasonable. Even RM200 for 8 pax is still reasonable for me. It would be so much nicer though if they can serve fresh fish instead of frozen ones.

    The fish was fresh all right but very very expensive – freshwater lajong. The guy did not want to serve us the frozen bawal hitam. Never heard nor seen this lajong before, very very nice. I guess these restaurants get it straight from the people catching them, will not see it at the wet market…plus at that price, I don’t think the sellers can find ready buyers easily.

  2. i’ve never seen this specific kind of coconut prawn curry before … it sort of reminds me of some cambodian and other indochinese curries, but this one seems unique with the young coconut flesh! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have not come across this anywhere else either, only here. That is why I would make it a point to order that again and again everytime I drop by this place. Very nice!

  3. OMG! I don’t even need to go past the first pic. I’m sold! That’s where I want to go when I come visit you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Any plans to head this way. Welcome, welcome. Will meet you upon arrival and take it from there. You’ll love it here – different and very very nice.

  4. Great food & great company. Thumbs up to the cincaluk pork. Looks very cripsy & lean too. I will have that & of course, my favourite refreshing drink , ngor bee th’ng. Have a Blessed Sunday.

    You too. Ya…this is good for you, not what’s coming up in the next post. ๐Ÿ˜€ They tell me the Philippine pork leg here is very nice too, different from the rest – would order that to try the next time we drop by.

  5. Your friend is absolutely right about the cost of western meals here! Really lovely, delicious looking dishes from this restaurant.

    Yes, whenever anybody asked where they should go for dinner, I would suggest this place – nice and cheap, just don’t order the fish. ๐Ÿ˜€ I would want to drop by again myself, try some of the other dishes I have not tried yet.

  6. yes the amount is more or less same here la…8 people some more have meat and prawns leh Yummy looking dishes

    The prawn in coconut is RM45.00. I asked before, standard price. So give and take, RM45 for the two veg dishes and the soup and take some off for the rice and drinks, the fish alone is around RM80-100. Good fish is never cheap. There are cheaper ones like tapah and patin but of course, those will not be as nice. Somebody had the patin last night – said very nice, no smell. Maybe I can try that next time, much cheaper.

  7. Love all those food that you all had…

    Would work out to pretty much the same, SGD80 for all that. So cheap for you if you come over…and you can have this and lots lots more.

  8. Sometimes companion is much more important than the food and the taste~ But of course if the food is nice too, that will be perfect la!

    Indeed. And if the food is cheap, even better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. RM200.00 for all that (including what’s not in the photo) for 8 people is a steal compared to what we pay over here.

    It is? It was the fish! Around half of the total price. If we had settled for sweet and sour fish fillet instead, it would not come up to that much, that’s for sure.

  10. seems reasonably priced. it is rather hard to get a good meal at restaurants for rm200 in KL these days.

    It would not have been this much had it not been the fish. It’s end of year, monsoon time so not that much seafood available, prices will shoot up round this time…and sellers are saving for Chinese New Year too, getting ready for the slaughter.

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