No sooner said than done…

My girl saw the photograph of what I had here on Facebook and of course, as I had expected, she would love to go and give it a try herself. That was why when she was home last weekend, we went there again on Saturday for lunch – just two days after that first time. Whatever she desires, you can bet it is no sooner said than done!

She had what I had – the lalapan ayam bakar (RM12.50)…

cabeijo lalapan ayam bakar

…and yes, she loved it and she enjoyed the sambals to the max!

The mum wanted to share with her initially but when it came, it seemed that the slab of chicken did not look as big as what I was served on the previous occasion so she ordered the lalapan ayam gurihΒ (RM9.50)…

cafeijo lalapan ayam goreng

…for herself. It was nice, as nice as what any fried chicken could get, and I would say they did it very well – still nice and juicy on the inside and not over-fried till somewhat dry and not all that palatable.

I decided to try the lalapan ikan tenggiri (mackerel), RM13.50, but was subsequently informed that it was not available so I switched to the ikan duai (RM16.50)…

cafeijo lalapan ikan duai

…instead, otherwise known as ikan bawal (hitam) in standard Malay. Yes, it was very nice – the fish was very fresh but at that price, I think I would just stick to the chicken should I happen to drop by again.

I also asked for the kerabu paku (RM10.00)…

cafeijo kerabu paku

…to share and we loved it a lot even though for a much classier place like this, I wished they had gone through the trouble of removing the heads of the ikan bilis/pusu and the black stuff inside the little dried fish – I would usually do that at home. They don’t do that most of the time at the food stalls but this is no stall or coffee shop so I certainly would expect a little bit more…for that kind of prices! See! See! Look at all the ikan bilis/pusu eyes looking at you!

I was also wishing that they would pound some chili, cili padi perhaps, and put that aside to add to their very nice sambals upon request. They are very nice, all three of them, but for me, I feel that they lack the much-desired kick and they can easily add the extra chili upon special request to make them a little bit spicier. Actually, I had wanted to tell them that when I went to settle the bill but when the time came, it completely slipped my mind. Ah well! Another time perhaps.

Business was really good – the place was completely full, packed to the brim with the lunchtime crowd…and I noticed that the majority of the people there were Chinese. Hmmm…I guess generally, many of them would appreciate the somewhat mild sambals a lot more than me.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “No sooner said than done…”

  1. I would love to have those chicken legs! πŸ™‚

    Very nicely done here – nicely marinated on the outside, succulent and juicy on the inside.

  2. Yes this is exactly the case when I brought my parents to dinner in Melaka not too long ago. My dad was okay with their fried tomyam spaghetti but I found it to be too spicy. When I asked the staff why did they make it so spicy, they said that their regulars (Malays) love it that way. So yeah.. as spicy as I am, I had to surrender that evening. Haha.

    Nyonya sesat! I could not eat anything even a little bit spicy till 1973 when I started hanging around with my friend from Penang, going for the extra spicy stuff at the Malay roadside stalls and nasi padang places in Singapore.

    I think the other Indon restaurant here must have had a problem with the customers – people here are generally like you. So eventually, the guy came out with the option – not spicy, spicy or very spicy…and put up a banner with the caption, “Everyone can eat!” I think Nandos has that too, right? Varying degrees of spiciness…up to you to choose.

  3. those are road side food… very nice… yummy… but their piece of chicken is much smaller, and tastier… can eat 3 at one go… sambal syiok… think will go for that next week…

    Going over again next week? How nice! Wish I could tag along and try all the food there – the real thing!

  4. love your pics for this post … the vibrant crimson colour of the sambal, the textures of the meat & leaves and sauces … so pretty! πŸ™‚

    Yes, everything does look good here. Things do look more enticing with nice and proper presentation. Some need to learn this and not just dump everything on a plate and serve.

  5. well such a great restaurant. definitely worth to go many times. The food quality looks good and price seems cheap. somethings like this would cost easily 50bucks here.

    LOL!!! People there all so very rich mah!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ A little on the higher end for us here…or for poor ol’ retirees like me, at least. Seems fine for everybody else, business so good.

  6. I prefer sambal mild too. What black stuffs are there in paku?

    Have you explained before what lalapan means? I must have missed it.

    Food looks good. I would love to try the mackerel meal. Too bad it was not available.

    Not black stuff in the paku, in the ikan bilis (we call it ikan pusu here). When I buy, I would remove the heads and the black insides before use. Actually, we can buy the ones already done here, heads and black insides all removed but that would be more than double the price. No harm eating those, of course, and I would not mind if it is some cheap coffee shop stall but for a classier joint like this and the prices I would have to pay, I would expect a bit more. See! See the photo – the ikan bilis eyes all looking at you! πŸ˜€

    Yes, I did mention a bit in my previous post on this place but you can easily go and google – click IMAGES and look at all the photos.

    Oh ya! I was not quite clear about the heads and black stuff. Will go and edit that now, thanks.

  7. I love that plate of kerabu paku but hate the ikan pusu eyes glaring at me. Ikan bawal looks good. Sometime, I find that they fried the fish till hard like tree bark, hope yours is ok.

    Yes, it was absolutely perfect! Very fresh and sweet, only thing was the price – could feel the pinch!

    Do you clean your ikan pusu when you buy them? Such a chore and so time-consuming – I used to buy the ready-cleaned ones but these days, even pusu is so expensive, I would buy and do it myself, no choice. 😦

    1. You mean ready-cleaned ones as in those already have the head & black stuff removed. I never buy those, too expensive. Usually I did it myself. You won’t find it time consuming doing bit by bit everyday.

      Even the ones with the heads, not cheap anymore these days. My problem is once I sit down to do it, I would not get up till I have finished. Not just tedious and so boring, can be very tiring too. What to do? Save some money.

  8. I’d definitely prefer the grilled version for fish coz fried versions usually tend to dry out the fish meat more.

    At one time, we HAD to fry our ikan bawal, black or white, big or small, like that as my girl preferred it that way – she liked the fragrance and the crispy edges, including some of the bones. Thank goodness she has got over that as I can’t say I am all that fond of fish done that way – like salted fish.

    They do it very well here unlike many places that I’ve been to and worse – the fish wasn’t fresh, frozen for too long or what – so very bland, not sweet. No second time.

  9. Our imported ikan bilis is so expensive here. Have to eat it heads and all! No waste!

    Yes, not cheap here too. You can boil the heads to get the stock – I saw them doing that at one laksa place here – maybe they buy them cheap from the shops. The black insides, of course, you can just throw away.

  10. I would love to give them a try.

    Haha. Cannot ignore your girl’s request huh? That is why they said “daddy’s girl”. ^^

    Only child some more! πŸ˜‰ Let me know when you’re heading this way or on the way to your hubby’s hometown, we can drop by here.

  11. I have taken my dinner, but still drooling over the food…

    What did you have for dinner, I wonder? Hehehehe!!!

  12. Oh! The yummy chicken legs again! Yup, you should stick to the chicken πŸ™‚

    I love fish, more than chicken…but they do not come cheap. 😦

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