For a change…

When I was growing up, we would be delighted to come across any kulat ta’un that used to grow wild in the jungle and was believed to sprout out of dead tree trunks whenever there was a thunderstorm. We would fry it with egg and ginger or cook soup with it and I loved eating mee sua in the soup as it tasted exactly like chicken soup. Well, unfortunately, that variety of mushroom is quite extinct now so we would very rarely get to see any anymore. But we can use those farm-cultivated abalone or oyster mushroom…

Mushroom & ginger

…instead as an alternative – as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

I did not want to cook the soup version though, when I cooked it that morning and opted for the fried version of the mee sua just to give it a try. First, I boiled some water and then I dropped the mee sua into it. The moment it had turned soft, I drained away the hot water and rinsed the mee sua in cold water…

Mee sua, boiled & rinsed

…a few times to remove all the starch and to prevent it from cooking any further. I made sure that I did not boil it for too long in case the noodles would get too soft and soggy and it would then be very difficult to fry. Nope! I did not toss it in any oil to keep the strands from sticking together and neither did I deep-fry it first in oil. The mere idea of the excessive use of extra oil in the cooking would put me off completely.

I sliced a bit of ginger for use and cut the mushroom into thin strips like this…

Mushroom, thinly sliced

…and after heating up the wok, I added a tablespoon of sesame oil in it and when the oil got hot enough, I fried the ginger slices till golden brown. Then I threw in the mushroom and added an egg, beaten…and a pinch of msg as well…

Mushroom with ginger & egg

Having done that, I put in the mee sua, sprinkled some traditional Foochow red wine over it and fried it together with everything else quickly…and finally, I dished it all out and served…

Fried mee sua & luncheon meat croquettes

I had some of my missus’ luncheon meat croquettes, left over from dinner the night before, to go with it and on the whole, I would say that it was pretty good, that’s for sure.

For one thing, the mee sua on its own lacked colour so perhaps, I could have added a teeny-weeny bit of dark soy sauce to give it a nice light brown tint…and perhaps, if I had added some thinly-sliced chili or carrot plus a bit of chopped spring onions, the end result would not look so pale.

I think I would try frying mee sua again some day and the next time around, I would use minced meat and prawns and some green vegetables too perhaps and I am pretty sure that would bring the taste to a whole new level. Stay tuned, folks!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “For a change…”

  1. At first, I thought you’re going to come up with mi-sua, mushroom and egg soup as my Amah used to do ….but it turned out to be fried mi-sua…never tried that before!
    I enjoyed your cooking post today…brought lots of food comforting memories 🙂

    Ah!!! Your Amah used to cook it like that? We did it that way too! Just that I thought I would try it differently this time around.

  2. We just had lots of wild mushrooms a few weeks ago but I am not sure if they are the same species as kulat ta’un. Hubby picked them from rotten oil palm trees after raining. My MIL asked him to pick only those tender ones that have not ‘opened’ into umbrella shape yet. She just fried with garlic and added salt and water to eat with rice. Those leftover cooked mushrooms could be added into porridge or mee suah and they tasted better than chicken soup.

    They have them over there? Kualat ta’un would be like open umbrellas…and whiter, not like these abalone mushrooms and they’re definitely nicer – sweeter, just like chicken.

  3. I love kulat ta’un and had my eyes peeled looking for the dried ones at the Pasar Besar while we were visiting you. Love to cook sambal tumis and masak lemak with it.Those mushroom that you used is abalone mushroom? All these while I thought they are called oyster! They are expensive to buy here and I just stick to buying portobellos and shiitakes as they are cheaper. If I buy them, I would usually just cook it with egg to make soup… boring, I know and also deep fried with batter.. Yums! Another nice way of cooking it is to make rendang.. taste just like chicken.
    Despite being pale, as how you put it, the mee sua looks appetizing and I wouldn’t mind eating it. I’ve always wanted to try frying mee sua but never have the courage to do it as I’m afraid that it’s going to clump up and I ended up feeding the boys mee sua ball!! Spam croquette???… Interesting!! Please share the recipe, pretty please 🙂

    Ya, it’s called oyster mushroom too – I’ve added that in the post…but they’re all the same. Ok, and cheap but not as nice as kulat ta’un. Not Spam, luncheon meat – the made-in-Singapore one. Maybe it is not so nice to use Spam – not so fragrant and too hard.

  4. nice nice!! i love mushrooms, basically of any species of edible mushrooms (minus the KNS mushrooms that grows in TM’s old house).. looks good with the mee sua and the leftover luncheon croquette.. this could just be a great breakfast for me now, hahahaha~~

    LOL!!! Those mushrooms, TM can keep and eat them himself. 😀 My daughter is like you – loves mushrooms…but not much choice here. The supermarts here don’t import, not even buttons – not like KL. My daughter, she had all kinds when she was over in NZ and loved them to bits!

  5. When I was in my final year, I did a thesis on oyster mushrooms. Something to do with cross polination of the same variety with different characteristics to see the effect on yieid, size etc. My copy of the thesis has since been gobbled up by termites (imagine that!) years ago. I have learnt something from you today-mee sua can be boiled first before frying. I thought that you had to deep fry it first to soften. I can give this a go one day.

    That was what someone told me…but that would make it very very oily. Maybe they did that at the restaurant where they first started frying mee sua. My friends praised it to the skies but when I went to try – no, thank you. It was so very oily that I almost threw up. Maybe they don’t anymore or they have found a way to get around it…but we do have a couple of restaurants here that serve very nice fried mee sua. For one thing, they do not look or feel like they’ve been deep fried.

  6. mee sua and prawns? yummy! i love pansit using mee sua and prawn, i could eat it for days 🙂

    LOL!!! Missing this, eh? Even if you can get this where you are, it will cost and arm or a leg, I’m sure. 😦

  7. Never tried mee sua. Should have added more greens to make it looks lively but anyway it is the taste that counts. I will just grab the luncheon meat croquettes and leave the mee sua for you.

    Ya, sometimes presentation makes a world of difference – makes the food more appetising.

  8. Ooh, your story has brought back happy memories of hunting for mushrooms after a rain with my grandpa. 😉

    Ahhhhh!!!! You must have had a wonderful childhood. Not many today would have had that kind of pleasure.

  9. hahaha……both also posting mushroom. Your mee suah looks very nice wor.

    aiyo….now makes me feel like wanna eat CKT pulak. Dont know how come CKT cames into the picture.

    ayway….looks like will be having CKT for lunch. Okie bye…time to pick up the boy from school and go look for CKT kekeke

    Brickfields? I saw the photo on Facebook – got mee leh? Ya…come to Sibu again, mee sua, kampua, kompia…everything here, waiting! 😉

  10. I think a bit of dark soya sauce will make the fried mee sua looks nicer 😉

    My sentiments exactly but our mee sua is salty and it might make it too salty. When cooking chicken soup for mee sua, we usually do not add salt – when we put in the mee sua later, it will make the soup salty…enough.

    1. I love Sibu mee sua. Not only it is salty but finer too. I had my mum bringing 2kg of mee sua from Sibu for all my three confinements. Nice!

      Yup, but they say harder to fry. Easier to use those West Malaysian ones – packed in red boxes.

  11. fried mee sua, yum yum, looking good! I am sure it taste good, despite the pale colour. kekekekkeke

    I am not good in fried mee sua, too “soft” .

    Just drop in when the boiling water starts to boil and take out as soon as it turns soft (not till it turns translucent) and rinse quickly before it all sticks together in one big clump. I think I had more problems with the very fine mihun the other day – probably I did not drain it properly and make sure it was completely dry before frying.

  12. I like the luncheon meat….
    Fried mushroom with Mee suah…
    Nice or not?

    You see lah…who’s the one cooking…of course, nice! No need to ask one. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  13. oooooooooh yeah! I’d love to see some carrots in it as well. I ALWAYS add in carrots no matter what. They are good for our eyes 😀

    So you do not wear spectacles then? I’m not so into carrots…but I still don’t need spectacles…at my age! Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  14. I think the fried mee sua is good enough, additional dark soy sauce might not be necessary. But I do agree on sliced chilis to give it a more pleasing look, and some tints of spiciness. You seems to always have luncheon meat to accompany your meal. How I wish I always have this in my fridge!

    I received 8 tins, remember – like the twin towers…and I still have those from my friend in the US. No more SPAM though – ate up the last tin just the other day not too long ago – can’t remember who gave me that one. I’m so blessed…really!

  15. It looks delightful. I have never had any luck in frying mee sua. They always get lumped together 😦

    Overcooked? Did you rinse it thoroughly in cold water? Several times, each time draining away the murky water? That’s all the starch – it has to be removed…or the strands will all stick together.

  16. You fried mee sua look delicious but next round can add extra ingredients to make it look colourful.
    Your twin tower luncheon meat left one tower only??? LOL

    Yes, one tower gone…another tower to go! LOL!!! Ya, it was for breakfast, too early in the morning (5-6.00a.m.) and nothing much in the fridge that I could use to give the dish a bit of colour…

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