Gimme some more…

A few days back, I received a message from my cousin in Kota Kinabalu asking me what I would like as his friend would be coming to town again and I told him no…no…no! Good grief! After all that he had brought over for me on his day trip to Sibu recently, I really would not want him to send me any more. Unfortunately, it all fell on deaf ears and before I knew it, all these arrived at my door…

Airflown from KK

He gave me the celebrated Kah Hiong ngui chap the other day and this time around, he sent me another popular one – the one from a place called Menggatal. A number of people have asked me on Facebook how on earth we are able to bring such soupy stuff here and there when we’re flying. The answer is really simple – you can buy it a day earlier and deep freeze it…and when one wants to eat it, one would just have to defrost it and heat it up…

Menggatal ngui chap - soup

I would usually pour any liquids into a plastic container so it will become like a block of ice once frozen. Then when packing, I would wrap the container with newspaper, seal in plastic and wrap with more newspaper. I always feel it is best that way as in the event that the soup leaks, the newspapers will soak it up so one will not end up with one wet mess.

Incidentally, if you are travelling by Air Asia, you cannot check in any frozen foods so if you are bringing anything like this, you will have to carry it in your hand luggage.

For one thing, this Menggatal ngui chap place seemed a lot more generous than Kah Hiong – the beef came in BIG slices and of course, there were the beef balls, the tendon and the tripe as well…

Menggatal ngui chap - ingredients

I just had to cook the beef (they came frozen, raw/uncooked) in the boiling soup and heat up the rest and putting them with the noodles in a bowl, I poured in the soup and there you have it! A piping hot bowl of Menggatal ngui chap

Menggatal ngui chap

So, was it good?

Ummmm…I would say that it was different, nice but different. I think it is a totally different recipe altogether so it did not taste like Kah Hiong’s or any other beef noodles anywhere else that I have tasted. Personally, I prefer Kah Hiong’s as that would be the taste I am more accustomed to, just a lot thicker and stronger…and nicer than elsewhere but I do know of people who love this Menggatal one. Just google and you will find all the blogposts on it. Why? They even had a place selling that in Kuching a long time ago, 2004 to be exact, and Huai Bin loved it when he went there to try. – not sure whether it is still in business or not though.

I loved the fiery chili dip that came with this one a lot more than Kah Hiong’s though…

Menggatal ngui chap - cili padi dip

It was equally hot and spicy but it was more fragrant and tastier…and it did not have the cili padi smell that would put me off at times. I wonder if they sell theirs in bottles too…

And moving on, my cousin also sent me this – what he called Bruce Lee’s oxtail soup…

Hayatt KK's oxtail soup

I was quite baffled by the name and I had to ask him if there really was a coffee shop in Kota Kinabalu named after that kung fu hero. I was so tickled when he said that when Lee performed one of his kung fu moves, he would always cry out, “Hyyyyyyy….att!!!” LOL!!! I got the message right away – it actually came from theΒ Hyatt Regency Kinabalu…and it must be their specialty as if you click the link to look at the cafe page, you will see a much nicer photograph of the soup in their banner.Β Well, was it good? Oooooo….no doubt about that! It was so nicely done, the meat fall-off-the-bone-tender…so absolutely delicious that it had me licking the bowl clean…literally! Slurpsssssss!!!!!

On top of all that, my cousin also got me a round-neck shirt – XXXL…and it fitted me like a glove!

Thank you so much, coz! Thank you, thank you, thank you…but please, seriously, do not send me anything anymore. Just wait – one fine day I will hop over to Kota Kinabalu and you can have the pleasure of taking me around jalan-jalan cari makan then. Wouldn’t that be good?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Gimme some more…”

  1. Wah! You’re so well loved by your cousin…:) Indeed, there’s nothing more you could ask for!
    I suppose, Mr Lee must have been well loved by Hyyyy..att too πŸ˜‰

    The late Bruce Lee? For promoting this hotel all the time? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Yes, definitely can’t and won’t ask fro anything anymore…

  2. Whah….Arthur, you lucky man. Looking at all those mouth-watering food, I think you shouldn’t say ‘no’ to your cousin. You should tell him, ‘Yes, some more, the more the better!’….hehe. That Bruce Lee’s oxtail soup looks too good….mmmm. Completely amazed that you can even send soup through air travel! Malaysia really boleh….LOL

    I think you CAN bring liquids when you fly but you have to check in – if you carry by hand, you are limited to a certain amount, and you must put in the plastic bag provided…but that is for international flights only. Anyway, once frozen, it is technically solid, NOT liquid. After the whole day, it is still ice – only a bit would have melted…and of course, that will keep it from spoiling.

    AirAsia does not allow frozen foods to be checked in as there have been cases where the things melted and the liquid dripped out of the box and spoilt other people’s bags. Besides, because of the condensation, the box or bag would get wet on the outside as well…and others’ luggage would get wet too. It is more in consideration for other people’s checked-in baggage more than anything else.

    But these days, they have packing services where you can pack your frozen foods in nice polystyrene coolant boxes of whatever size you choose. That day when I went to KL, I saw a lot of them coming out onto the conveyor belt and going round and round… Maybe they’re exporting our prawns and stuff to KL – fetching better prices there and that’s why so expensive now here. I’m not sure whether AirAsia allows this or not…

    1. Thanks for all those info. When comes to food, creativity just soars….LOL. Packing companies sure make more money.

      I’m sure they do…that’s business! Dunno how much they charge though. Looks very handy, wouldn’t mind trying if they’re affordable. I hear all those selling frozen fish and prawns in Sabah can do it for you.

  3. I wish I’m related to your cousin too 😦 The hyaaaaattttt oxtail soup looks so shiok and I can just imagine how good the taste will be. I’m okay with the beef soup but not so keen on the towel and chewing gum ler.

    Hahahahaha!!!! I love what you call them!!! Oooo…I actually like them more than the meat. πŸ˜‰

  4. Don’t you ever give yourself an excuse to get gatal after the Menggatal soup haha.

    LOL!!! Ya…the name is really unique. Another one is Puntatan – dunno what that means but it sounds emmmmm….. πŸ˜‰ But talking about names of places, we do have our share as well here in Sarawak.

  5. You have a very generous cousin. Can I adopt him? LOL! I am a fan of beef noodle soup and I love the spare parts too. That oxtail soup looks good. From the colour it looks like it has chillies and is spicy. Wonder what it tastes like.

    No, not spicy…like beef stew, just thicker and nicer. Ummmm…are you young, free and single? I guess you’re not – too bad! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. 1. Very hard to find friends travelling KK-Sibu sector…so just taking advantage of friend doing that sector…and he doesn’t mind.
    2. Sick of empty promises that you will be coming this way…but BS only..ya go blame AK….or say Sibu no Indians…lol.
    3. The T-Shirt was a bonus. That one you have to thank Welly. Have to wait for him after dinner and tapao in Hyatt(they have the best toilets there) so dropped by nearby Emporium and saw giant T-Shirts..5XL also have and am pretty sure the Sibu traders don’t carry this size..and they look good to so buy one lo.

    1 Yes, your friend’s a very nice guy. He did not call me, so I guess he was ok here – would have his own ways and means to get around.
    2 Not empty… Will do that sooner or later but sooner if there is a good excuse like somebody getting married or something…or celebrating his 60th birthday. LOL!!!
    3 No…despite popular belief, the Foochows are not that big after all. LOL!!!

    Thanks again for everything…

  7. OMG!! you have a really nice cousin who doesn’t mind all the trouble, and a friend of him who is even nicer to bring all the stuffs to you!! soupy things, amazing, but i wonder even the frozen ones would be OK under the pressure in the cockpit.. anyway, two thumbs up for your cousin lah, haha!! hmmm, i think i only like the chili BTW, hehe~~ :p

    They serve ice cream on board…so why would there be a problem with frozen stuff other than the melting and the overflowing all over the place? Things in bottles may cause a problem as the pressure may cause them to pop open or explode… The chili? Hmmm…real torture the morning after, I tell you! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. 4. Foochows from Sibu very shy shy one….No No No means the opposite LOL. must try the chili from Sibu.

    Hmmm…..where’s Simple Person? He has learnt that old school traditional Foochow way – “Nai, nai, nai…” with head shaking, pushing away and yet hand stretching out… Supposed to be good manners, I think. LOL!!!

  9. OMGGGG!! FOOD FOOD FOOD!! If i go sibu i sure find u bring me go jalan jalan cari makan!

    Of course!!! So when are you coming? Can stay at my place – FOC some more! No problem at all.

  10. I basically, always brought back some frozen foods on my Sibu – KL route on AA.. hehehe
    Deep freeze the foods and wraps in layers of layers of alternation between newspapers and plastics bag, and packed together with my luggage. That ways, even if they are melting, the first barrier is the newspapers and plastics layers. If that is not enough the absorb the melt, the second barrier is my own clothing. So far, no accidents with my clothing yet (touch wood), after so many years .. πŸ™‚

    I don’t think they’re very strict but if your bag or box is cold when touched, that would be rather obvious and they may stop you from bringing. I think this ruling is fairly new – did not hear of it before. OK with MAS…but then again, if they can feel the coldness outside your bag or box, watch out! Those baggage handlers may just help themselves – happened to my friend before. All her expensive giant freshwater prawns disappeared!!!

  11. You are so blessed and so well loved by the people around you. Bruce Lee’s oxtail soup is a very nice name given. I think it is the tastiness of the dish that earn him that name – you always got the “kick” whenever you eat it.

    Indeed, I am… LOL!!! I don’t think they call the soup by that name – just a private joke, playing with the name of the hotel. It sure gave a pretty good kick though – very very nice!

  12. i think your oxtail is kare-kare in the philippines. I love it. especially if the meat is melt-in-your-mouth kind…yum! πŸ™‚

    No idea… I only know po kare-kare ana – a traditional Maori song! Muahahahaha!!!!

  13. hiak hiak hiak….the food names are so unique lo. 1st menggatal…then..Bruce Lee came over. hahaha….
    Though I don’t take beef…but that noodles look good! Especially the chili sauce. I’m drooling… ^_^

    Oh? You don’t take beef either… No, those are the names of some places in Sabah. Wait till you see some of those in Sarawak…but then again, there’s one place in China as well.

  14. Oxtail soup…hmm I ll give it a pass. If oink oink tail shud be fine.hahahhahaha

    You don’t take beef? Awwwwww!!!! What about lamb? Well, at least, you take duck!

  15. More & more to come. So kind of your cousin. You are one of the luckiest man. I was wondering how they packed & brought them in. All looks super yummy yummy!!!…

    I am, very very lucky, praise the Lord!!!

  16. wah…he so nice hand carry all those to you. Must be very heavy leh.

    I like coz generous portion of beef and the internal organs

    Yes, yes…come, plan a trip to KK. Make it soon! πŸ˜‰

  17. STP, what a wonderful cousin you have who is willing to go the extra mile for you. Deep-freezing the soup is a marvellous idea but bringing food interstate can only happen within Malaysia, I suppose. For beef noodle, my fav is the one served at Lai Foong coffeeshop near Central Market. You may want to check that out the next time you stop over in KL.

    The oxtail soup looks yummy!

    I’ve heard of a few in KL – the one at Hutong Lot 10, one at Tengkat Tong Shin, one somewhere near Jalan Petaling….so many but I’ve not even tried one except the one at the same block (the other end) as the original Popular Book Shop at Jalan Petaling – way back in 1986. It was VERY nice…but it is no longer there, dunno where now. Nobody to take me mah… KL, not like Sibu – so difficult to get around there – usually will just try out places around the hotel where I stay… 😦

    Btw, thanks for dropping by. Welcome, welcome…will add you to my blogroll.

  18. That oxtail soup looks great, sending me signals to have some osso bucco, yum yum! Wah, your cousin so sayang you πŸ™‚ It’s lovely to be sayang-ed, yes?

    Yalor…but some people not so sayang anymore, so seldom see around here. Sobssssss!!!!!

  19. Your cousin deserves a medal for all the effort to bring all the goodies to you!!

    and I can see its truly worthy as well… =D

    Yes indeed, just the thought alone must be so very much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  20. so after makan you got start to MENGATAL? kakakaka
    HAHAHA fu chou style again..
    I don’t want but hand already open wide wide..
    so how do Fu Chou say don’t want.. I REALLY WANT A LOT?

    Aiyor!!! You’ve forgotten!!! I just mentioned you in an earlier reply to a comment. Humph!!! This kind of lousy student – spank…spank!!!!

  21. KK is famous for ngiu chap but too bad for me who workship Kuan Yin, cannot eat. Come KK, many foods to eat 1.. Hehehe

    I know. Been there, done that. Not cheap, but very nice and so many things to eat! I love KK a lot!

  22. WAH!!! So sweet of your cousin. All the way from KK!! tsk tsk tsk

    hehehhe…the first picture, this is how my mum bring chicken and duck and fish for me from Sibu!!! newspaper and plastic bag and towel!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHAHHAHA …we all boleh!

    Ya, that’s the way to do it! No problem at all, eh? Next time, I bring your prawns… πŸ˜‰

  23. This is delicious stuff! I had it in KK when I was…er, having an educational enforced stay at a nice center.

    I love their ngui chap, the Menggatal and Inanam ones are the best!

    Nice that your friend deep freeze the broth and got it back to you. It looks delicious, just as I remembered it.

    One of the few soup stuff that I like. πŸ™‚

    Oh? You get to eat such great food at the time? Wowwww!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ KK food is really nice, expensive but top quality! Value for money really…but I guess you would need to know where to go and must have somebody to take you there. I wonder if the German restaurant is still in business – I love that one! – Gunter GastHaus…

  24. You have a very kind and thoughtful cousin! Thanks for the tip about freezing soups!

    I certainly have…and you’re most welcome. Great also for drinks when going on picnics. By the time it melts, the drink would still be very cold.

  25. And secretly you’re saying… YES! KACHING!!

    Ahhhh!!!! So you got the message! Yes,yes, young people catch things fast… Hehehehehehe!!!! So what are you bringing me the next time you come down to Sibu? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  26. Hi, you sure one lucky gentleman. Very often got gifts. Praise the Lord.
    You need any adopted sister or a grown up daughter? LOL

    Unfortunately, I’m not the one giving… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  27. frozen sounds like a good idea. But then wont’ it melt very quickly in those many hours in between?

    Not that easy to melt – not even after the whole day if you hand carry.

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