Descendants of the Dragon…

In case you do not know, Tuan Wu Chieh or the Dragon Boat Festival falls on this coming Sunday, the 8th of June which is actually the 5th Day of the 5th Month according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. I am not going to delve into the stories or legends related to this festival but for the uninitiated, during this festival, the Chinese will eat those bak chang or meat dumplings…

Bak Chang 1

Personally, I prefer the nyonya ones which are wrapped in pandan (screwpine) leaves and they use minced meat and shitake mushroom for the filling with a tinge of ketumbar and there may be kau lak (chestnuts) or even or nee (sweet yam paste) as well. Yummy!!!

Bak Chang 2

Well, there is something I must confess…..The real reason for this post is simply because I got the photos via email and I thought I’d just share two of the many I received…so that all of you can drool too!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

(Source of photos unknown)

UPDATE: As promised, Richard came with the nyonya chang that he had made himself. He was formerly my colleague in Sacred Heart and those days, he would always spare me at least one or two every year around this time. Gee! After all this while, it was a surprise when he commented in my blog this morning…and of course, the best part is he has given me SO MANY!!! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Thank you so much, Richard (and do remember me again this time next year! ROTFLMAO!!!). Ooo…I could not wait and quickly gobbled up one as soon as he left…

Nyonya Chang

…and only after I had finished did I realise…it’s Friday today!!!! Never mind! Forgive me Father for I have sinned…!!! LOL!!!! (I can imagine profhiggins giving me one of his classic frowns now….Hahahahaha!!!!)

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29 thoughts on “Descendants of the Dragon…”

  1. stp, can u make bak chang?

    Cannot…but my mother outlaw in-law makes very nice ones. We can also buy nice ones at certain places in the town too…but not the nyonya ones. Those we would have to buy from Kuching, especially the ones from the old lady at a stall along Green Road. These are the best around!

  2. I hate dumplings with peanut inside them. Taste very weird, like cruching wood. Anyway, i like the kind with meat and mushroom inside. Very nice. The one from the Central Market is very good ( don’t know the store’s name ), after that, i would vote Chopstick’s dumpling as the second best. The rest kinda sucks.

    P.S. Dumplings with beef fillings ?

    Those at Kim Tak very nice…but have to heat urself…cos very cold! Aircon mah!!!…U got crazee cow disease liao kah??? Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Nyonya Bak Chang is also available in Sibu. If I ever learn to make it. Just finish cooking the ingredients. will wrap them up tomorrow hopefully.

    Hey!!! U’ve been a silent reader all this while, have u?…..You’re back in Sibu? Heard u were in Kuching?…Any extras for me??? Drool! Drool!

  4. At first, I wanted to ask which website u got those pics from. Hehe.. Now i knw. Kim Tak’s bak chang good ah? I must go check it out soon. I like nyonya bak chang too, the segi empat type wrapped in lotus leave, walau-eh.. where to find in sibu ah?

    Kim Tak’s available around 2-3 in the afternoon. Limited number each day. Bigger ones have one salted egg yolk inside (RM2 something). The pillow chang’s RM5.50 (Dunno if they’ve raised the price these few days) available at Rejang Park at the stall next to where Eon Bank was. The 2nd time I bought I noticed that the lap cheong had gone missing…but still nice!

  5. Remember those days when the family used to make tons of chang. They would be hanging in bunches on a special beam in the kitchen (163, Queensway Rd). Then we would have chang for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 3 to 4 days…….

    Those were the days… Later, my mum would make, hanging them from something like a broomstick…but a few would come open during the cooking!!

  6. I agree with stp. Nyonya changs are delicious with the ketumbar taste. My mum in law makes pretty good bak chang. No ketumbar though but still good enough. I will be going over to her place tomorrow evening for her bak chang. Her children are real gluttons. They fly back from KK and KL just to eat her bak chang!

    Ur outlaws, u mean? LOL!!! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to courier some to them?…Now there’s hope that I’ll have some nyonya chang if that Richard will give/sell me some. Those of you familiar with Sibu people, he’s Tuapui Ah Hiok’s nephew…. Makes really yummy nyonya changs!!!!

  7. I long time dun eat that wor …

    The biasa ones KL a lot…;the nyonya ones, they used to have in some supermarkets (chicken, of course) but I don’t seem to see any anymore. Have to go to Cold Storage, Singapore…They have!!! LOL!!!

  8. Ala housefly, don’t la say like that about peanut bak chang, cuz that’s about the only type that I can have hehehe …

    Eh got chicken ones kah, STP? I just like the rice actually hehehe

    I’m not crazy about those peanuts either…Chicken? In KL supermarkets get! Halal ones!!! Eat lor mai kai lor…oso the same!

  9. One of our relatives already have bak chang hanging in their kitchen… home-made nyonya type. I was fortunate enough to have eaten one. Yum yum… one of my favourite foods. Still looking for that wife material that can make nyonya chang. hahahah.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! One only? And usually theirs are very small – one mouthful dah habis!!!…..OK, any takers? Too bad the only person that I know who can make nyonya chang is a guy!! Cooking for STP interested or not? ROTFLMAO!!!

  10. kekeke.. me sino-kadazan leh.. how do i know LoL.. cina campuran LoL.. I got something to share… I only know the existing of CHAP GOH MEI when i was in SKudai. LoL see.. How poor am i 😛

    Aduh!!!….So u celebrate Kadazan festivals only lah? Like dat, Chinese New Year come to Sibu, celebrate here best!!! Like Gulf War!!! LOL!!!!

  11. Adui Melbie, you kasihan sangat.. the place where you live no decent dumplings ?

    I think she vegetarian…or non-meat eater. KK got lots more things…and nicer ones too…than Sibu lah!!!

  12. I’m no vegetarian lah, STP! Hehehe .. you think how did I get that high blood pressure? Eating vegetables? LOL

    Lor Mai Kai I love, it’s just it’s hard to find non-pork Chinese food here in KK la.. Lor Mai Kai oso put Char Siew (is that how you spell it?) So there you go housefly, the real reason is.. I don’t eat pork! hehehe

    Char siew got chicken one mah!!! But some lor mai kai got lap cheong and that’s pork!

  13. And I am eating bak chang (made by my aunt) while reading this. Deja vu!

    Oooo…just got sms from richard and he’s sending the nyonya chang before 4!!!! In time for tea!!! Drool!! Drool!! God is all-seeing and all-knowing!!!…And his mum’s changs are absolutely out of this world!!! Later I take photo and update post!!! LOL!!!

  14. Bak Chang, now I remember .. Chi, sini we call Kou Chung kan? Mati-mati I want to remember earlier …

    Ya STP, if not char siew pork, they’ll put lap cheong in the lor mai kai.. hehe why la I like Chinese food so much! Haha so hard to find places that serve no pork 😉

    U not have to eat halal food…only for health reasons. Sometimes curi2 makan oso cannot kah? Ooo…so susah lor like dat!!! Kesian!!!

  15. Last thing i eat is chang during the festival . Don wan to buy cos they make too many so not good.I usually buy thats why

    Kuching so nice…can buy all year round mah!!! Like the usual bak chang, I also don’t bother to buy around this time. Just eat if my mother-in-law gives!!!

  16. you can still get the best dimong nyonya from Amy in Miri she gave some last week all the way from Miri – OMG its so yummy.

    All the Dimong’s daughters could make, I think…but the ones still around are too old now, so from that generation, there’s only the daughter-in-law left…and now the granddaughter-in-law has acquired the skill!!! Good grief!!! Whatever happened to the granddaughters and great-granddaughters??? Hmmm? Hmmm?………..ROTFLMAO!!!!

  17. You dono what happened to them? The chang so yummy…learn how to make, make a lot, eat a lot…become bak chang. The in laws have no choice. Hubby wants the nyonya chang!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Too bad the one in my house can’t make!!! LOL!!!

  18. Ya, memang susah kan … hehehe …

    Hmm.. I think there’s one time I had 3 bak chang at one sitting.. hahahha … so kuat makan oOo!

    Only 3! I’m sure I can manage at least 5…but must have self-control lah!!! LOL!!!

  19. huih, must take my size into consideration mah.. If I eat more, I’ll burst haha but donuts, that big apple donuts? I can have 6 of them in one sitting…nah! 😛

    Goodness gracious me!!! I’ve very stiff competition here, I see!!! LOL!!!

  20. The nyonya bak changs in Singapore were very nice, surprisingly. We got some from the basement at Takashimaya, and my son thought it was heavenly. I thought it was great as well, second compared to my mum’s of course.

    Yes, I’ve eaten those. They’re nice. The ones at Cold Storage also, but I hear you can get the authentic ones at Katong…Unfortunately, I’ve never ventured so far.

  21. 😦 😦 i only tasted one so far.. i want to eat bak chang! me and cibol went for bak chang hunting session yesterday. crap one bak chang for rm4 😀

    you can make bak chang?? i must learn to make one so i can satisfy myself.. (that sounds a bit wrong.. especially commenting in stp’s blog :D)

    ROTFLMAO!!! Gee! The ideas that go shooting (Oops!!) through my head!!!! Btw, u’re going to Kuching in a few days. Get those nyonya chang (PLUS the serimuka and the kueh cangkay…so lemak, so nice!) from the old woman at Green Road (outside the very popular kolo mee shop)…Yum! Yum! In the meantime, Cibol can continue drooling!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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