By the way…

Well, I am not going to focus on anything in particular in this post and will just ramble about odds and ends from my recent trip to Kuching. Well, every morning, this would greet us once we stepped out of the hotel room…


My daughter saw this photo and she said it looked like something from a horror movie. LOL!!! That’s from watching too many of those shows and a hyperactive imagination. But still, I would think that hotels should not limit the decor to the lift lobby area on each floor only. Some nice pictures and potted plants would certainly enhance the ambience, I’m sure.

We were there during the Gawai festive season…and in this particular hotel, instead of some pleasant, soothing piped-in music, they had Iban songs playing throughout the day. If you ask for my frank opinion, I really wonder why Iban music has NOT progressed since the days of the Linang Sisters, Christopher Kerry and Christopher Kelly through to the days of Michael Jemat, Richmond Allen or something like that…and to this present day, or perhaps they were playing some old “favourites”. I wouldn’t know as I hardly ever tune in to the local Iban stations but if that is what they have to offer today, the music has not changed one bit, still that pop yeh yeh genre that will conjure images of ladies in tight sarong kebaya and beehive hairstyles and horn-rimmed glasses doing the twist… And Teresa Teng would turn in her grave if she heard what they did to her beautiful and melodious “Yeh Liang Tai Piao Woe Ti Sing”!!!

Anyway, moving on…it certainly appears that Kuching is attracting a lot of visitors from all over the country as well as overseas. Every morning, the cafe would be filled to the brim…

Brassierie Cafe

Then you will see them leaving in the Bas Persiaran (tour bus) for the places of interest such as the Sarawak Cultural Village, the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and so on. There were a lot of school students from West Malaysia and Singapore; they certainly were a privileged group for as far as I know, many of MY students had hardly ever left Sibu all their lives! One evening, I saw a busload of women disembarking from one of those buses carrying bags and bags of stuff. Obviously they had been to that border town where the Indonesians peddlars sell very nice things at very low prices, ranging from poultry and vegetables to fabric and fashionwear. The thought crossed my mind that they would have to pay through their teeth for excess baggage if they were travelling by that cheap airline.

I would think that Kuching is a very good place for West Malaysians to go on a holiday. Hotels are cheaper! Capitol in KL charges around RM180 these days for one small miserable room…whereas for that kind of money, in Kuching, you can stay in a BIG triple deluxe room at Grand Continental, inclusive of breakfast for three! Other than that, you get all the (even more?) delicious delicacies Kuching has to offer at very much cheaper prices compared to KL and Penang…and a lot of people shop for rattan mats, handwoven blankets, those exclusive Sarawak pottery…and even ikan/telur terubok masin.

And by the way, while I was in Kuching, I spotted this sign….. 

STP sign

Now, what on earth could I be distributing? Hmmm…with the rising oil prices, perhaps I could make a fortune from distributing all my fat to be converted into petrol!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “By the way…”

  1. Hoh.. u in kch too? I was there for so long i nearly went bankrupt from eating out that i had to cook. 3 days straight.. the most cooking i’ve done in years.. wait, make that in my whole life. lol..

    Well, if want to jimat wang, no need to go for holidays!!! That’s my policy!!!…We were there for 4-5 days, ok lah! Spent less than RM1K minus airfare and hotel…..

  2. Yeah… i noticed there were many tourists during gawai. Mostly from West malaysia. I think the hotels were fully booked. Was at Cultural Village and Semenggoh… both places were filled with tourists. Topspot seafood was chaotic. The tourists were pouring in and the staff were all on Gawai holiday… that left the chinese taukes with a big headache and us customers having to wait ages for the food to arrive.

    Yes…even at Secret Recipe, they were understaffed!! Thomson Corner was smart enough to close over the festive season period!

  3. Here I want joint venture in conversion. Between the two of us, alamak kaya raya! Worth our weight in gold!
    KNB, I tot you were in Damai.

    We’ll be millionaires!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!….KNB was there for a one night stand only, I think!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. My parents and their friends went to that border town too when they visited Kuching last year. Not on their recent trip this year though.

    And if only our fat can be converted into petrol or diesel, boy, I wouldn’t mind being fat at all …! LOL

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Then we will all be rich!!! All u chemical engineers out there, any takers? LOL!!!

  5. omg that’s SO funny!!.. i’m sure u’ll be super SUPER rich if u can convert fat into petrol.. nyahahahahahahaa

    Yalor!!! Lots of blubber to convert and generate energy!!!…Ur birthday yesterday kah? Belated birthday greetings…and if u come to Sibu, I give u angpow!!! LOL!!!!

  6. I think the company I work for will be interested in alternative energy. 🙂 We’ll be rich.. it’s a 60/40 split. wah.. good to know the Lakia-Lang is the backbone of the service industry in Kuching. haha.

    Whoever said anything about a split? Gundot, u want to bagi him 40% kah? Dream on…..!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!

  7. Eh.. don’t forget, i am 1/4 Foochow ok.. 😛

    1/8, my boy!!! Ur father was 1/2 so ur mum’s 1/4…and u only have 1/8 left! LOL!!!!!

  8. Hahahaha.. stp distributors LoL!!! anyway stp, u should open a restaurant and call it “Sui Tua Pui’s Restaurant” and after that I am sure.. all the pui2 auntie2 and uncle2 will come LoL

    What pui2 auntie2 and uncle2!!! First u insult my shape…and then u insult my age!!! I got law-eya (lawyer) at kuala penyu, u tau? Takut tak!!! Same tuapui like me…and Ah Long tengok also run away!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  9. Kuching for holiday? No lah..I prefer Miri. Lambir park, Niah caves…ahhh…miss those days.
    Kuching’s cultural village is so fake! Bluff those tourists can lah.
    For the real thing, I rather go to the interior for a short stay at the longhouse. Stp, I geranti you sure loose weight after 1 week in there. Wakakakakkakaa!!!

    I agree about the cultural village…but the town is a nice place to visit and lots of good things to eat! Longhouse?…..Lose weight? Not me! I love eating those jungle produce…the ayam pansuh, the salai stuff, and the wild boar! Ooo!!! Delicious!!!

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