The sweet escape…

This post is RATED 18-SX! Proceed no further if you are underaged!…LOL!!!

Some days over here, it can get really hot…and it certainly would be nice to escape from the heat! Well, you can head to Delta Mall in Pedada Commercial Centre…and while you are there, you may want something cold to drink and a light snack perhaps. Easy! Just drop by KOKOBERRY…

Kokoberry sign

It’s on the ground floor in one corner and you can get some freezing thirst-quenching drinks and do try one of the specialty of the house, crepes. This sweet lady-blogger is the enterprising proprietress (


She was nice enough to invite me and a few other bloggers over for a special treat so we all turned up in full force. After all, as they say, the best things in life are free! LOL!!!

This is the counter in the shop…

Kokoberry counter

Drinks were served all around…and I had a cappuccino. I have always been a kopi-o guy but I must say I liked it very much. Very cold, not too sweet…and had that rich aroma of coffee! I don’t know what Clare had…but she was already halfway thru’ by the time I got there…..

Clare at Kokoberry

…with her hand fondling around Alvin’s toy camera, safely strapped around her neck as always! Huai Bin was busy sucking enjoying his too… ROTFLMAO!!!

Huai Bin at Kokoberry

Clement and Bengbeng were also around…and all the flashes (of the sophisticated cameras lah!!!) certainly caught the attention of all the curious shoppers walking past! Needless to say, I was reluctant to take out my tiny…handphone with photo-taking facility but in the end, I had no choice but to fish it out of my pants pocket. I had promised goolooloo that I would post on her shop and I would need some photos to go along with it. The one I have here shows this little kid (Benghui), obviously delighted with his chocolate chip crepe…

Benghui and his crepe

…and this one shows this BIG kid clearly sexcited that he was getting one whole cheesey creep crepe all to himself!! LOL!!!

Hauai Bin and his crepe

So, there you have it! Do yourself a favour. Pamper yourself and stop by KOKOBERRY at Delta Mall today!


Be patient…

when my legs are weak and wobbly.

Hold my hand

the way I held yours

as you took your first steps.


Be patient…

when I make a mess when I eat.

Remember that

you used to do that too

those times when I tried to feed you.


Be patient…

when you can’t understand what I say.

I had to try to figure out

what you were babbling about

when you first started to speak.

Holding hands

Be patient…

when I keep repeating the same things.

I had to repeat the same stories

to you night after night

until you fall asleep.


Be patient…

when I can’t put on my own clothes.

I spent hours, remember,

teaching you how to do that

when you were small.

Dressing up

Be patient…

even when I get impatient.

You too were frustrated

when nobody seemed to understand

what exactly it was that you wanted.


Be patient…

and sit awhile with me when you can.

You always wanted me to be around

for it gave you the reassurance

that someone is always there.

Holding hands 2

Be patient.

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