All by myself…

Now! Now! What’s this that I read about stp!!! Bongkersz said something to Cibol in response to the latter’s comments that I only go out to eat and then post on the food! That’s absolutely and blatantly untrue!!! Now as everybody knows, I have posted on some of the things that I have enjoyed at some of the eating outlets outside BUT I have also posted on some of the dishes that I have cooked ALL BY MYSELF!

Last Friday, for instance, I fried the leftover cabbage that I still had in the fridge after using some of it for the sayur masak lemak that I had cooked a day or two earlier and here’s the proof…..

Fried cabbage with egg

I’m sure everyone can cook this dish! Just heat a little bit of oil in the wok, throw in some chopped garlic and when it has turned lightly brown, throw in the cabbage, cut in thin strips, add one or two beaten egg(s)…and finally, sprinkle a bit of salt and msg according to taste. And it being a Friday, I would not be eating meat…so I cut a bit of my ikan terubok masin and fried it…..

Ikan terubok masin

Then, this morning, I cooked a variation of the Bovril mee sua that I cooked a few days ago. Now instead of the mee sua, I used two pieces of those egg noodles that you can buy in packets at the supermarkets…and instead of the half-boiled free range eggs, I fried one nui pau (egg purse) and presto!!! I managed to keep the yolk intact! Clever!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Bovril noodles

Whew! Luckily I have concrete evidence to protect my good reputation! So Bongkersz, you’ll have to eat your words now!!!! Next time, don’t simply say liao!!! Of course, time and time again, I will post on things that I eat outside…especially when they are very nice so that others may go and enjoy them too. Now I definitely would not encourage anyone to go for this fried kway teow in tomato sauce that I had for brunch on Sunday…

Fried kway teow in tomato sauce

nor this fried kway teow (minus the tomato sauce) that my missus had…at Kin Coffee Hut, Pusat Tanahwang here in Sibu.

Fried kway teow
The mee sua in chicken soup is fine…and the lor mee at the other stall there is also worth trying!

Then, today, I went to Ruby again with two pretty ladies who happened to be in town and we had their specialty, the Pandan Chicken…..

Pandan chicken/Fried mee sua

Bengbeng will definitely give TWO thumbs up for this dish…and in the background, you can see the fried mee sua that Clare would die for! We also had a few other dishes but I was so caught up in the captivating conversation and the delightful company that I forgot to take the photographs. Ah well…another time perhaps!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!


Everybody’s doing it!…..A friend of mine gave me this book and it was full of quotes from car stickers e.g. Engineers do it mechanically OR Bankers do it with interest…and this is a good one – Teachers do it with class! LOL!!! There were also some that were derived from the names of songs e.g. Tom Jones did it on the green, green grass of home OR Frank Sinatra did it his way.

That gave me the idea for another quiz to start off the week, so let’s get on with it. Can you give me the answers to all the 12 questions below? The name of the singer(s) or group, please!

1 Who did it like a virgin?
2 Who did it physically?
Power Gym facilities/cebuinvestment's

3 Who did it on a weekend in New England?
4 Who did it the night the Devil went down in Georgia?
5 Who did it on Graduation Day?
6 Who did it when love and hate collided?

With arms wide open/rivello's
7 Who did it with open arms?
8 Who did it in 1973?
9 Who did it with Jack and Diane?
10 Who did it on the midnight train to Georgia?
11 Who did it while cleaning out his closet?
12 Who will do it better in time? (Ooo…I love this song! If you don’t know what song I’m talking about, just click on the link to watch the video! Tell me whether you like it or not!)

So, hurry! Hurry! Everybody’s doing this! Let’s see who will be the first to get all the answers right.