What’s another year (2)…

My! My! How time flies…and in just a blink of an eye, another year has passed. This coming Thursday – the 5th Day of the 5th Month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Chinese community will be celebrating Duanwu Jie or the Dragon Boat Festival. If you do not know the history or background behind this festival, you can always go and google it up yourself as I am not going to delve into that.

In conjunction with this festival, everyone will be making and eating chang or those triangular-shaped rice dumplings. Here in Sibu, we can only buy the Hokkien chang which is darker and contains pork belly and maybe, shitake mushroom as well, cooked in soy sauce. My mother-in-law used to make this kind of chang but it does not look like she will be making any this year. Anyway, there isn’t much of a problem getting these and my favourite would be the ones sold at the Kim Tak Mini Supermarket just round the corner from my house at only RM1.80 each…

Hokkien bak chang 1

These are darker in colour than the nyonya chang that I will feature later in the post…

Hokkien bak chang 2

…and being made for sale commercially, do not expect too much meat inside. In fact, it seems that they use minced meat these days instead of the usual pork belly slices that one could find in the past…

Hokkien bak chang 3

…and even that, they only give you a little bit. Well, what can we expect – considering that the prices of everything have been going up?

You can buy bigger ones with a salted egg yolk inside at RM3.00 each which are also quite nice, and these days, they also have the pillow chang which I think, comes from the Cantonese community but some other dialects also claim it to be theirs. These are quite big and sold at RM5.00 each. To me, it is something like the dimsum delicacy – Lo Mai Kai wrapped in lotus leaves.

Pillow chang 1

Pillow chang 2

We can’t buy my favourite – the nyonya chang here in Sibu, only in Kuching. They usually wrap these using pandan (screwpine) leaves instead of the traditional bamboo leaves and inside, there is minced meat with shitake mushrooms fried with soy sauce and pounded ketumbar (coriander seeds, a kind of spice) which gives it that unique flavour that I particularly love. I was told that if you use pandan leaves, the chang may go bad quite fast, so my friend and ex-colleague, Richard, would put a piece of bamboo leaf inside and wrap the whole thing up using pandan leaves for its additional fragrance.

I remember this time last year, I was lamenting in my post over the fact that I would not be able to enjoy any of these nyonya changs when out of the blue, Richard posted a comment in the post saying that he would be sending some over to my house. Praise the Lord, my prayers were answered! LOL!!!

Needless to say, I was so delighted when I received a message from him on my wall in Facebook the other day, saying that he had not forgotten me this year and would be delivering some to my doorstep and that was exactly what he did yesterday evening…

Richard's nyonya chang 1

I don’t know how many there were exactly but I think there were no less than half a dozen or more. I did not count as I just could not wait to sample one of them despite the fact that I had just had my dinner before he arrived. As you can see, they are whiter than the Hokkien ones…

Richard's nyonya chang 2

…and being homemade for own consumption, he was more generous with the meat filling. It seems that he is not using pandan leaves this year, being harder and more difficult to wrap, but I gather that alternatively, he puts some in the water when boiling the dumplings instead.

Richard's nyonya chang 3

Just one bite into it and I felt like I was being transported out of this world! If anyone had told me at that point in time that Heaven was a place on earth, I would have just quietly nodded in agreement. It simply took my breath away and left me quite speechless…

Thanks so much, Richard, for the dumplings and thanks a zillion for remembering me again this year. For those in the know, he is the nephew of a family friend whom we would respectfully call Ah Hiok Ee (Auntie Ah Hiok) in her presence if we knew what was good for us. LOL!!! She was renowned for her cooking and baking, and it certainly looks like this nephew of hers has inherited her culinary skills from her.

Perhaps around this time next year, Richard, you can start taking orders? I would want at least 20…or 30, if you can manage that many! Hahahahaha!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “What’s another year (2)…”

  1. Wow! The zongzi should be able to placate the fish in the river, and Qu Yuan would be spared.

    LOL!!! So good that it could silence a whale…what more to say, those fishes in the sea! Hahahahahaha!

  2. I remember going all around KL to look for this last time. I even went to various pasar malam but finally managed to find some at SS2. Ha ha ha. I bought 5 pieces after that!

    Long ago, there used to be a roadside stall at Bukit Bintang, now no more. That day, I saw a stall selling outside the O & S Restaurant – the Hokkien ones, I guess. The nyonya ones used to be available at Carrefour, Mid Valley…but of course, chicken ones lah! Halal mah!

    1. yea.. last time i also used to make do with Carrefour Midvalley one, whenever I miss my mom’s chang. The portion was big, and I also like the one with salted egg inside. now no more 😦

      Ya, the last couple of times I went there – no more. In Spore at Cold Storage entrance (Centrepoint), one stall selling very nice ones, next to Uncle Miki Japanese cheesecakes stall. Ooo…I love these! Available at Isetan KL (Lot 10) too…but not so nice. Dunno why.

  3. thanks for relaying things around. i don’t know if my sms gets thu to her ‘cos my phone doesn’t accept the sim card, and is using somebody’s.

    half a doz. is enough? get you some when i’m in town next time.

    Oooo…what wonderful friends I have!!! Thank you, thank you…in anticipation! LOL!!! More than 6 lah, and this one self-made, more meaningful! Hahahaha!!! Aiyor…just call her lah! That should solve all the problem!

  4. mom made the bak chang earlier this year and thus we were feasting on it last week already…… gave some to KNB….. wonder if he passed it to his mom or he walloped up the whole thing hahahaha

    Ya, she makes them every year. Ever tried a hand at tying the changs? Like my MIL – neither the daughters nor the DILs (nor the sons) know how to tie! Can eat only! LOL!!!

  5. not everybody like nyonya chang-my foochow friends dont like the ketumbar smell.
    ya. i remembered Ah Hiok ee bakchang-its really yummy….best is still my late mum chang.

    Amy not making some for you this year? I can’t really remember Ah Hiok-Ee’s chang…but I vaguely remember buying them at the church food sale and you would have to book in advance – how many, otherwise on the morning proper, all would be sold out! More expensive, of course, but proceeds to the church, so ok lah! LOL!!!

  6. Hi! Had ‘chang’ for brekkie n one ‘chang’ here cost A$3.50. The fillings are more ‘mungbeans’ than meat. Just checked that I had sms,will reply later.been running around this morning driving everywhere,now a little time to lepak but have to ‘cabut’ to do some volunteer work in school soon. Thks operator STP!

    Namind! Ozzies all kaya-raya, can afford it! Bet it isn’t so nice! LOL!!! Humph!!! Next time I will have to charge for services rendered! I wonder what he’s bringing back for me from Down Under? Hahahahaha!!!

  7. Woah…. can eat bak chang until go to heaven one ah? sungguh dashyat! haha.

    Thank you TOC for the bak chang…. unfortunately i did not wallop all 5. In fact i only had 2. Anymore left that i can go wallop in your house? or have you finished walloping them all to recover from your sweating sessions in Zazen? hehehe.

    Sweating! Gee! The place would have been flooded! LOL!!! Btw, what on earth is Zazen? Doesn’t sound like a gym, more like a spa or something? Sounds like it’s exclusive for certain groups of people? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. KNB: oops…. guest walloped all of it up… you’re too late.. you should have taken your fill of it before the guest arrived.. haha..

      Guest? Lucky nya! Next time I must plan my visit to Kuching around this time and conveniently tumpang a few nights at your house! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. Eh, why one of my comments hilang? No vulgarity, no offensive jokes and no personal attacks also 😛

    Yahor…I replied already, then there were two – so I deleted the other one and then an anonymous comment – blank one appeared, then it became two…so I refreshed the page and all gone…except one – the original comment! Now that one has disappeared as well!!! Eeee….it’s just the 5th Month, not 7th Month yet and it’s broad daylight! Dunno what’s going on! LOL!!!

    1. Don’t know what you are saying also but never mind lah I also forgot what I said liao except for the baby durians. KNB, your durian tree got fruit already?

      You said no need to save chang for you, you have chang from chipmunk’s relative and got baby durians liao!!! What I was saying was what happened. Hopefully just a technical problem…not virus…or HANTU! Eeeeee!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  9. There will be a double 5th month in the chinese calendar this year. Does that mean we can celebrate this Duanwu Jie twice? : )

    I love chang too, but cannot eat too much or I’ll get bloated!

    Is there? Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate it twice? Hehehehehe!!! But unfortunately, no! Only the first time…

  10. many things wanna comment but no comments for the sake of Another Year.*wink wink

    Later no comments…no more another year lor!!! Close shop liao!!! Get busy! LOL!!!

  11. I have at least 20 chang in my fridge now! Want some? I love the plain ones which I can dip into sugar and honey!

    Plain ones? Then it is something like ketupat or pulut panggang. If it’s chang, I’m sticking to my nyonya ones!

    1. Nah, I’m not that knowledgeable about those 😆

      Speaking of which, I just had bak chang and I feel a little too full eating glutinous rice. 😛

      Finally!!! …In Facebook, asking everybody to give you for free! In the end, you went and bought? Hahahahaha!!!

  12. wah its that good? nyonya ones are awesome.. btw, have u tried the ones with red beans like tau sa bao? i got them from petaling street and its goood!!

    I’m a meat person. Don’t like the red bean ones. You can get to Petaling Street, the very congested place? My! My! Wonders will never cease! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. haha.. u may not be surprised at this but.. now petaling street has nothing interesting anymore… it has completely lost the china town spirit… i go there bcoz its just opposite to where my classes are held..

      right, i can see that ur a meat person.. hahahah 😉

      Oh I see! Ya…I agree with you on this. They try to improve on it and make it nicer with the roof and what not, but somehow it has lost its rustic charm, its soul…just like Singapore! It has been said that it’s like one giant theme park! You’ve been to one, you’ve been to all!

  13. I like the pillow chang. Hakka also make those type of chang. Got fatty meat inside. Like it so much.

    I’ve had that twice, I think and I do enjoy it a lot. But RM5.00 is a bit too much. Can buy Foochow fried noodles and feed a whole family with that kind of money! LOL!!!

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