How do I live…

With the rising prices of virtually everything, I guess hard times are up ahead…

Hard times

…so everyone will be asking themselves, “How do I live…in the face of the economic downturn?” Well, first and foremost, you should cut down on your shopping. Be suspicious of those special offers at supermarkets as you may end up spending unnecessarily…

suspicious supermarket

and don’t go shopping for clothes either. In the past, we had new clothes once a year – during Chinese New Year. Anyway, those modern fashion trends only make you look…

Unsightly and peculiar

Other than that, eat more vegetables regardless of the consequences…

Lettuce in pain

…and do not be so fussy about the taste either!

Strange taste

In fact, once the demand for the usual stuff drops, the price will fall as well, so we should be looking out for alternative foods that we can eat. After all, they do eat bull’s testicles, don’t they?


And some people simply love the rear end of the chicken aka bishop’s nose…

Asian rear

…and do avoid those expensive places. Look for our own local versions. What they have may be just as nice or even better…..


Well, I do hope that you will find these tips helpful in one way or another!!! As they say, where there’s the pill, there’s a way! LOL!!!

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courtesy of gundot via email