Together in electric dreams…

Oh shit
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My apologies to the early birds who saw what I had posted earlier this morning. I had a hell of a time trying to get the formatting right (and if I had the “Oh shit!” button, you can bet that I would have hit it a thousand times)…and despite the fact that it looked all right on my desktop, when I checked it on my handphone, to my horror, it was all over the place.  Everything had gone haywire, it seemed…so being a stickler for neatness and perfection, I decided to delete it.

OK! OK! I know I’m not that tech-savvy but I am sure I am much better than a lot of people especially those around my age. I had a colleague who did not even know how to switch on the computer. Clare would probably know him…

Computer mouse
The stingy miser that he was, he would scrimp and save every dime and naturally he would only use the cheap airline. The problem was to cash in on this, he must book his air tickets online but being computer-illiterate, he had to resort to victimising the sweet young things and exploiting them…to get them to do the bookings for him. The girls said that they did not mind doing him a favour but what they hated was he would sit beside them and talk and talk…as if he were the smart one telling them what to do and to someone sitting close by, it would seem that they were the nincompoops. He did not dare to ask me, of course…because he would not trust me with the last three digits on the back of his credit card! LOL!!!

Today, everything can be done online, for instance, shopping…

Shopping online

…applying for this and that and even banking and paying your bills. Maybe I am old-fashioned but I, for one, would not trust technology to such an extent…and I would rather join the long queues and wait to be served by a fellow-human being, preferably a pretty one of course! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Ever so often, I was halfway through something and I had instructed payment via credit card and was waiting for confirmation when…”the page cannot be displayed” and I had to call the people concerned to sort things out! @#$%&*+#% !!!!! Nothing can be more frustrating, I tell you and at times like those, I would probably need one of this…..

Safety air bags
Perhaps it is not so much a pain in the neck for those who are younger and better at this technology thingy than me. Everything they say these days is peppered with technological jargon and computer knowledge…

Kids and technology

Even their language has been affected, it seems. That’s why when Cocka said that his mouse was stuck in the printer, I really could not fathom how the hell such a thing could have happened. Gosh! If I’m a goondu when it comes to computers, he must be worse…or at least that was what I thought until I saw the pic in his post…..

Stuck mouse