Meet up…

An ex-student of mine, Wilfred, presently residing in JB and working in Singapore, got in touch with me via Facebook to ask if I was free and would like to meet up somewhere. Of course, I was and would love to and did not hesitate to accept the invitation right away. I had not seen him since that time when I was invited to his class reunion way back in 2014.

I think he did call me on the phone too, a number different from the one I had in my phone list, so I just deleted the call. These days, with all those scams and what not, I would not accept any “No name” calls that I receive. One just can’t be too careful when it comes to these things.

I picked this place here as it is not in the town centre, ample parking and it is free some more and the food is great and Wilfred suggested 10.30 a.m. which was past their peak hours when people would go for breakfast or for 10 o’ clock morning tea. We did go there once after church on a Sunday and waited like forever for our orders – that was why I never did want to go back there again.

Wilfred had the chao chai hung ngang

A One chao chai hung ngang

…and he insisted that I tried a bit of the soup. It was very good! I think we had that here before, or at least, it was my missus who ordered that and I bet she loved it – it was very sour, just the way she likes it!

I had something earlier that morning so I just had the pian sip (meat dumplings), dry…

A One pian sip. dry

…and yes, it was very good too just that I thought there were so few of the dumplings. Good thing I was not hungry or else that sure would not be enough for me. LOL!!!

We sat and chatted and we adjourned to the coffee place next door – that’s probably new and I did not even know it was there – to continue with our catching up. I sure am glad to hear that everyone of them, my ex-students, is doing really well but a couple fell sick and had passed away, may they rest in peace.

Wilfred got me these…

Tesco teas from Wilfred

…and right now, I’ve been drinking the peppermint which is very nice, more minty than the mint that I am growing in my garden. Thank you so much, Wilfred – it sure was nice to see you again. Do keep in touch, we’ll get together again sometime…somewhere. God bless!

A One Cafe (2.297428, 111.824346) is located along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg opposite the Kin Orient Plaza (aka old Sing Kwong) in the second block of shops. Coffee Court & Bateras Food Court are located in the first block nearer to the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Meet up…”

  1. Such a nice meet up with your ex-student. The Pian Sip look good and definitely not enough for me too, lol.

    So thoughtful of your ex-student to get you gifts, I like the packaging though, good that they taste nice too.

    Oh? You’re a big eater too? Hopefully, you’re not the same shape and size. LOL!!! Yes, nice boy, lovely teas.

  2. Very sourish??? hope those sourish taste is from the preserved vegetable and not adding lots of vinegar like the one I had before at Peach Garden. Pian sip for me, pls.

    Yes, we have that here too, not nice. My missus hates those. This one is indeed from the preserved vegetables.

  3. Same as you, I don’t take calls when I don’t recognize the number. I got a scam call once and I terminated the call as soon as I realized something was fishy.

    Yes, I got one once too but no, I did not get scammed. Thought there was something not quite right going on, said I would call back and I never did.

  4. You must be a really good teacher for your students to want to meet up after all these years. Looking at how you are still connected with them; you are a rare gem and I believe Melissa is one too.

    I like sourish stuffs so I bet I’ll love what Wilfred had.

    Usually women love sourish things, my missus does. I’m fine with it. Don’t mind that sometimes for a change.

    I do have some very nice students, not many, just a few…but I do have some.

  5. I dont fancy sourish food. Depends on what it is but mostly I avoid them. Haha.

    Lovely catch up with your student.

    Very strange, I thought all ladies love sour things, guys not so…fat guys especially. LOL!!!

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