Yes, I am very familiar with this place…

SMC back

…at the back of one of the medical centres here.

I know, for sure, that the coffee shop…

Fu Xiang Cafe

…at the back, not visible from the main road, would be open at the break of dawn because during those occasions when my late mum was admitted here and I had to stay there at night to keep her company, I would come down even when it was still dark for breakfast…and yes, I was right!

There were quite a lot of people there already when I arrived – filial sons and daughters bringing their mums and dads downstairs for breakfast. They now have a nursing home upstairs.

These ladies used to be there before, that time so very long ago, but there is a new guy there now. I tried his kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Fu Xiang Cafe kampua mee

…and yes, it was very good. The complimentary soup was good too and so was the kopi-o (RM1.30).

Actually, I went there that morning because I was thinking of buying these…

Sambal pulut

…but unfortunately, they were not available. I do not know whether they no longer sell it or I was way too early, I did not ask. I ended up buying the pulut panggang, RM1 each and a variety of the kao teng koi (9-layer cake), 40 sen each a piece and yes, all were pretty good. I sure would not mind dropping by there again to grab more from time to time.

FU XIANG CAFE (2.301083, 111.832589) is located at the back of the KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre at No 52A-G, Brooke Drive at its junction with Oya Road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Familiar…”

  1. couldn’t believe it is 40cents a piece, so very affordable! is this place operating 24 hours?

    Gosh!!! Long gone are the days when they were just 10 cents. 😦

    I’m not sure, don’t think this one is 24 hours.

  2. Pulut panggang reminds me of Ramadan Bazaar

    Never tried any in Singapore, maybe the ones with sambal filling but those aren’t the same. The taste depends on the filling but not our pulut panggang – a good one would have enough santan to be lemak enough and must be panggang-ed perfectly, not underdone, not overdone.

  3. I like that kuih with the coconut toppings. I prefer the sweet to savoury. What is the name of this kuih?

    The sweet version is just sweetened grated coconut, the savoury one is sambal made with grated coconut. I, of course, prefer the sambal one.

  4. a hidden kopitiam! guess it’s nice to stumble on these places accidentally! 🙂

    Not quite accidentally. I knew of this place but I had not been there for years now.

  5. A good discovery. I wonder if they advertise somewhere in the hospital to make it easier to find.

    I don’t think I’ve seen any sign in the hospital proper or anywhere outside. I guess there are enough people who know it is there so they do not see the need to attract attention to it.

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