Remember the day…

I am sure many will always remember 9-11.

I, for one, will always remember that date because it was my late mum’s birthday. Born on September 11th, 1930, she would have been 89 this year. Of course, we made our way that day to our parents’ resting place to offer flowers and prayers and to wish her a Happy Birthday but we had to go in the afternoon as my girl was at work in the morning.

That morning, I went to my regular florist at Rejang Park to buy the flowers and this time around, I decided to buy some carnations, pink and red. I bought a dozen and made two bouquets, six carnations each together with some golden showers and ferns from my garden…

Bouquets for mum

…for the two vases there.

My sister went to another florist and got this lovely floral arrangement…

Flowers from sis and brother

…and my brother in Auckland, New Zealand asked her to get a rose for our mum – you may spot it amongst the rest of the flowers.

While I was at Rejang Park, I decided to stop by here for breakfast. I used to enjoy the claypot noodles from the kampua mee stall in front but after they called it quits, for no particular reason, I don’t think I ever went back for anything from that stall since and if I am not wrong, it had changed hands a number of times.

Now there is a couple running the stall…

Happy Hours stall

…and I ordered the kampua mee kosong

Happy Hours kampua mee

…and the pork balls soup…

Happy Hours pork balls soup

– the set costs only RM4.00 which I thought was relatively cheaper than other places where they usually charge RM6.00 for a set like this or to the cheapest, RM5.00.

Both the noodles and the soup were good and I sure would not mind going for it again should I happen to be in the vicinity.

HAPPY HOURS CAFE 欢乐阁 (2.307023, 111.837357) is located among the shops in the Rejang Park Commercial Centre facing the big parking area beside the surau there.