The news that I would be going to Kuching spread like wild fire, or within the family, at least as I was keeping a low profile. Normally, when I go some place, I would keep very quiet about it until I come back home.

One of my cousins contacted me to invite me out but I told her not to bother as at that point in time, I did not know what my ex-Kanowit students had planned but she said that her mum (my late maternal uncle’s wife, my late mum’s second brother) insisted that we must go out for dinner. Eventually, it turned out that there was nothing on that night the day when I arrived so I accepted their invitation.

They took me here

Ah Tou

…and good grief!!! The place was packed and we were placed in the 7.30 p.m. “shift”! Despite the crowd, the people were super efficient and the food was served very fast.

The deep fried pork marinated with tau joo (fermented bean curd)…


…was perfectly done, not dry and hard like at some places here in Sibu and it was served with sambal belacan – that certainly was a winner!!!

The fried bihun (rice vermicelli)…


…looked somewhat plain but much to my surprise, when I tried it, it was really very nice. I wonder what went into the cooking.

Their own-made tofu with minced pork on a hot sizzling plate…


…was so good that I kept helping myself to it. It was their special tofu that appealled to me, great taste and nice smooth and soft texture. I think I did hear somebody say that this is one of their 招牌菜 (zhāopái cài), a signature dish of theirs.

The creamy prawns…


…were very good as well and the midin (wild jungle fern)…


…was…like midin, nicely done, nothing to complain about.

By the time the curry fish…

Curry fish

…was served, I was really way too full to eat much of it and I guess everybody else was filling that same way too. I think in the end, most of it was packed for them to take home.

That certainly was a splendid and most delightful dinner on my first night in Kuching and I do think that it does live up to its name – according to one of my cousins, it is one of the Top 5 seafood restaurants in Kuching, thank you so much, Auntie Grace and family for the treat.

AH TOU SEAFOOD 阿頭海鮮 (1.50351, 110.35043) is located at 48, 900B, SEDC Woodhouse in what is called the BDC RH Plaza area of shops at Jalan Song.