The one…

The other day, my dad heard that the kampua noodles here…

A one Sibu

…was very nice and I think he did go and try himself. I guess he liked it so when he came back to the house, he started telling his grand-daughter all about it and asking her if she would want to go and eat it. We thought he was just mentioning it in passing and nothing was confirmed. The very next day, I got word from my sis that he was waiting for my girl to go for the kampua noodles. Good grief!!! My girl was still sleeping (young people these days don’t wake up so early – only old folks like me have a problem getting up late) so we had to quickly wake her up and were on our way in a bit.

Business sure seemed very good and it was very crowded. Nevertheless, we were able to get a table and promptly placed our orders which, despite the number of customers around, were served very fast.

My girl and the mum had the kolo mee (RM3.60)…

A one kolo mee

…while my dad and I opted for their own handmade noodles (RM3.60)…

A one handmade noodles

…and both were great! I loved how generous they were with the fried shallots, two spoonfuls, scooped, and I was pretty sure they had garlic in it too and tossed with the noodles, that gave the dish a special fragrance which brought the taste to a whole new level, a lot nicer than many of the rest in town.

The sweet girl wanted to pay for everything but of course, the grandpa would not hear of it – even though she is now working and can jolly well afford it.

Now, if anyone is wondering where this place is, it is among the shops right across the road from this Kin Orient Plaza (where the original Sing Kwong is located)…

Kin Orient Plaza Sibu

…along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, formerly Queensway. The back of this block of shops faces the Iban Methodist Church…

Iban Methodist Church Sibu

…located in that same vicinity.

For one thing, this is not in the town centre plus most of the shop lots are presently not occupied so the area is not congested and not only is parking a breeze but it is also free. I liked the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) that I had very much but of course, that would have to wait till the next time I drop by to see if it is consistently so…

Author: suituapui

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24 thoughts on “The one…”

  1. Oh me Oh my! I can imagine how fragrant the noodle is with that generous serving of fried shallots. Slurp!

    Very! There was fried garlic in it too, very nice.

  2. Oh. Never try that shop before. The noodle all looked yummy. Haha. A very jolly old man your father. He must be fun to be with.

    Normally, he will stick to the same places that he likes – this is an exception. I did drive in once to have a look – saw a kampua stall with lots of people but I did not stop to check.

  3. The handmade noodles look “fatter” and thicker, nice, like pan mee.. Love those minced meat, I’d ask for more minced meat if they allow..

    Yes, it’s something like pan mee, that kind of texture. Of course, they would allow – just pay more. I used to order kampua noodles RM3.00…50 sen for extra meat, those days when it was only RM2.50. Now it,s RM2.80, would not bother – 20 sen would probably get me one extra slice only. So miserable. 😦

  4. Last time, i don’t take fried shallots, but now i like it as i find food more fragrant with it…

    Just like my girl, even now. She would push it all aside and pick the bits out one by one. I would have to order hers…with a special request not to add any of that.

  5. Like father like son, your dad is so adventurous into food too. Both types of noodles looks equally great. With that much of fried shallot, it sure gives the noodles a special fragrance & taste.

    That will make all the difference…and the oil too – can’t just use any straight out from the bottle, must use to fry shallots first so it will have that special fragrance. I do that too when I toss my own noodles at home. Some, of course, would insist on lard…not the regular cooking oil.

  6. My mom told me your father used to be a cook before. I guess that’s where your talent coming from. ^^

    No, your mum’s wrong there. I don’t think he ever cooked anything – but at least, eventually, he could boil water and cook instant noodles. My mum did all the cooking and was always good at it, she and her family…so that would be where the “blood” came from.

  7. i like your dad’s enthusiasm … i can empathise, cos i’d be enthusiastic too if i like the dish! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! I think his case would be more because of his precious grand-daughter. Grandparents always dote on the little ones.

  8. Grandfathers are always like that – they love to indulge and pamper their grandchildren. Especially so their grandaughters πŸ™‚

    So it seems…and when my girl was little, she gave the grand-dad a number and he struck 2nd…or was it 1st prize! His good luck charm! πŸ˜€

  9. Free parking…mana? Paling pening is when difficult to find parking.

    A number of places here…but not in the town centre. Around the two new Medan Hotels (you all stayed at the original one), all free!!!

  10. The combination of green and yummy noodles! I just got spoiled! Oh my Gawd! πŸ™‚

    Nothing like it anywhere (though there may be pale imitations in many parts of the world…at very high prices, like in Australia, for instance)… Simply the best!

  11. Never take what old people say lightly, most often than not, they mean what they say, even when sometimes it sounds like they are just making a passing remark. That’s what I learnt from dealing with my late grandmother.

    Point taken, lesson learnt. πŸ˜‰

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