Ice cream…

The last time I was at this shopping mall, this…

McD's ice cream stall

…was just a little booth underneath the escalator going up to the first floor. Now, it is located at this stall to the left, formerly occupied by one of the local franchises but I can’t remember the name now – I do recall them selling corn kernels in a cup…and the stall was coloured green.

No, I wasn’t there for this…

Cempedak McFLURRY

…I have seen people talking about it on Facebook but no, thank you. I do not even like the fruit so do not expect me to go for the ice cream.

No, these…


…did not tickle my fancy either. Actually, I went there because my girl said that she had the cendol ice cream…

Cendol varieties

…a while ago and she said it was very nice. In fact, she insisted it was even nicer than the celebrated gula apong ais krim which I rather enjoy myself.

That was why when we were at the mall that day, after we had had our dinner, I stopped by to buy one…

Cendol cone

…to try. Yes, it was nice but I would say both are nice but this one is a little cheaper – I think that was only RM2.50 a cone.

This McDONALD’s ice cream stall is located at Wisma Sanyan (2.290647, 111.825687), ground floor, along Jalan Sanyan, formerly Causeway.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Ice cream…”

  1. I saw got Matcha ice cream selling at McD now, yet to try it.

    I think that is just a dip – they dip vanilla ice cream in matcha coating, not that the ice cream is matcha-flavoured.

  2. The cendol ice-cream looks good. I bet I would love it too if it is make with gula melaka/gula apong.

    I liked it – you can go and give it a try.

  3. I heard it was a bit too sweet tho?

    Didn’t seem so to me, quite typical of such soft serve ice cream, not so sweet, not like those branded ones or those factory manufactured ones sold in supermarkets. Well, you can opt for the one with vanilla – as for me, I would not mind a bit more gula Melaka, a little bit sweeter. Maybe it varies between outlets, this franchise thing?

  4. I think the corn shop is Nelson’s. There is few shops over here.

    I havent try the cendol cone. The last I had McD’s ice cream was last month. A new McD’s Ice cream kiosk opened in Emart Hypermarket. The kiosk just serve ice cream and soft drink.

    Ah yes!!! Nelson’s, I remember now! I don’t think there’s an outlet in Sibu anymore.

    This McD’s stall sells only ice cream – I did not see them selling any drinks. The main McD outlet is right across the road.

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