When I reached Kuching that day, a cousin of mine picked me up at the airport and after picking up her sister at her place of work as well, we made our way to visit a maternal uncle of mine, my late mum’s youngest brother, and his family. We stayed there briefly and chatted for a while before we went for lunch here…

Ember 1

a place recommended by a friend of ours on Facebook. In his Google review, he gave it four stars and commented, “Really excellent bbq’ed roast pork and char sio. Very good otak otak too!

The rice…

Ember 2

…was decent and I must say the meat platter…

Ember 3

…that we shared was really good.

The char siew

Ember 4

…was very much to my liking especially when we can’t get decently good ones in Sibu but it fell short of the much higher expectations of my two cousins. I guess they know of other places where they can get something nicer. I would prefer it sliced thinly though like what they put on top of their kolo mee.

The siew yoke

Ember 5

…however, got their nod of approval and yes, I thought it was really good too.

This certainly took us by surprise, their otak otak

Ember 6

…because they certainly looked bigger in the photos that we saw. These were finger size, so very small but only RM2.50 each and yes, I loved them a lot, something like a cross between the Muar and the Penang ones, not exactly like one or the other and definitely not the same as the out-of-this-world Payung ones here in Sibu.

They were out of organic chicken so their steamed chicken was not available that day. I had a plate of rice all to myself while the two sisters shared another plate but one of the empty plates given for them to use was chipped and my cousin got them to change it. It is good that many places do not use those hideous plastic or melamine plates but I do wish they would be more careful with their ceramic ones and if they are chipped, they should get rid of them. Some of those in this line of business do not seem to realise that such things do give a place a bad name.

After our lunch – the bill came up to a little over RM40.00 – we made our way to visit my cousins’ mum, my late maternal uncle’s (my late mum’s eldest brother) wife before they took me to the hotel.

EMBER TRADITIONAL CHARCOAL COOKING (1.517652, 110.366673) is located at Jalan Song, Tabuan Heights in Kuching.