What they said…

My friend/ex-student/ex-colleague runs a souvenir shop in the vicinity and when I dropped by the other day, he asked if I had tried the beef noodles at the shop a stone’s throw away. He thinks it is really good and yes, I did hear some people telling me that same thing too sometime ago just that I do not usually frequent that part of town so I never got down to giving it a try.

I was there once, way back in 2014, when I went for the Sabah-inspired pork soup and noodles and yes, it was really very good and when I was there early the other morning, I noticed on the display on the wall…

Wang Li Sheng Rou Mee

…that they only had that with a choice of having the noodles in the soup and served separately like what I had then and other than the two options, they also had the beef noodles, RM7.00 or RM10.00.

The coffee (RM1.50)…

Coffee 1

…was nice and of course, I wanted the beef noodles, the RM10.00 one – my guess was that would be the special. The girl who took my orders said that I would have to wait a while as they were still working on the broth for the soup and I told her that I would wait. There was quite a crowd there already that morning even though I was so early, past 7.00 a.m. and all of them were having the noodles and the pork soup – it sure looked like that was the preferred choice, not the other option with the noodles in the soup.

It did not take all that long actually and when it was served…

Beef noodles 1

…the first thought that ran through my mind was where the daun sup (Chinese celery) was and no, I did not like those curly vegetables in it – it would affect the taste so I quickly fished them out and ate them first.

They certainly were very generous with the meat and the noodles…

Beef noodles 2

…and there was tripe too, no tendon and yes, it tasted nice enough but I still prefer the ones here though I am not all that keen on going back there anymore after some not-so-nice experiences once there and again on a later occasion, the last time we went, when the young Indonesian guy doing the serving spilled the whole bowl of hot beef noodles, soup, onto our table. Luckily, we were not scalded by the hot soup.

I guess if I happen to be around this part of town again and should I decide to drop by this place, I would just stick to their very nice pork soup with the kampua mee kosong served separately. I think I would enjoy that more.

WAN LI SHENG ROU MEE is located in the vicinity of the Medan Mall, off Jalan Wong King Huo, two or three doors away to the right of 101 Food Court (2.291330, 111.841751).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “What they said…”

  1. The most important thing in beef noodles is the broth and the chilli dipping. I agree that they are generous with the meat in your bowl of noodles.

    Yes, the chili dip at that other place is very much nicer too. In fact, theirs is so nice they sell them in bottles. I did buy from them once. As for the broth, they say it is better to go for beef noodles in the morning – they keep adding water so it will gradually become over-diluted. I guess it is not good to go too early too – the taste has not come out yet.

  2. 7am! i’d still be curled up in bed, so you can help tar pau the noodles and bring home to me for brekkie (thanks!) 😀

    Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. LOL!!!

  3. That indeed looks like a different version of pork noodle we have here, and actually doesn’t look exactly the same as the sabah version either.

    The noodles are different. Over there, they have their konlou noodles – here, they give you kampua mee kosong (no meat) to go with the soup. We have another place here, only two here, as far as I know – the soup is pretty much the same but they give konlou noodles and we did not like it that much. Went once, never went back again. I guess we all have our regional likes and dislikes.

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