I don’t care…

I had those garden shears from Mr DIY that I found very handy for trimming the grass when I do the weeding…

Weeding & trimming

…in my garden. Unlike those huge ones whereby I would need both arms to use and end up with muscle aches all over my shoulders, I could conveniently use the ones from there single-handedly.

Unfortunately, the last one that I had was no longer sharp and I think I got the blades all crooked when I tried to cut a little bit more than I should so I had to throw it away. Much to my disappointment, when I went back to all the outlets here in town, I found that they no longer sell those. Finally, I tried the hardware shop near my house and I found this brand…

Garden shears

…for a whopping RM50.00 plus! The ones from Mr DIY were only a little over RM10.00 each. I have the garden scissors, this brand too, from a shop here and they were over RM30.00 each. It sure looks like everything from them does not come cheap but I must say that the quality is really good and long lasting.

Talking about prices, do you go around here and there making comparisons before buying something? I don’t…and I don’t care if what I buy is a little bit more expensive than what others have paid for it. If it is something that I want, I would just grab, pay and leave like these cans of luncheon meat…

Porkies luncheon meat

…that I got from the supermarket near my house. My friend, Annie, in KL was in town at the time and she got those for around RM6.00 a tin only but that was on offer in conjunction with the opening of a new supermarket in town but I sure would not want to join the crowd – the cars were all queued up along the road to go inside that big place so I could imagine the long lines at the counters, no, thank you. I paid over RM8.00 for mine.


Highway corned beef

…cost more than my favourite brand, over RM11.00 a can, but by around RM1-2 only. I did not see the latter at places where I went to – not that I actually went round in search of it so I settled for this instead. I think I did try it before and it was good as well. Well, I was at the grocery store here the other day and I saw a whole lot on the shelves. Maybe the current stock has arrived so they are easily available now. Of course I did not buy any as I still have my two cans in the pantry, yet to cook and eat it.

While I was there, I asked them about those canned clams in soy sauce but they told me they are no longer available. They suggested this…

Sunstar clams in soy sauce

…instead and insisted that it is the same. I remember a friend sharing on Facebook a photograph of the bihun she fried and when I asked her, she showed me the photograph of what she used – it was this same brand. We use their satay sauce to cook our satay beef dish and it is very good, as good as the brand we used before but is no longer available. I decided to grab a tin to try but I have not got round to doing it yet. When I do so, if it’s any good, I certainly would blog about it.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “I don’t care…”

  1. I have not tried canned clams before, do share about it when you try the brand you bought.

    Only for frying bihun, the China ones from Amoy Canning. I wonder if you can get that one in Singapore as Singapore has bought over the company, it seems…and rebranded it AMOCAN. Lots of their products here but no canned clams in soy sauce. 😦

  2. Wow, you have a very big and nice garden, very well maintained. The other day CS Supermarket has promotion for this Porkies luncheon meat at RM5 per can but limit to 3 cans per person. I grab 6 cans ( me and hubby got 3 cans each). I have tried Sunstar brand satay sauce but not the soy sauce clams. Do share the outcome if you have got around to do it.

    RM5 only??? Wowwww!!!! So cheap! My two cans, I would be able to buy another can with RM1 change. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. For garden tools, I think if cheap one breaks then it’s time to get the higher quality ones. I’ve had some bad experience with cheap tools but some of them serves its purpose quite alright.

    Yes, the ones I got from Mr DIY were inexpensive and did the jobs well and I would replace them when they were not so good anymore. RM50 plus is not cheap…and I haven’t got the heart to start using it yet, still brand new. LOL!!!

  4. Mr DIY stuffs is quite good . If only your side have ECO shop. Everything also RM2. Bought b4 . Things are quite good too

    Yes, I love their garden saw too, can easily saw through tree trunks, no problem at all. I’ve bought a spare to keep, just in case. I did buy one, made in some European country – more expensive but not good, threw it into the store, never use now. They do not have nice garden scissors though – I like the Baba one but it is very expensive. No ECO here, just Supersave but very limited on garden tools.

  5. I am not a fan of gardening at all and i’m happy that you are doing well on this!

    I did not use to but now that I have retired, all the time on my hands, I enjoy it very much especially watching the plants growing well. Great exercise too, sweat it all out.

  6. I am just like you. I never bother to compare. A difference of a few ringgit is quite all right, not worth the hassle of spending so much time to check the prices at so many places.

    Yes, especially when the supermarkets are so far away, on the other side of town. I just go to the shops in the next lane from my house and sometimes, to the one in my housing area, around the corner. Hardly venture elsewhere.

  7. Wow. That’s your backyard! Lucky you! You have so much space and it is so green.

    I had two huge very productive quinee (local mango) trees before but they got infested by swarms of bees – they came every day and flew off in the late evening, dunno where the hive was…so I had no choice but to get rid of them. That is why it is kind of bare. I’ve a rambutan tree, a huge one too, at the back, behind the house.

  8. I don’t compare and care much about price as other factors like convenience and location also important to me.

    Porkies luncheon meat. I like that. Stock up whenever I saw it. Usual price is RM7.50 – RM8 over here.

    Yes, around that price here too but I do know it can be cheaper at some places just that I am not bothered to go out of my way to buy.

  9. I like to get my household stuff from DIY too… very easily accessible to DIYs in Ipoh, they are almost anywhere! Prices are reasonable and affordable… About luncheon meat, I bought Spam here in Aberdeen, it cost 1.5 sterling pounds which is cheap compared to the ones in Ipoh, it cost around RM15!

    Just a bit cheaper, not all that cheap either. I just got two cans from a friend home from Perth, Australia. I never buy that here, not at that price.

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