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I was keen on going back for another round of the creamy tom yam prawn noodles that I enjoyed so much, their special promotion for the month of March. However, I just did not have the time and I was delighted when they extended it for another month and when I saw their post on their Facebook page the other day, I made my mind right away that I would go for it when my girl was home last weekend.

What caught my attention was the line, “Available at all Cafe Cafe in Sibu and Kuching!” I assumed that would mean that it would be available at their other outlet near my house where parking would be a breeze unlike the main one in town where they even put up a sign at the counter, “Please do not park your car illegally!” It sure looked like a lot of their customers got into trouble for doing that.

I quickly posted a comment to confirm but unfortunately, there was no reply, none whatsoever. I guess I could have called them to find out but I did not do that and made our way there, anyway, for lunch on Saturday…and no, much to my disappointment, they did not have the prawn promotion there and their 15% lunch discount was only from Monday to Friday. Sigh!!!

Well, since we were already there, we just went in, anyway…and though I was not so keen on going for their Vietnamese drip coffee (RM7.90/RM8.90 with ice)…

Vietnamese drip coffee

…since my missus wanted it, I just followed suit while my girl had their iced lemon tea (RM5.50).

They did not have a lot of burgers on their menu to choose from – in fact, they only had one, their Ultraman chicken burger (RM15.90)…

Ultraman chicken burger

…and it was on their special menu, not the regular…and don’t ask me why it was thus named. Both the ladies wanted to try that and yes, they enjoyed it very much. My girl did comment that it tasted like they had salted egg in it – that certainly is the trend these days, salted egg everything!

I did not feel like having a burger and I spotted something that looked rather nice in their regular menu so I asked the nice and friendly waitress what that was and she said it was their lamb chop (RM26.90)…

Lamb chop

…and it was one of their best sellers and yes, they all spoke very good English here, unlike some that I had had the displeasure of encountering elsewhere. In the end, I decided I would have that and yes, it was so so good, the best I have had anywhere and I absolutely loved the vinaigrette dipping sauce that came with it – that sure brought the taste of the lamb to a whole new level. No, it was not exactly cheap but considering how much I enjoyed it, I most certainly would want to go for it again.

That certainly was a consolation considering that we did not get to eat the creamy tom yam prawn noodles in the end and it is already the month of May. I wonder if they will extend it for yet another month…

CAFE CAFE, Swan Square outlet (2.325540, 111.853538), is located on the ground floor of the mega mall located to the left of SMK Bandar Sibu along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng.

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9 thoughts on “No reply…”

  1. The lamb chop looks great but unfortunately not for this typical Chinese Ah Soh. I know it is my loss. Ultraman chicken burger for me.

    Oh? You don’t mind a burger? I guess you are just not into lamb.

  2. a charcoal bun with salted egg yolk sauce – that’s trendy, all right! 🙂

    Yes, sure looks like these days, it is salted egg yolk everything. I wonder if the price of salted eggs have shot up – have not bought for a while now.

  3. I think Ultraman in chinese sounds like salted egg yolk that is why. I would so love to eat that ultraman burger with charcoal bun. Yums!

    Oh? No wonder…but what a name for a super hero, salted egg yolk. Eyewww!!! LOL!!!

  4. The black burger is astonishing! I think I could not finish that.. perhaps a quarter of that portion is enough for me!

    Gosh! You will have to find someone to share then…but not me. I’m not really into burgers, just once in a while for a change or for the convenience.

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