I saw somebody sharing a post on Facebook about the roti bakar kacang pool available here…

Uncle Zax Station

…and since I had no idea what that was, I went and googled. It seems that kacang pool is a middle-eastern dish known as foul medammas made from fava beans, whatever those may be.

I wonder if the name pool is the result of the mispronunciation of foul as, as far as I know, it is also spelt as phool, probably pronounced as fool – generally, the Malays, those here especially, will pronounce f as p so Sharifah will become Sharipah and lagu “Feelings” will become lagu “Peeling”; they never pronounce the s in plural nouns as well.

Of course I wasted no time at all in dropping by the place to give it a try. I liked this poster on the wall…

Uncle Zax Station, poster

…and I had their kopi-o kao kao (RM1.60)…

Kopi-o kao kao

…which was at best, just all right and I thought it was a tad expensive if we compare that with the prices elsewhere. Luckily I did not order the peng (iced) in which case it would become too diluted and would not be nice at all but at least, it was not sweet – most of the coffee in the Malay shops here is all sugar, hardly any coffee fragrance and taste.

The roti bakar kacang pool (RM6.00)…

Roti bakar kacang pool

…looked decent with three slices of roti bakar (toast)…

Roti bakar

…which I felt was rather under-toasted and an egg…


…that was burnt whilst still uncooked around the yolk.

I did go to see the boys doing the cooking…


…and yes, the one frying the egg did look like he would need a lesson or two.

The kacang pool gravy…

Kacang pool gravy

…with the beans and bits of minced beef and everything else was very nice and I did enjoy dipping the bread/toast in it to eat.

I hear they have kambing bakar (roast lamb)…

One of the food stalls

…at night and looking at the orders for their rojak ayam

Rojak ayam

…it sure seemed mighty popular so the next time I drop by here, I would want to give that and whatever else they may have a try instead.

UNCLE ZAX STATION (2.294366, 111.820866) is located along Jalan Kampung Datu among the shops opposite Sri Pelita Islamic Cafe and Paramount Hotel, the first shop in the block behind Serai Wangi.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Pool…”

  1. Kacang Pool is a popular dish in Johor. It is an adaptation of the Middle Eastern dish known as Ful Medammas and they usually eat this flavorful beans in spices dish for breakfast while the rest of us are more familiar with eating baked beans and toast.

    That was the comment I got when I shared the photo of the dip on Facebook. I would have enjoyed it very much had they toasted the bread well…and cooked the egg well too and did not burn it. So pissed off by the latter in particular!

  2. The egg was quite badly burnt and yet they serve to the customer. Is the toast spread with magarine or something, yellowish in colour?

    Yes, so pathetic, the egg! Dunno how to fry egg and want to go into the food business…and that’s another minus point – the margarine. Sarikei Aik Seng’s uses butter! I wouldn’t mind it plain, just toast it well enough.

  3. The roti bakar kacang pool don’t look presentable…

    Disappointing! But at least, I’ve tried…and now I know! Not something I would want to have again.

  4. ooo, i actually love kacang phool – the creamy texture is like comfort food for me 🙂 the version here looks more meaty and less kacang-y than my preference tho! 😀

    I did enjoy the dip very very much – it was the toast and ESPECIALLY the egg that I had an issue with.

  5. Kacang pool… looks like a localized chilli to me.

    No, it wasn’t spicy at all, not even a little bit. You’ve never heard of it? I imagine it is quite popular over at your side. This is probably the first and the only one in Sibu.

  6. How could they serve burnt egg to the customers? Kacang Pool is something new to me

    They did apologise on their Facebook page, been in business one week only. Dunno if they had a lot of complaints..or they saw my blogpost or my posts on Facebook.

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