You wouldn’t know…

…unless you’ve tried, that’s what they always say.

Well, I quite liked the nasi Arab here (RM8.00 chicken & RM10.00 beef, 2017) so I took my girl to try when she came home for the weekend and yes, she loved it! However, Ramadan, the fasting month, came and they were closed and when the coffee shop reopened after Hari Raya that year, the stall was nowhere to be seen. We never did find out what exactly happened to the guy.

My missus and I went to try the one here (RM12.00 per set, 2017) but we were not all that impressed so we never went back for more.

After our first visit here recently, we heard that they now have nasi Arab on Saturdays and Sundays so of course, we headed back to the place to give it a try. My girl had the kambing (mutton/lamb) for RM13.00 per set, chicken would be RM10.00 per set only and she got the rice…

Dapur Azra nasi Arab, rice

…which was very nice, bursting with the fragrances of the spices used in the cooking and this small plate of pickles…

Dapur Azra nasi Arab, pickles

…and the lamb curry…

Dapur Azra nasi Arab, curry

…which she said was “just curry”, nothing exceptional to get excited about and they certainly were not very generous with the meat.

All in all, it was all right, not anything to get us rushing back for more but it certainly looked like it was mighty popular – I saw a lot of people having that! Personally, for that kind of money, I would much sooner go for the eat-all-you-can nasi campur for only RM6.00 per head and this was what I had…

Dapur Azra nasi campur

…the first round. I enjoyed the ayam berempah (spiced chicken) and the fish with the very nice spicy sauce so much that I went back for more, a lot more. The turmeric (kunyit)-marinated fish was good too but I did not grab another one as I was not all that keen on dealing with the bones.

We certainly would be dropping by again and again for this, I’m pretty sure of that, especially on days when we do not feel like cooking but be forewarned that I’ve heard of people dropping by a little too early, 11-11.30 a.m. and they had not finished cooking all the dishes yet and do not go too late either, past 12.30 pm. as when the dishes were running low or  ran out when we were there that day, I did not see anybody refilling.

DAPUR AZRA (2.308398, 111.819744) is located at the shops at Simpang Tiga, along Lorong Kuda 2, more or less back to back with Bisonte Grocer & Deli, facing Jalan Kampung Nangka and the road leading to the one-time ferry point.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “You wouldn’t know…”

  1. Nasi Arab, Nasi Briyani, what is the difference?

    I haven’t the slightest idea – you can throw in the Spanish paella…and there’s the Mexican one too and our Malaysian nasi minyak, nasi kuning, ghee rice and what have you.

    1. I googled for it, it says Nasi Arab is a middle eastern dish. But from the look of the food, it looks very similar to Nasi Briyani

      See my reply to your earlier comment – they all look similar in some way, don’t they?

  2. Just RM6 per head for eat-all-you-can nasi campur is a good deal. See what you had first round would cost more that RM6 in normal nasi campur stall. Eat-all-you-can is worth only for great eater but not for small eater, hahaha….

    Then you eat less lor! Or go eat something else some place else – nothing that is very much cheaper these days, if you have not noticed.

  3. All that for RM 6? Sign me up!

    Looks like this is the current trend here – spotted another place doing the same thing, dunno the price though – if it is the same and the food is nice, I’ll be a regular, that’s for sure.

  4. There are people selling nasi Arab here but I never try it (yet).

    Your nasi campur is so good. RM6 is worth it.

    I’ve tried 3 now – my girl loves it. To me, it is more or less like most of the rest – give or take a little, nothing to get excited about. I’d go for the nasi campur anytime – makes a lot more sense having that since it is nothing sensational. One nasi Arab, two can go for the buffet and still got RM1 change.

  5. This all-you-can-eat at RM6.00 sounds fantastic! I wonder if they can cover their cost at such prices, particularly if there clientele are big eaters like 😀

    I wonder that same thing too. Maybe that’s the attraction to draw the crowd…and there will be others not keen on it so they will order something else like their nasi Arab, for instance. Will see how long this will go on – if they stop after a while, that would mean they are running at a loss.

    1. something is wrong with me today >.< **if their clientele are big eaters like me **

      No worries…and yes, count me in, big eater too! They probably will make some profit from people like my missus, just a bit of this and that…and that was it, so full, she said. Hmmmmm!!! Next time, I’ll go alone, not worth bringing her. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. I prefer to go early if I want chap farn, fresh from the kitchen and still hot. I like the fish and the ayam berempah there.. looks good!

    Not too early – somebody went at 11.30 a.m. and they were still busy cooking the dishes.

  7. RM6 for eat-all-you-can nasi campur? I’ll be eating that everyday if there is such a thing here :O

    There isn’t? I did not take the long beans – they had a whole lot of shrimps in it and those aren’t all that cheap! I was too lazy to go through the trouble of removing the heads and shell.

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