The day you went away…

Nick went to Mukah for over a day to visit some university mates of his there so I was not able to see him, Thursday, and all too soon, it was time for him to leave.

We went to pick him up at the hotel early Friday morning. The initial plan was to go for dim sum at a restaurant nearby but I thought he would like to try another of our local Foochow delight instead as he would be able to find dim sum quite easily here, there and everywhere, even very much nicer ones, perhaps. However, this place was not open yet – it opens at 8.00 a.m. so we went back to where we came, the hotel where he was staying, to a coffee shop in that same block. I wanted him to try the zhao chai hung ngang (RM30.00)…

Tung Lok zhao chai hung ngang, prawn

– the big bihun in the sourish and slightly spicy preserved vegetable soup there. I asked for the udang galah (giant freshwater prawns) seeing that he did not get to enjoy the one in Sarikei so this was like killing two birds with one stone.

Yes, he liked it and he loved the prawn – he said it was very firm and very fresh. This was quite big – it had legs, anything smaller would not have those but according to the lady, one could opt for the bigger sizes going for RM45.00 a bowl up to even RM60.00 depending on the size of the prawn. I did not specify when I ordered so they just gave us the “smallest” they had.

My missus had the same but with fish – tapah (RM12.00)…

Zhao chai hung ngang, fish

…but I am not really into this so I opted for something else. If I am not mistaken, as far as this Sibu Foochow specialty is concerned, this place…

Tung Lok Corner Sibu

…is among the best, if not THE best, in town. It used to be here attracting customers by the droves but it moved here sometime ago in the same block as the hotel where Nick was staying…

Medan Hotel Sibu Bus Terminal

…at the other end, facing the Sibu Bus Terminal directly and they have been here since, still enjoying that same popularity as before.

I had the Foochow fried noodles with fish – tapah (RM12.00)…

Tung Lok Foochow fried noodles, tapah

…and yes, it was very nice but as far as the noodles were concerned, I would say I would prefer a few elsewhere.

Some paternal cousins of mine love the kampua noodles here so much so that they would bring any visiting siblings or cousins here every day for this. That was why I ordered a plate with pian sip mee (RM2.80)…

Tung Lok pian sip kampua

…but no, I certainly would not go there again for this and as a matter of fact, we left most of it behind, unfinished.

After having had our fill, we drove Nick to visit the Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple Complex

Nick at the temple complex, Sibu

…reputed to be the biggest in South-east Asia. It is a little out of town but just around 5 minutes from the roundabout near the airport – on the way to Mukah or Bintulu or to my girl’s jungle school. We drove past every week for so many years but we never did stop by to walk around. That was why I was glad to get the chance this time around and I did take a lot of photographs while we were there – I may share them in a later post, we’ll see.

After a brief stop at the new township, also near the airport, Sibu Jaya, we dropped Nick off to catch his flight…

Nick at Sibu Airport, departure


I must say I had a jolly good time myself though it was somewhat limited and we could have done a lot more things if I did not have my filial duties at this point in time…and I certainly would love to welcome Nick back again someday to tie up whatever loose ends left dangling. Thanks for coming, Nick. I do hope I’ll be seeing you again…soon.

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14 thoughts on “The day you went away…”

  1. Love the hung ngang, would love to try it.

    Bet you have great ones in Miri – lots of nice Foochow stuff there now, some even nicer than Sibu. Just need to know where to go.

  2. I would like more greens for the Foochow noodles. The handsome chap, Nick has got himself a nice T-shirt (I love Sibu).

    Me too. I am not a fan of sawi but I like it in Foochow fried noodles. I always ask for more, dunno why they are so stingy with it.

    Yes, we have nice Sibu t-shirts available now. Last time, only Kuching or Sarawak ones.

  3. I have been to Tung Lok for its chicken rice. Long wait. Business so good. Never try other stalls there.

    I remember the temple; been there with my mum and sis when they visited Sibu.

    A bit far from town and rather run down now, rather disappointed. I certainly would highlight that should I get down to blogging about the place. What a waste, so very nice. 😦

    Yes, the chicken rice and the roast meat here are very popular – a lot of people seem to like it very much. I did go and try once.

  4. How’s your mum?

    Condition is stable, still not eating other than some bits of fruits and stuff. Not about to be discharged yet. I’m feeling the strain, so tired having to run here and there, juggle everything in the little time that I have – not much time to blog and blog-hop.

  5. Beautiful temple…. No picture of your missus, you and Nick?

    Got but I am not including in the post, just shared with Nick for remembrance – my missus does not like it, she is a very private person.

  6. Have you ever tried making noodles yourself from scratch?

    The fresh uncooked noodles? Nope, never. There isn’t a need too. My cousins overseas know how to make a variety of the local noodles though and yes, they know how to cook them too. I guess desperation drives people to desperate measures.

    But if you mean cooking the noodles dishes from scratch, yes, I have – I did blog about them. My overseas cousins did try the tomato kway teow and they loved it!
    As for this chao chai hung ngang, my daughter did cook and blog about it but I think being inactive for years, the blog is no longer available. Here’s how a blogger-friend of mine cooks it:

  7. I usually choose ‘smaller’ prawns too – RM60 for one prawn does feel like quite a pinch! and the dish still looks very satisfying with the regular udang galah, that’s all that’s needed 🙂

    I do think it is grossly overpriced – one prawn this size would not cost more than RM10 each at the market, what more to say when they buy in bulk from the supplier so RM20 for the noodles alone, minus the prawn, is pushing it a bit too far. If not because I wanted this special treat for my friend, I would not go and eat it, no, thank you!

    And yes, this size would be just right. The very big ones, only the head is big, the body is more or less the same size – hence the Chinese name, big head prawn…plus the flesh tends to be rather hard, not so nice and succulent…but for some, it seems that size does matter, never mind that they end up getting fleeced.

  8. Your kampua noodles with pian sip for RM2.80 is certainly reasonable….

    But it was not really nice. The fish noodles were all right, deduct RM4 for the price of the regular noodles, that would leave RM8 for the tapah – a popular fish around here, not cheap and there were quite a few slices, not bad. The prawn was the shocker – way too over-priced. It would not be too bad if it had been one of those really big ones but then again, those are not very nice – just big.

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