It’s not always true…

It’s the early bird that catches the worm, so they say, but I think it is not always true. For one thing, it is not good for the worm to venture out so early as it will be the first to end up caught…and eaten.

We were early that morning, just a little past 10.00 a.m. when we drove past here but unfortunately, they had not commenced business for the day…and even when we went almost just as early the following morning and the morning after that, not all the dishes were out of the kitchen so we did not get to eat some of what they might have to offer. That is usually the case also when we go too early to the Malay nasi campur stalls – we would just have to make do with whatever they have already got ready.

Anyway, we took my sister-in-law here instead and of course, we were way too early for their chap fan (mixed rice) so we had to order whatever they had on their menu.

I had the kolo mee

101 kolo mee

…which was very nice as usual though I can’t say I was all that fond of those frozen fish balls even though they did take the trouble to fry them first.

I ordered their liver soup…

101 liver soup

…that we liked a lot the last time we were here and had that and yes, it was very good, perhaps, not as good as the previous time as it was not so strong on the ginger and traditional Foochow red wine this time around but we did enjoy it.

My missus had their fried kway teow

101 fried kway teow

…and she liked it, no complaints there. I wish they would not use those plastic plates and bowls though – after all, considering the setting and decor AND the prices, they are not one those cheap regular coffee shops so I would expect them to be a class above those NCAA (no-class-at-all) eating places.

My sister-in-law had their chao chai hung ngang with fish (tapah)…

101 chao chai hung ngang with tapah 1

…and she enjoyed it to the max! Yes, it was sourish enough and had enough of the traditional Foochow red wine and the taste of the preserved vegetables…

101 chao chai hung ngang with tapah 2

…and was very much to her liking.

The bill came up to a little over RM40.00 for the three of us (inclusive of drinks) and after we had had our fill, we went driving around and sightseeing until it was getting near to the time for her flight and we headed to the airport to drop her off there.

It was our pleasure having you here with us, Margaret – we had a delightful time ourselves too. Do come again…anytime, we’ll be right here waiting to welcome you. God bless.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “It’s not always true…”

  1. Kolo Mee and chao chai hung ngang with fish for me. What was in the latter?

    Chao chai is the very sour Chinese preserved vegetables with ang chao (the residue from making the traditional Foochow red wine), hence chao and chai. Here, you can have the regular, just bits of minced pork and maybe also, the fried bean curd puffs, I think or fish…or freshwater prawns. Other places, they may use chicken instead of all these…with the chao chai, of course and ginger.

  2. I seldom come across frozen fishballs in kolo mee but yes, we have fish cake slices at some places. Still prefer those with minced meat & char sio. Liver soup looks so milky. All in all, everything looks pretty good.

    You mean that is not your standard or regular bowl of kolo mee, I guess. Can’t remember where now but in the 70’s or 80’s, I loved the kolo mee at one place – with char siew and minced meat, one prawn, a couple of fish balls and/or fish cake slices, a piece of liver, one or two bit of intestines…so very nice or one could order the mee kosong and all those in the soup.

  3. Same as Irene, I would like my kolo mee with more char siew and minced meat

    The world is your oyster, up to one’s own preference what one wants in one’s bowl of kolo mee or Sarawak laksa or nasi lemak or kampua.

    Some people get put off getting fried egg with nasi lemak – the standard condiment should be hardboiled egg and minced meat is not a standard condiment in Sibu kampua either but we do get it at a lot of places here…and quite recently, I had one with chicken curry. No, I did not quite enjoy that.

  4. I’m not so fond of plastic dishes either. I do like the look of your kolo mee, but I’d ask for no fish balls – I’m not a fan in general.

    I must remember to tell them to leave those out…but I do not come here so often so I would surely forget – like the last time I was here, I made a mental note to ask them to leave out the char siew oil – I prefer kolo mee white…and I forgot! Old man, memory not that good anymore.

  5. Would love to try the chao chai hung ngang with fish….

    Not sure if you can get it in Singapore but they do have it in KL. Maybe they have it in JB too. With your strong currency, you can easily afford those giant prawns – they charge by the 100 gm. here.

  6. Haha…I agree with you about the early birds and the worms. If I am a worm, I will not get out early to avoid the early birds. I will not go out late to avoid the late birds. Maybe, I will not go out and do my business under the ground.

    LOL!!! Heads I win, tails you lose! That’s life, I guess – will just have to take the chance, just do what’s best for us.

  7. You are right about the early bird. It’s very true when applied to the supermarket I go to. If I go too early, the shelves are not stocked up with fresh produce. You will see wilted vegetables. Yuks.

    I noticed that the chap fan stalls around here start quite early. As early as 10:00am, they have their food all ready.

    Yes, same here. The Chinese chap fan stalls will have everything out very early, though not all. I know one place here and there are people eating as early as 7 or 8.00 a.m. I may go for my brunch early…but not that early, usually past 10!

    And yes, one supermarket here too! Opens at 8 but all the leftover withered veg…and you see the workers there weighing and packing the fresh new arrivals. Not a great idea to go early.

  8. The hung ngang looked good. My mum would love it. I would go for the fried kway teow.

    The serving here is huge, quite a challenge to finosh but my sister-in-law did, she loved it very much.

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