Rainy afternoon…

It rained really very heavily on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, my girl had taken the day off, Monday, for the Ching Ming Festival so we did not have to send her back to her school until the following day.

It is quite a hassle driving along those out-of-town roads in a heavy downpour. Visibility is poor and one would have to be careful going round those twists and turns on the slippery roads and then there will be those vehicles, not bothered to switch on the low lights so you would not be forewarned well ahead of time of them coming in the opposite direction…and they would not slow down, not at all, so you will get splashed all over by the rain water on the road as they zoom past. One would think that on such wet days, those people would be extra cautious and drive a little slower but unfortunately, it does not appear to be so, not at all. It’s sad how people do not value their lives and those of others and are so reckless and inconsiderate all the time.

It so happened that my girl’s coursemate in Wellington, New Zealand and Sg Petani, Kedah, now teaching in a school here in Sibu, sent word that he would be dropping by. He did not manage to drop by our house around Chinese New Year this year as he had gone off with his colleagues and friends to Sabah during the week-long holiday…and he gave us these packs of the celebrated Tenom coffee…

Tenom coffee

…that he brought back with him when he came back. I’ve tried both the “cafe latte” or 3-in-1 and the kopi-o

Tenom coffee kopi-o

…and yes, they’re very nice, kind of nutty in flavour. I must say that I enjoyed both.

He also gave us these…

Keropok and satar ikan

…from Trengganu and my girl was delighted to see the pack of satar ikan, a traditional delicacy of the east coast state in the peninsula. She must have eaten that those years when she was there in the teacher-training institute in Sg Petani and she must have loved it a lot…and had been missing it all this while.

As for me, I had heard of it but I had never seen nor tasted it before so the very next morning, before we had to send my girl back to her school, I got up early to take it out of the freezer and defrost it…


…before I deep-fried it…

Deep fried

…till golden brown.

After I was through with all that was in the pack, I sat down to give it a try. It turned out to be some kind of fish paste or mashed fish wrapped in what appeared to me like popiah (spring roll) skin…

Satar ikan

I loved the wonderful fragrance of the ingredients added, something along those same lines as the otak-otak at Payung here but I didn’t think there was any kunyit (turmeric) in it as it was not yellow in colour. I did google to look at the images of the real thing and yes, the original version is wrapped in some kind of triangular shapes in banana leaf. Hopefully, I will get the chance to go over someday and try that!

We sure enjoyed this frozen-for-sale version very much and my girl too, and of course, she reserved some to take back to her school so she could get to eat them there. She was also glad that she did not have to go back on Sunday and could get to meet her old friend to chat and catch up with old times.

Thank you so much, Bubu. It sure is so sweet and thoughtful of you to remember us everytime you have some nice things to share and indeed, it was good to see you again. Do drop by anytime, our door is always open and rest assured that you are always warmly welcome.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Rainy afternoon…”

  1. even driving in the city during heavy rain can be a nightmare, so when you described driving on the twisty rural roads … shudder! i’d definitely hate that. on that note, here’s the weather update from kl … it now rains in the evening for one or two hours, but it’s still super-hot and extremely humid, heh πŸ˜‰

    It rained the whole afternoon yesterday and again last night. We do get a lot more rain, it seems. Usually, fine in the morning but can’t really tell. Quite unpredictable. I can imagine how hot it is there – hot here too when it is not raining.

  2. It is snowing here in Montreal right now. πŸ™‚

    Good grief!!! Isn’t it spring already? Ah well, this rainy season here used to be around the end of the year but we are getting a lot of rain where I live, not so at the other places in the country.

  3. That is why so many car accidents lately, due to reckless drivers. Thought our roads are F1 tracks for them to race. Tsk tsk.

    Satar ikan. Thought it is something like keropok lekor from Terengganu but after your description, it is no way near. I would love to visit Terengganu especially Redang island. ^^

    Yes, they always blame the roads – the roads are fine. It is the attitude and how they drive that is the cause of all the accidents.

    Nope, it’s not like keropok lekor, not hard…a little like fish cake. Yes, I wish I could visit Terengganu as well…someday.

  4. A lot of reckless drivers on the road these days. Haiz…we value our lives, others don’t. I saw someone posted in FB about these Tenom coffee from Sabah. They say can find it in Tai Kiong/Choice Daily if I am not wrong. Ikan keropok looks good.

    Oh? Thanks for the info. Will have a look at Ta Kiong here, we don’t have Choice. Usually I will not bother to see as I was never fond of the 3-in-1 I have tried before. Very hard to find 2-in-1 and those that I’ve tried were just so-so, not great. Would go for the Nescafe one and even that, it is hard to come by – always with creamer. 😦

  5. Same here too, drivers are still driving like Fast & Furious on rainy days, on a highway somemore.. Never heard of satar ikan, but I can eat the whole packet because it looks like popiah.. I love deep fried popiah, dipped in mayo.. Yummzzz…

    Not a fan of mayo, dunno if this local Malaysian taste is all that compatible. Great with Thai chili sauce though.

  6. Hope it’s raining soon here… heard from the radio this morning that the monsoon season is coming…

    The South-West Monsoon, around the middle of the year. Hopefully, it will not blow all the haze over from Sumatra. Penang is sheltered by Sumatra from the rain brought by this monsoon wind so if at all, it is not going to be very much, I think.

  7. I’m not a fan of the 3-in-1s (I prefer no sugar), but I do like my coffee strong, and especially black poured over ice. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve stopped adding sugar to my coffee but I don’t mind if it’s in the 2-in-1 but no creamer for me, not fond of that…except this brand from Sabah. Thought it was quite good.

  8. I don’t like to drive on rainy days too, on highway or trunk roads.. now as I age, my eyesight is not sharp already. Most evenings or night, I have refrained from driving far, just around my vicinity is fine… confidence is not there anymore… 😦

    I’m ok on rainy days but not too good at night, the glare from all the lights and it is worse on rainy nights, the reflection of the lights in all the rain water. Will go very very slowly. Sigh!!!! Old age…taking its toll on the best of us. 😦

  9. I didn’t know there is packaged satar. Must be really nice with the popiah skin fried till golden brown. If you ever go to Terengganu, you must try the grilled satar which is wrapped in banana leaves. You will fall in love with it!

    Yes, it’s nice though I wonder what the real thing is like, must be a lot nicer. Well, if you ever come to Sibu, I am sure you will love the Payung otak-otak – also mashed fish wrapped in banana leaf and grilled – ingredients not the same, the taste is out of this world! So very nice.

  10. what .. no turmeric?? LOL but really look delicious… like the way u fried it golden crispy brown!

    I don’t think so, not yellow, unlike the Payung otak-otak that we have here…but bursting with flavours. Nice but of course, you can guess which I feel has the upper hand. πŸ˜‰

  11. Great to have heavy rain after hot weather for so long. KL here also got rain, but not so heavy and very short only, hope more and more rain coming, wash off the heat.

    Middle of the year is usually the dry season but we’re getting some unusual weather here, raining quite a lot. I wonder if you’ll ever get as much over in KL, wrong time of year.

  12. I’m very intrigued by the satar ikan. Looks interesting.

    Anything wrapped in banana leaf and grilled is sure to taste great. This is just mashed fish plus some of the usual ingredients.

  13. I don’t like to go out on rainy days when the rain is very heavy, unless have to….

    I’d love to go to sleep on rainy days. πŸ˜€

  14. Tenom coffee, i tried both, the latte and the Kopi O, both taste ok, just a bit mild. Another brand i like is Aik Cheong, like their kopi o 2 in 1. Some day just feel like drinking some black coffee, something light.

    That was why I had two sachets in the mug…and for the latte, I added extra cream of my own and stirred really well, so thick and rich – very very nice!

  15. The Tenom coffee is really popular in Sabah! Hope to be able to try it one day with keropok together for a delightful tea-time!

    I enjoyed it…and much to my delight, I found out that we can buy it here, not expensive. Will certainly grab more when these run out.

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