This little town…

Last Saturday morning, Melissa and I made our way to the airport here in Sibu to welcome her coursemate…

Welcome to Sibu

…all the way from Trengganu to this little town.

I would say that he’s very lucky to be posted to a school in the town proper and of course, we would be here to help him in any way we can.  – the least we can do after all that he and his friends did for Melissa when they were in Wellington, New Zealand.  I remember once there was a severe earthquake and in the middle of the night, he and the others went to Melissa’s studio apartment on the 9th Floor to help her move to their house as it would be much safer there till it was all right for her to go back.

Of course, as with anybody else coming to Sibu, I would make sure that they would get a Sibu kampua welcome and since the halal one that we tried the other day was not all that great, I took him to this place instead. I had their kampua before and I thought it was very good (RM3.50)…

Sunny kampua

I did not order the special (RM4.50) as I was still abstaining from prawns and other kinds of seafood but that was what I ordered for Melissa’a friend…

Sunny kampua special

I’ve mentioned this before in my previous posts that here, for just RM1.00 more, you will get the special – five very nice prawn fritters with whatever you order. I was glad that he liked it very much and he even had to ask how he could go about ordering that if he were to go out and eat on his own – they certainly do not have that in most places in the peninsula so it came as no surprise at all that he was not familiar with it.

Melissa had their mee jawa special again (RM4.50)…

Sunny mee jawa

…and after that, we took him to his school to report for duty.

Hmmm…the nice boy did not come empty-handed, not at all! He brought along two huge packets of keropok ikan (fish crackers)  all the way from his home state for us…

Trengganu keropok ikan

I’ve always loved the ones from there – smallkucing has given me some a couple of times already.

Well, all the best to him and here’s hoping he will enjoy working and staying here in Sibu, Sarawak – Bumi Kenyalang (Land of the Hornbill) which I am pretty sure he most certainly will…

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52 thoughts on “This little town…”

  1. Heehee Arthur! Prospective son-in-law? 😛

    The Mee Jawa looks like Mee Rebus that I know.

    Oh no, they’re just good friends…and we’re very hospitable people – will treat everyone who cares to drop by the same. Wink! Wink! Ya…I would think they’re all distant cousins – mee rebus, mee jawa, mee bandung – like kampua, kolo mee and wantan mee.

  2. well this post made me hungry at the middle of the night hahaha

    Quick! Go cook something to eat. Can’t go to sleep hungry, I’m sure.

  3. See, terengganu people so generous one, and also very nice… Same like sibu people eh…

    Hahahahahaha!!! Yalah…yalah! That’s why we’re such great friends. 😉

  4. wow… a really far transfer for him then! Melissa is least she is nearer to home… Yes, it is great to have friends on hand to help when the situation arises..

    Yes, but good in a way…right in town and not some remote isolated in the jungle – just far from home. Anyway, they get home passage every two or three years, I think…if they still have that and here, we have a special allowance, over RM100 at least – dunno exactly…not available for people in the peninsula.

  5. RM1 for all of those prawn fritters!! what a steal!!! we may have that for perhaps RM1 each over here?? haha!! 😀

    Ya…RM1 for 5 is a steal. I know a Chinese shop – was 50 sen each a long time ago…but only flour and tail, hardly any prawn. 😦

  6. Wow, from Trengganu posted to Sibu. So far from home and Melissa is so lucky to be posted close to home sweet home. All the noodles looks too good and I super love them all. Yum!!!…Yum!!!.

    Lucky to be in a town plus we are here to help him in any way we can…but no so lucky to be in a town school – W-O-R-K, pressure, stress and all. LOL!!! 😀

  7. I go Sibu, got Sibu kampua welcome anot? whahahahahaha….

    Of course…but I guess like everybody else, you only say you wanna come…but I don;t think you ever will.

  8. Drooling habis looking at the Mee Jawa!

    Drool! Drool! I was going to take him for lunch two doors away – you remember the very very nice nasi kerabu the night you arrived in Sibu, available only on Saturdays? Alas! It was not meant to be. You’ll have to see tomorrow’s post to find out why.

    1. Just feed him budu and ikang singgang will do!

      He has yet to try our budu aur and cincaluk – will never want to touch the Trengganu ones ever again… Hehehehhehe!!!

  9. good morning you! 🙂 .. another lovely photo of your daughter 😀

    now that kampua up there looks appetizing.. Can i have some for breakfast soon? 🙂 …

    Don’t think so. I don’t expect you to be coming over anytime soon… Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. The tempura prawns are so irresistible!!
    You’re abstaining for health reasons?

    Yes, after my acupuncture treatment that day – the acupuncturist said I must abstain from prawns, crabs and so on for at least a month. 😦

    1. You so kwai meh. Didn’t curi curi makan. A big pat for you then.

      I am very disciplined…like how I don’t drink fizzy drinks anymore for a long time now.

  11. That’s very kind of you, as usual. I’m sure Melissa’s friend will feel at home in no time with your guidance around! The prawn fritters look so good!!! And such value for money too!

    Least we can do for a good friend. Yup, really worth having – tastes so good too!

  12. The keropok from terengganu is very nice. My brother studied there before and occasionally bring back these for us. My mum usually saved this for chinese new year. We rarely get this ever since my brother has graduated. Hope the boy enjoys his stay in Sibu!

    Yes, I used to get them from smallkucing. Very fishy smell…I like! Not flour & msg only.

  13. I like that 1st pic’s kampua. That kind of noodle texture.
    My mom would love that mee jawa! ^^

    Some people prefer the big straight ones – I don’t mind. It’s the taste that matters.

  14. The noodles are pretty cheap. At such price, u still able to get prawn fritters! And Melissa’s mee jawa was such a huge portion, at least to me.

    Hope Melissa’s friend will enjoy his stint in Sibu.

    I sure hope so too. The noodles are more pricey compared to the Chinese places but the fritters are a real steal – so cheap!

  15. Kampua noodle can be found halal too, great! That keropok ikan is definitely very nice, I had one from Mamarazzi too.

    Yes, she gave me too. Very very nice. Ya…we have halal ones buy so far, I only like the ones here but then again, I guess that is because I don’t usually go for the halal ones, that’s why.

  16. My friend told me the best halal mi kampua is located at Ngiukee. Is it true? I always want to taste Mi Kampua. huhu… Well good luck to both of them!

    Yummy? They ave halal ones there? Or the coffee shop in the same building. I had their fried rice – not bad. Perhaps I should check it out one of these days. Thanks for your good wishes.

  17. Aww, as usual so sweet of you and Melissa. He sure is lucky to have friends like you. Btw, is Melissa now working in Sibu? If so, good for her.

    Least we can do…and I’m sure you’ll do the same too if you were in our shoes.

  18. The young man’s parents must be very grateful that their son has good people to help him in a new place. Oh, nothing beats keropok from Terengganu!

    I know how they must feel – been through all that all these years when Melissa was in Sg Petani and in NZ. We were always thankful and glad to have anybody helping her in any way and now it’s our turn to do the same for somebody’s son so far away from home.

  19. AH! Now i know why you’re looking for halal kampua. 🙂

    Oh..which school he will be teaching? All the best to him .

    But no worry la, in Sibu, he can depend on you, anything just give you a ring, right? 🙂

    He’s been roped in by the religious section of the ministry – that’s why he got a school right in town. The school’s further up from your mum’s place. No problem at all – we certainly will help in any way we can.

  20. The prawn balls! Any idea which type of flour they might be using? Any experience of frying such balls before? I’ve been looking high and low for such flour that creates such nicely textured delicacies. 5 for rm1 is really cheap, with such a relatively big prawn!

    No idea, I’m afraid. They mix egg and dunno what else to make the batter, I think. My missus’ fritters not the same – just a thin coating. I like it this way – can enjoy both the crunchy crispy batter and the prawn.

  21. The food looks so good STP! Your will is strong because you manage to resist the prawns. Very appetizing and mouth watering. 😉

    The stuff at this shop is all pretty good. Worth dropping by.

  22. Whoa! You told me about this before, now I *GOTTA* eat it – the one with the prawn fritters.

    Kampua with prawn fritters. We’ll be coming back for election, the both of us. 🙂

    Ya, you did not get to eat this on your last trip home. Hope you’ll manage this time around.

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