The end of it all…

They will announce the winner of the last season of this reality singing competition…

The final season

…today, Friday morning here and Thursday night in the USA after 15 seasons.

We did not get to see the first two seasons when the show started in 2002 as we did not have the show on the local television stations in our country at the time. That meant that we did not get to see the first-ever winner, Kelly Clarkson, one of the most successful of the lot, who gave this heart-wrenching performance when she guest-starred in one of the shows in this final season…and of course, we did not get to see Ruben Studdard either, who despite the win after beating Clay Aiken to second place, never really got off the ground.

Yes, after so many years, so many have won and so many have not managed to make it big in the music world and looking at some of those voted to become the winners, I certainly am not surprised as most, in my opinion, were really quite forgettable. On the other hand, there were others that I thought were really good but they were unceremoniously booted out, many even before they got anywhere near the finals.

So what about you? Have you watched the show at sometime or another? Who do you remember? Any memorable performances? I must say I do have a few like this one, for instance…

…who lost to the other guy by that same name in the finale.

I don’t think many would remember this lady…

…who was up against the likes of the eventual winner, Fantasia Barrino and also the very successful, Jennifer Hudson and this guy didn’t make it into the grand finale either…

…in Season 5 but he was on the recent Fox Live musical, The Passion, aired on Palm Sunday, playing the part of Judas Iscariot. Well, like many of the rest, he did not need to win either as he did have an impressive track record after he dropped out of the competition…and the same goes to this guy…

…that I was quite sure would win that year but didn’t…and how could this Filipino power pack of talent…

…not win? Tsk! Tsk!

Towards the later years, I did not watch the show that faithfully like I did initially and I do know of many who stopped following it as well, many out of frustration that some of the really good ones did not win or worse, were kicked out early in the show.

However, I did keep up with the updates online and I did watch some of the clips on youtube…and now that it has come to an end, I must say that I do feel a little sad but then again, there are lots of shows along these same lines here, there and everywhere all over the world. After all, as in the words of William Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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12 thoughts on “The end of it all…”

  1. I don’t really watch this show and as such, I don’t even know anyone of them.

    You go for the Chinese shows or you’re generally not into musicals and singing shows. I know many who are not thus inclined so they do not watch such shows. Like how I have very little interest in sports, for instance.

  2. We watched a few episodes when this first came out. There are some true talents on that show.

    I certainly would agree…and some that did not win. A few became really successful, bigger than the winners but whatever they say, I am sure it would mean a lot more than what they would admit – about winning and not winning. It was like they were ripped off, for some reason or other, when it was so obvious that they were better by a mile.

  3. I know Adam Lambert, because one of my friend likes him so much, everyday play his songs to me, remember last time we were so addicted to Whataya Want from Me.

    He’s good…but he did not win. Probably it was because he came out as being gay.

  4. I think you can only realistically say 3 of them really got off big – kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, & daughtry. If you push it, maybe lambert. The rest are pretty forgettable after the show.

    Lambert’s doing really well…and don’t forget Hudson – she even won an Oscar!

  5. I’ve never watched this show but I remember in 2004, we were travelling home from my son’s wedding in Oregon and stopped in Hawaii for a break. The grand final of this show was on; I remember my wife watched it in our hotel room, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

    I’m so into music so I’ve always loved watching these shows but I’ve always hated how the voters do not seem to vote for the right people everytime – they seemed to have their own private agenda and the good ones simply did not stand a chance. Even this final one – I would not say the girl was really good but she was black and fat. Still I thought she was better than the guy – screeching to hit the high notes, voice breaking up…and the agonised look on his face, like a constipating cow…and he can’t dance to save his life – so very unnatural…and he won. Tsk! Tsk!

  6. Adam Lambert has a pretty successful career for not winning. And don’t forget Jennifer Hudson lost but won an Oscar! You go girl!

    Yes, did you see her in the results show? Oh my!!! Her song from “Empire” – “Remember the music” was absolutely breathless. So good! And Jessica Sanchez was stunning with “The Prayer”. I still think she would have won…if not for the fact that she was Asian!!!

  7. I think I stopped watching after season 6 or 7. Like you, I was disappointed when the really outstanding ones didn’t win. I thought Chris Daughtry was really good and I was shocked when he was thrown out. Also Adam Lambert was far superior to whats-his-name and yet he lost. As a matter of fact some of those of didn’t make it are doing lots better than the winners.

    Well, they did it again!!! Where was Steve Harvey when we needed him? And somebody commented that the way things seem to be going, Trump would win the election.

  8. Yes, it has been some time since I last watched American Idol… For a few seasons I was following very closely, like the one you shown above, David Archuleta, he sang beautifully in the series but once out, the songs are not so nice. Prefer him to sing slow ballads… And the other one is Scotty… wonder what happened to him too… After that, I didn’t follow anymore, now more on TVB HK series… hehehee…

    Yes, I did notice that problem too – they need better songwriters – most of the songs they released eventually were not all that nice. Yucks!!! Never a fan of Scotty. That is what happens to those non-deserving winners – they just faded into oblivion. 😀

  9. We actually share quite a few favourites – I love David archuleta (there’s a glimpse of him walking onstage during the opening of the grand finale, when everyone came out dressed in white) and I really liked Latoya London too (it was nice seeing her sing twice during the finale, and her voice is as immaculate as ever) 😀 my other faves are Kelly clarkson, Carrie underwood and Allison iraheta from season 8 😉

    Yes, I did catch a glimpse of Archuleta too – dunno why they did give him a part to sing on his own. Yup, I saw Latoya London too – looking good and singing really well too. My favourites in the farewell show were Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Hudson.

  10. Not sure if you have are aware but go on Youtube and check out “carpool karaoke” with James Corden. Look for the one with Jennifer Hudson. The one with Adele has had at least a million viewers. My fave is the one with Stevie Wonder and you will know why when you watch it! Enjoy!

    I’ve watched the one with Hudson and also Adele. Will go and check Stevie Wonder’s.

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