Let the day begin…

They went for a bowl of the celebrated Foochow dish, the dianpianngu…but I did not want to join them as I have never been a fan of that. I joined my friends on our food marathon a little bit later at this place for breakfast and I had the pek ting eyok too kha (Eight Treasures pork leg)


…and I would say that this one I had was really very very good – the best I’ve tasted but then again, I hardly ever eat that…usually.

Of course if you want to take a series of photographs of Sibu’s culinary delights, you will have to include our kompia, stuffed with stewed pork belly and served basked in the absolutely delicious gravy…


…or oven-baked till nice and crusty…


…and served, stuffed with minced meat.

Somebody had the mee sua


…served in chicken soup cooked with lots of ginger and traditional Foochow red wine…and it certainly looked a whole lot nicer than when I had it the last time. It was good then…except that it was a little too oily, probably the result of simmering the chicken in the soup for too long and the fat came out of the meat and the skin.

My friend ordered the bubur cacar to try…


…and I also had a bit…


…and a bit more…and a bit more…as it was so very nice – so rich and flavourful, not too sweet though I did wish that they had not cut the sweet potatoes and yam till so very small – I would prefer them in slightly bigger chunks that that.

So there you have it – our breakfast for the day, the second round for some of them and next stop – LUNCH!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Let the day begin…”

  1. Yea, when i first had a look at the photos, i thought the potatoes and yam were in smaller sizes. Many bubur cha-cha here add in the Thai sago, for the chewier texture

    Why do you qualify it as Thai sago? Those sago pearls are from here – sago is the main crop of the Melanaus (and umai is their sashimi) in the lower reaches of the Rajang River and sago products and sago dishes are their staple, in place of rice. I love sago pudding with Gula Melaka – they usually have that at hotel buffets in KL. It is also a dessert in Thai cuisine, very nice!

    Ya, but never mind the size of the sweet potatoes and yam – the bubur cacar was so rich and thickly creamy that I dare say I have never had any anywhere that is better than theira.

    1. I think he’s referring to those larger, chewy ‘pearls’ found in Thai desserts such as red ruby. Similar to those ‘pearls’ in bubble tea. Those are made from tapioca flour, I believe, not from sago.

      Oh, I see! I don’t like those. Ah yes, those would be chewy…or in other words, hard. None of those Taiwan bubble tea for me, no, thank you. I love our own sago pearls, much nicer. Used to think they were frog’s eggs when I was small – in fact, that was what we called that – katak nui! πŸ˜€

  2. Everytime my hubby goes there he must have its pek ting eyok mee sua. Never bored of it!!! Maybe he would want to go there for breakfast later. Haha.

    Ya, theirs is indeed very nice – so thick, not diluted like at the coffee shop stalls. First time, i really enjoyed eating that – in the past, just so-so, not really a fan.

    1. Never tried the bubur cha cha though. Must give it a try. Just last week I was thinking of bubur cha cha. Long time didnt eat it.

      Go ahead! Order a bowl when you go for breakfast this morning. You will not regret it. The one at Thomson Corner is nice too, not the one at Rejang Park. I did not like theirs.

  3. Pek ting eyok with too kha looks as oily as the mee sua with chicken.Normally have pek ting eyok with duck. Yeah!!!!…super duper like the bubur cacar especially rich & flavour. Slurpppp!!!Yum….Yum!!!…

    Rainy day, very dim/dark…so had to switch on the lights and hence, all that reflection. My friend said have to use DSLR, can reduce the problem…but poor ol’ pensioner, no need lah! I think I will have to go another day – on a fine day and take the photos to give the real picture and do it justice. I did not think anything was too oily or I would not have enjoyed it and I would have said so myself…like the last time I had it here, you think what?

  4. The mee suah looks oily. Ohh…kompia…heard so much but never had the chance to taste it !

    Not at all, not like the time when I had it sometime ago…and that had one drawback – one of the others in the group said the red wine flavour had not gone into the meat yet. For that, one would have to simmer for a long time and by then, the fat and oil would have come out of the chicken and the skin. I guess that was why when I had it previously, it was so oily. At home, if it gets that oily, I would use my oil separator…
    …but no, the one we had that morning was not oily, pretty usual this way, I would say.

  5. I’ll go for too kha anytime too! Agree with you that the bubur cha cha ingredients would be better in bigger chunks. More satisfying and better mouth feel.

    Yes, and these tubers, if cooked too long, will get mushy, hardly anything left.

  6. I felt in love with the ‘kompia’ at my first sight. Have not try it in my life!
    I must try ….. Can I get it in KL/PJ?

    I don’t think so. Can get in Sitiawan but I hear theirs are not the same, not nice…but I think the ones from Yong Peng are similar, I’m not sure.

  7. I really really want to try that kompia …where to get in the peninsula?

    Try Yong Peng. My friend/ex-student living in JB said that she bought from there – didn’t say that it was not good so I guess it should be all right. My daughter’s friend had the ones in Sitiawan and said they were horrible but the ones she had here swept her feet away. So very nice, she said. Of course lah…the best is right here…in Sibu!!!

  8. Gimme the mee sua…. I love it! Simple pleasures in life.

    Indeed! Foochow cuisine is simplicity at its best, easy, hassle-free, minimal ingredients and yet so very nice.

  9. I see lots of Foochow food in Sibu. Is it almost famous in KK?

    KK? Sabah? I am not sure how much authentic Foochow stuff one can get over there…but they have their own, a lot that is nice but KK’s not necessarily cheap.

  10. From the pics look like you almost finish your friend’s bubur cacar, didn’t you?

    No, I just had a few spoonful – asked for an empty bowl to use.

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