My number one…

Well, if anyone is going to do a feature on the culinary delights in Sibu, this place would definitely be among the top few around and personally, I would rank it as my number one.

Why, even if I do not state it clearly in black and white or provide the link, I am sure everyone can tell where this is…just from looking at the food. Hmmm…it seems that it has been given special mention on this website…


…not once but a few times as they have a number of these stickers on the wall.

Among the dishes sharing the limelight would be their rojak


…which is different from the usual and all the rest – even the sauce is not exactly the same.

Another one would be their very popular mushroom roll…


…which one would not be able to find anywhere else, only here…and their otak otak fish…

O2 1

…which is exclusively their own original recipe…

O2 2

– totally different from others in the other parts of the country, north, south, east or west.

This is ikan keli (catfish)…


…cooked along the same lines as how the Foochows would do it – with lots of ginger, garlic, soy sauce and brandy or their traditional red wine and here, it seems that they’ve gone a bit further and added a little bit more…and though this is more a Kuching original recipe – the kacang ma chicken…


I would recommend that it be included as it is not commonly found elsewhere, not even in Sibu. If I am not mistaken, the place where I used to be able to get it has stopped serving it and likewise in Kuching, it is not all over the place like kolo mee or laksa for the simple reason that there, everyone would cook their own at home and claim that theirs is the best! LOL!!!

While we were there, they cooked this paku (jungle fern) in santan (coconut milk) dish…

P with S

…specially for us even though it is not on their regular menu…but they did say that if anyone is interested, they can let them know before hand and they would see what they can do about it.

Ok, so that was lunch….and next will be dinner! Stick around, folks!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “My number one…”

  1. u never bring me there oso….

    You so clever mah! Sneaked off and went there on your own, did not want to belanja me…and then used my name to get free pomelo salad…or what was it? Guava? Papaya?

  2. Great, impressive & pretty unique dishes to boot. So, their kacang ma and your missus, which is No.1?

    Of course, my missus lor…but she says theirs is good, so that speaks volumes! We would often order when we go there – the other place (only 2 in Sibu) isn’t selling anymore.

    I think they have it at the place I featured earlier – the first one in our food marathon. I had it long ago – very nice but had to wait for a long long time…and by the time it was served, my mood was not so good already. I think they did not pound the leaves. Maybe I will go there and try again one of these days, forgot all about it liao.

  3. Peter is definitely extraordinary – he creates wonderful dishes from ordinary ingredients. Your photos are good!!

    Thanks. Ya, that’s why I enjoy dropping by his place for all his very nice original recipes.

  4. I think some of this dishes are unique too. And the otak otak look good. I prefer prawn otak otak but fish would be more common in KL.

    Prawns are expensive. I’ve had shrimp otak-otak at some Ramadan stall here once – it was awful. Threw it all away after one bite. 😦

  5. Yes, this place memang number 1 in Sibu… everything from dishes to dessert and drinks are up to my taste! hahaha… (as if I have eaten a lot!)

    And they are singing this song to you: “When will I see you again?”

  6. You are tempting you with all those yummy food. Everything looks good!!

    If lunch was this good, I cannot imagine what you had for dinner. Lol.

    Have you checked out this place since you came? You will not regret it, I’m sure.

  7. good stuff.. lunch, then dinner next!. haha, how about tea breaks, supper and the likes? 😛

    I skipped those – the rest went on their own. Old man mah – have to go home and nap and get some rest. No spring chicken anymore, no stamina to go on and on and on…not like you, young man – party animal! 😉

  8. ooo, i’ve found that tripadvisor can be a bit tricky to rely on for restaurants (it works great for hotel and accommodation, but the restaurant recommendations can be too easily skewed) … having said that though, the dishes here look nice, especially the catfish! 😀

    I know. Went to this place in Seremban…
    …and I did not think the things I got from there were all that great.

    I’m not sure but it seems to be that if somebody writes a good review, they will send the place a sticker. I went to a nyonya place in Malacca endorsed by Jalan2 Cari Makan…and it was not really great – one not as impressive, right across the street, was so much better.

    But I would not say there isn’t any truth in the reviews – like I always say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison so what they like, I may not…and vice versa.

  9. Ah….this Payung place! Recognized straightaway when I saw the rojak. So sad I don’t have chance to eat there 😦

    Can plan to come over – most welcome, anytime!

  10. Oh, yes, your favourite place in Sibu! I can recognize the rojak…hehe
    But the otak otak fish looks good!

    Simply the best!

  11. Hmm …. This time round the otak otak caught my attention and. …arhhh…I need a fix !

    Anytime nicer than Muar’s…or Singapore Katong’s. Come, come and try it for yourself! You will definitely agree with me.

  12. kacang ma style and ikan keli! I like the sound of the 2 combined. Had some kacang ma in KL recently but it didn’t quite taste the way I remembered tasting it in Kuching.

    Probably somebody trying to pull a fast one on unsuspecting KL folks… I’ve had what they call “Sarawak mee” at a few places – no, nothing like what we have here. All bluff one!

  13. I think they really have to consider you seriously as their ambassador. Next time mention your name can get free salad again..haha

    You can always try… Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Like those place with Tripadvisor label on, cause at least it’s a bit trustable, right?

    Somebody must have given it a fave review for them to send them one.

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