In the night…

After our lunch on that first day, my friend and the rest went some place else but I did not want to follow them. Instead, I went home for a nap and a quick rest and we met again that evening for dinner here


If I’m not mistaken, this is one of Annie-Q’s favourite dining places in town and I remember I went there with her and her mum and her twins once…and she would definitely drop by here to eat whenever she comes back to Sibu.

Business was brisk and we had to go upstairs but it was no big matter really – service was good and we were served in no time at all. We had this huge dish of ikan bawal putih (silver/white pomfret) with some very nice sauce…


…and it was really good. For one thing, I bet it did not come cheap too as this fish is rather pricey, that much I know.

We also had this duck dish…


…named chest duck on the menu but somebody said it should be chess(board) duck but I think the waitress said something quite different. From what I could understand, it should be chest all right, chest as in breast or breast meat, I suppose.

Other than that, we had the fried sea cucumber…


…which people often regard as a great substitute for fried sharks’ fins since many have stopped eating that nowadays. They certainly were very generous with the thin strips of ham here, as you can see.

The claypot mutton…


…was very nicely done and no, it wasn’t all meat for when we dug in, we found that it was only on the top and underneath, they had… KANGKONG!!!


LOL!!! Ok, no comments on that, please. I think we have had more than enough of it and it has since ceased to be funny or anything. Frankly, I am really quite sick of it all.

Besides that bit of veg, we also had their fried sweet potato leaves…


…which I enjoyed a lot – nicer than most other places where I had that…and there was also this dish of bean sprouts fried with salted fish…


Hey!!! They got rid of the beans too, not just the tail. Somebody said that this way, there is no danger of getting a gout attack from eating it. Has anybody heard anything like that too?

It certainly was an enjoyable dinner…and after having had our fill, we headed on home to sleep and get ready for the continuation of our food marathon the very next day.  Do make sure you’ll come back to join us in the next post tomorrow!