It’s Chinese New Year and as we usher in the Year of the Horse…

CNY Horse 2014

…here’s wishing everyone a wonderfully happy and abundantly prosperous year ahead – Sin Nee Huat Cai!!!

How was it in your area? Lots of firecrackers and fireworks? I bet everybody had a grand reunion dinner. Was everybody able to make it for the family gathering? Come, tell me what special dishes you had on your menu!

Did you have anything like these GIANT freshwater prawns?…


They certainly look so very impressive, don’t you think? I certainly was not surprised that they were the pride and joy of the chef himself at this restaurant in Sibu


The Four Seasons dish…


…was also filled with all kinds of culinary delights. I used to drop by this place to tapao the prawn fritters and the ngor hiang or what is called lor bak in the peninsula , the meat rolls except that his are small and round, the size of golf balls…because Melissa loved them a lot and I would buy for her to enjoy ever since she was small for as long as I can remember. Other than these two, there were also their own-made tofu, deep-fried and served with mayo and the fourth item was the jellyfish, umai-style which, of course, is similar to the Thai version as well.

The steamed fish in undiluted traditional Foochow red wine…


…was so so so good too and these ribs were their own original recipe…


– I understand that a friend shared it with the chef and now it is available at this restaurant upon request and if I am not wrong, the ribs are marinated in traditional Foochow red wine, a bit of ang chao (the residue from making the wine) and also tau joo (fermented bean curd) and then, deep fried…


Needless to say, they tasted really great!

A popular signature dish at this restaurant would be their stewed pork leg or a slab of pork belly served on a bed of cangkuk manis

SPB with CM

Now, don’t you think that looks so very scrumptious?

But no, these were not the dishes that we had for our reunion dinner last night. In actual fact, this was our last stop on our food marathon and the chef specially prepared this stunningly-impressive feast for our lunch that day to enjoy to our hearts’ content!

I guess they will not be open for business today nor tomorrow but if you are salivating like crazy by now and simply cannot wait to head to this restaurant to savour these and all the other nice dishes with your family and friends especially those who are home for the festive season, you may give the boss, Mr. Sik, a tinkle at telephone number 019-8186071 or 019-8156971 to confirm with him when he will resume business after his Chinese New Year break and to place your orders.

Bon appetit!!!