In the night…

After our lunch on that first day, my friend and the rest went some place else but I did not want to follow them. Instead, I went home for a nap and a quick rest and we met again that evening for dinner here


If I’m not mistaken, this is one of Annie-Q’s favourite dining places in town and I remember I went there with her and her mum and her twins once…and she would definitely drop by here to eat whenever she comes back to Sibu.

Business was brisk and we had to go upstairs but it was no big matter really – service was good and we were served in no time at all. We had this huge dish of ikan bawal putih (silver/white pomfret) with some very nice sauce…


…and it was really good. For one thing, I bet it did not come cheap too as this fish is rather pricey, that much I know.

We also had this duck dish…


…named chest duck on the menu but somebody said it should be chess(board) duck but I think the waitress said something quite different. From what I could understand, it should be chest all right, chest as in breast or breast meat, I suppose.

Other than that, we had the fried sea cucumber…


…which people often regard as a great substitute for fried sharks’ fins since many have stopped eating that nowadays. They certainly were very generous with the thin strips of ham here, as you can see.

The claypot mutton…


…was very nicely done and no, it wasn’t all meat for when we dug in, we found that it was only on the top and underneath, they had… KANGKONG!!!


LOL!!! Ok, no comments on that, please. I think we have had more than enough of it and it has since ceased to be funny or anything. Frankly, I am really quite sick of it all.

Besides that bit of veg, we also had their fried sweet potato leaves…


…which I enjoyed a lot – nicer than most other places where I had that…and there was also this dish of bean sprouts fried with salted fish…


Hey!!! They got rid of the beans too, not just the tail. Somebody said that this way, there is no danger of getting a gout attack from eating it. Has anybody heard anything like that too?

It certainly was an enjoyable dinner…and after having had our fill, we headed on home to sleep and get ready for the continuation of our food marathon the very next day.  Do make sure you’ll come back to join us in the next post tomorrow!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “In the night…”

  1. Fried sea cucumber? What is the texture like?

    Duck fish is something new too!

    Like agar-agar jelly, firmer perhaps? Surely you have that over at your side? Ummmm…duck dish, you mean?

  2. Never heard of the gout attack for the sprouts before but removing the beans makes the sprouts look more presentable!

    Watch out! Anything bean – long beans, whatever beans can trigger a gout attack. Nuts too! High levels of protein.

  3. Was the duck chest good?

    It most certainly was. My missus doesn’t eat duck though so ordering that when we go there on our own or anywhere for that matter is out of the question. 😦

  4. Now, this is a great feast. Eat like a King,eh? Kangkong with mutton???…but still best fried with belacan. Oh, bean sprout without head & tail, never know it can cause gout attack.

    That’s what they say…but I love the heads!!! 😦

  5. Haha. Kangkong! No one talks about this famous veggie anymore. Lol

    Very yummy dishes you had there. Would love to try the duck dish. Look deep fried to me. Is it?

    It is, deep fried. Nice. Thankfully… Got so sick of it really. 😦

  6. When I was scrolling down looking at the what you guys had, I was thinking “green vege sure paku again”.. Eh, I was wrong wor.. No paku, but spinach *phew* ..

    The chest duck looks like fried (seafood) tofu, but it looks very delicious tho’ (coz I like all things fried)..

    When we go out “kiu soong” with my colleagues, we also seldom (and almost never) order fish, coz we know it would (always) be pricey.. And I don’t know many fish’s names, haha.. Here they usually have soon-hock, pak-sou-kung, patin, fei-zhau, etc.. Macam macam.. Better keep quiet and let the experienced ones order lor.. We just eat what is being served on the table, hehe..

    Yes, here too. Any fish or prawn dish, you can bet the bill is going to hit the roof. 😦

  7. Something special here.. I like the sea cucumber dish… I thought of making a stewed seaweed dish during this CNY.. claypot seacucumber, mushrooms, abalones..(if any) oysters… ok, enough said, hope it will materialize! 🙂

    Your own seafood poon choy? 😀

  8. hahaha, so stuffed up after lunch that event he Food Mayor of Sibu needed a rest before he could go for the dinner?? hmmm, i find that chest duck (or chess duck if it is supposed to be) very special and interesting, so it was a dish of duck breast huh?? yeah, my liking, i wanna try that~~ 🙂

    Old man, must have a short nap and rest after lunch every day – my daily routine…or I would be moody and grumpy. Hehehehehe!!!! Come on over, I’ll take you here to try the duck.

  9. ‘s good leh. Business is brisk and yet service good. LoL kangkung is cheaper than the cabbage ah. Here they put cabbage at the bottom of the pot to make food look “more”.

    Yes, the price has dropped mah! 😀 This restaurant has been around since I was a kid – with all the years of experience, they would know jolly well what the essential things to stay in business are in the face of the stiff competition these days – good food and great service.

  10. Chest as in breast so can also name this dish ‘ark leng’?

    The waitress was explaining the name and the meaning – I could not understand what she was going on and on about. 😦

  11. I like all the dishes! Never had mutton with kangkung but I sure will like it. Sounds strange that beansprouts can cause gout. So how many days are you having this makan adventure?

    4 days…and now the sight of food makes me sick! How to celebrate Chinese New Year like that? 😦

  12. That duck dish look super crispy. Must be tasty. It had been a long time I last had bean sprout with salted fish. One of my fav. but never heard of that gout thing. My mum is very good in removing those beans and tails before cooking them. Me ? I will hantam saja. haha….the lazy way.

    All beans can lead to a gout attack. Once I had a feast of bean sprouts and could not walk for a week after that. I do not take painkillers. 😦

  13. Oh yes, i love this place, love the food. That duck dish do look like fried toufu, if you didn’t mention it is duck!
    Ah, this is how i remember the taugeh in Sibu, no tail no head and cook with salted fish, yum!! I should go there again on my next trip back.

    Ok, get your pen and paper and draft your itinerary… Eat, eat, eat!!! Where else but Sibu to do that! 😀

  14. Huh? What is bean sprouts without the beans? It’s nice, lah… But I have not heard of not getting a gout attack from eating bean sprouts..betul, kah?

    Yes. Beans and nuts, high protein. I’ve survived the one I had to tell everyone about my gout attack…after feasting on one big plate of it!

    1. I mean, not getting a gout attack from eating bean sprouts without the tails & beans..

      They say the culprit’s the head, dunno true or not…like how they say, eating prawns, do not eat the head – all the cholesterol is there, the body’s ok.

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