Hitchin’ a ride…

A friend of mine is involved in this project on the culinary delights in Sibu and for that, he will have to go round to take photographs of all the best in town and he invited me to come along. Of course, that would be an offer too good to refuse and there I went, hitchin’ a ride, so to speak…to eat…eat and eat!!!

Our first stop was for lunch at this restaurant…


…that I have blogged about many times before, known for its unique Melanau and other exotic ethnic dishes on its menu.

There was this very impressive-looking udang galah


– the giant freshwater prawn, grilled to perfection as well as those cooked with asam (tamarind) and kunyit (tumeric), Melanau style…


– the way I would do it myself at home and I must say they did a terrific job at that. It was sooooo very nice and I could not resist a second bowl of rice to go with the delicious soup.

They take pride in their lokan


…the only one in Malaysia, they claim, and at RM1.50 each, I would say that they’re reasonably priced.

Of course, we did not miss out the Melanau sashimi, the umai


…eaten tossed in the sambal belacan


…with sagu (sago pellets) as its accompaniment…


We were also served the grilled ikan terubok (toli shad)…


…which is best grilled with little or no ingredients added. I would also cook it this way at home and to the most, I would just rub it with a bit of salt. This is only good when the fish is fresh and lemak (oily) enough as one would be able to enjoy its sweetness and unique taste. I am not particularly fond of it steamed and even less, deep fried.

For our vegetable dishes, we had their bestseller – the paku (jungle fern) cooked with sambal and prawns and santan (coconut milk)…


…and also their midin (jungle fern, another variety), fried with belacan (dried prawn paste)…


That certainly was a really heavy lunch but it was so so good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself very much.

After that, I headed on home for a nap and rest a bit before we were out again for dinner…but that will be in  my next post. You’ll come back tomorrow for that, won’t you?