Let the day begin…

They went for a bowl of the celebrated Foochow dish, the dianpianngu…but I did not want to join them as I have never been a fan of that. I joined my friends on our food marathon a little bit later at this place for breakfast and I had the pek ting eyok too kha (Eight Treasures pork leg)


…and I would say that this one I had was really very very good – the best I’ve tasted but then again, I hardly ever eat that…usually.

Of course if you want to take a series of photographs of Sibu’s culinary delights, you will have to include our kompia, stuffed with stewed pork belly and served basked in the absolutely delicious gravy…


…or oven-baked till nice and crusty…


…and served, stuffed with minced meat.

Somebody had the mee sua


…served in chicken soup cooked with lots of ginger and traditional Foochow red wine…and it certainly looked a whole lot nicer than when I had it the last time. It was good then…except that it was a little too oily, probably the result of simmering the chicken in the soup for too long and the fat came out of the meat and the skin.

My friend ordered the bubur cacar to try…


…and I also had a bit…


…and a bit more…and a bit more…as it was so very nice – so rich and flavourful, not too sweet though I did wish that they had not cut the sweet potatoes and yam till so very small – I would prefer them in slightly bigger chunks that that.

So there you have it – our breakfast for the day, the second round for some of them and next stop – LUNCH!